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Part Name(s) : GS5T48-15 ST-Microelectronics
Description : 5 W DC-DC converter View

The GS5T48-15 is a 5W DC-DC converter designed to provide a 15V/330mA isolated power source.
The modulefeaturesa wide input voltage range (38 to 60V), low reflected input current and continuous short-circuit protection. It is certified by UL, CSA (level 3) and TUV as having SELV output when provided with a SELV input.

Part Name(s) : SC24-12S SC24-15S SC24-24S SC24-3.3S SC24-5S SC48-12S SC48-15S SC48-24S SC48-3.3S SC48-5S ARCH
ARCH Electronics
Description : encapsulated DC-DC converter View

encapsulated DC-DC converter

6~10 Watts


 Power Modules for PCB Mounting

 Fully encapsulated Plastic Case

 „Regulated Output

 Low Ripple and Noise

 2-Year Product Warranty

Part Name(s) : LC72344W LC72345W SANYO
SANYO -> Panasonic
Description : Low-Voltage ETR Controller with On-Chip DC-DC converter View

The LC72344W and LC72345W are low-voltage electronic tuning microcontrollers that include a DC-DC converter, a PLL that operates up to 230 MHz, a 1/4 duty 1/2 bias LCD driver and other functions on chip. The built-in DC-DC converter provided by these ICs can easily implement a tuning system voltage generator circuit, and furthermore, since the transistor required for the low-pass filter is built in, these ICs can contribute to further end product cost reductions. Additionally, the DC-DC converter output voltage can be provided to other external ICs, making these products optimal for low-voltage portable audio equipment that includes a radio receiver.

Part Name(s) : PT3101A PT3102A PT3103A PT3101C PT3102C PT3103C TI
Texas Instruments
Description : 15 WATT 48V TO 5V/12V/15V ISOLATED DC-DC converter View

Power Trends’ PT3101A (5V), PT3102A (12V) and PT3103A (15V) Isolated DC-DC converters advance the state-of-the-art for board-mounted converters by employing high switching frequencies greater than 650 KHz and planar magnetics and surface-mount construction. They feature the industry’s smallest footprint, a power density of 15 Watts/in3, and operate at 80% efficiency. They are designed for Telecom, Industrial, Computer, Medical, and other distributed power applications requiring input-to-output isolation.
• Power Density 15 Watts/in3
• Wide Input Voltage Range
    36V to 75V
• 80% Efficiency
• 500 VDC Isolation
• Industry’s Smallest Footprint
• Fast Transient Response
• No External Components Required

Part Name(s) : GS15T5-5.2 GS15T5-52 ST-Microelectronics
Description : 15 W DC-DC converter FOR ECL View

The GS15T5-5.2 is a 15W DC-DC converter designed to provide a 5.2V isolated output from a 5V input.
The device can operate with an output current in the range of 0.0 to 3.0A without any intermittent operation (packet switching).
It offers short-circuit protection and input-output isolation of 750VDC minimum. The integral heatsink allows a large power handling capability and it provides also an effective shielding to minimize EMI.

Part Name(s) : DG12-12D DG12-12S DG12-15D DG12-15S DG12-24S DG12-5D DG12-5S DG24-12D DG24-12S DG24-15D ARCH
ARCH Electronics
Description : encapsulated DC-DC converter View

DG SERIES   10 Watts

encapsulated DC-DC converter


Power Modules for PCB Mounting

Fully encapsulated Aluminum Case

„Regulated Output

Low Ripple and Noise

2-Year Product Warranty

Part Name(s) : TK11812 TK11812M TK11812MD2 TK11812MTL Toko
Toko America Inc
Description : DC-DC converter View


The TK11812 is a low power, low input voltage step-up DC-DC converter.

This device can be set to an output of 1.5 to 15 V DC using two resistors. The output current is dependent upon the input voltage and ranges from 8 mA at 1.6 V to 24 mA at 3.5 V. The efficiency is over 80% for an output current of 4 mA to 32 mA with a 3.5 V input and 5 V output.


■Miniature Package (SOT-23L)

■Low Start-up Voltage [0.6 V (typ.)]

■Few External Components

■Adjustable Output Voltage (1.5 to 15 V)

■Wide Input Voltage Range (0.6 to 14 V)



■Cassette Recorders

■Cordless Telephones

■Portable Instrumentation

■Radio Control Systems

■Mobile Radios

■Battery Operated Equipment

■Local Area Network (LAN) Receivers

Part Name(s) : BP5812 ROHM
ROHM Semiconductor
Description : DC/DC converter 0 to 13V/300mA output type View

DC/DC converter 0 to 13V/300mA output type

Part Name(s) : NID60 NID60S24-05 NID60S24-12 NID60S24-15 NID60S48-24 ETC
Description : 20 ~ 60W DC-DC Non-isolated Single Output converter View

20 ~ 60W DC-DC Non-isolated Single Output converter

Features :
• Economical open frame design
• Wide input range
• High efficiency up to 96%
• Built-in remote ON / OFF control
• Compact size 2.0" 1.024" 0.421"(SIP package)
• Cooling by free air convection
• Protections: Short circuit / Overload / Over voltage
• 100% burn-in test
• Low cost / High reliability
• 2 years warranty

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