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Part Name(s) : LH28F016SUHT-10 Sharp
Sharp Electronics
Description : 16 Mbit(1 Mbit x 16, 2 Mbit x 8) 5V Single Voltage Flash Memory View

16 Mbit(1 Mbit x 16, 2 Mbit x 8) 5V Single Voltage Flash Memory

The specifications intended to give an overview of the chip feature-set and of the operating AC/DC specifications. Please refer to Users Manual also, to leam detail usage.

Part Name(s) : M36W216 M36W216BI M36W216BI70ZA1T M36W216BI85ZA1T M36W216BIZA M36W216T M36W216TI M36W216TI-ZAT M36W216TI70ZA1T M36W216TI85ZA1T ST-Microelectronics
Description : 16 Mbit 1Mb x16 / Boot Block Flash Memory and 2 Mbit 128Kb x16 SRAM / Multiple Memory Product View


The M36W216TI is a low Voltage Multiple Memory Product which combines two Memory devices; a

16 Mbit boot block Flash Memory and a 2 Mbit SRAM. Recommended operating conditions do not allow both the Flash Memory and the SRAM Memory to be active at the same time. The Memory is offered in a Stacked LFBGA66 (12x8mm, 8 x 8 active ball, 0.8 mm pitch) package and is supplied with all the bits erased (set to ‘1’).



16 Mbit (1Mb x 16) Boot Block Flash Memory

– 2 Mbit (128Kb x 16) SRAM

■SUPPLY Voltage

–VDDF= VDDS= 2.7V to 3.3V

–VDDQF= VDDS= 2.7V to 3.3V

–VPPF= 12V for Fast Program (optional)

■ACCESS TIME: 70ns, 85ns



– Manufacturer Code: 20h

– Top Device Code, M36W216TI: 88CEh

– Bottom Device Code, M36W216BI: 88CFh

Part Name(s) : M29W128GH M29W128GH60N6E M29W128GH60N6F M29W128GH60ZA6E M29W128GH60ZA6F M29W128GH70N6E M29W128GH70N6F M29W128GH70ZA6E M29W128GH70ZA6F M29W128GL Numonyx
Numonyx -> Micron
Description : 128 Mbit (16 Mb x 8 or 8 Mbx 16, page, uniform block) 3 V supply Flash Memory View


The M29W128GH and M29W128GL are 128 Mbit (8 Mb x 16 or 16 Mb x 8) non-volatile Flash memories that can be read, erased and reprogrammed. These operations can be performed using a Single low Voltage (2.7 to 3.6 V) supply. On power-up the Memory defaults to its Read mode.


Part Name(s) : M25P16-VMW3G M25P16-VMW3P M25P16-VMW3TG M25P16-VMW3TP M25P16-VMW6G M25P16-VMW6P M25P16-VMW6TG M25P16-VMW6TP ST-Microelectronics
Description : 16 Mbit, low Voltage,Serial Flash Memory with 50 MHz SPI bus interface View


The M25P16 is a 16 Mbit (2 M × 8) Serial Flash Memory, with advanced write protection mechanisms, accessed by a high speed SPI-compatible bus. The Memory can be programmed 1 to 256 bytes at a time, using the Page Program instruction. The Memory is organized as 32 sectors, each containing 256 pages. Each page is 256 bytes wide. Thus, the whole Memory can be viewed as consisting of 8192 pages, or 2097152 bytes. The whole Memory can be erased using the Bulk Erase instruction, or a sector at a time, using the Sector Erase instruction.


16 Mbit of Flash Memory

■ Page Program (up to 256 Bytes) in 0.64ms (typical)

■ Sector Erase (512 Kbit) in 0.6s (typical)

■ Bulk Erase (16 Mbit) in 13s (typical)

■ 2.7 V to 3.6 VV Single Supply Voltage

■ SPI Bus Compatible Serial Interface

■ 50 MHz Clock Rate (maximum)

■ Deep Power-down Mode 1µA (typical)

■ Electronic Signatures

– JEDEC standard two-byte signature(2015h)

– RES instruction, one-byte, signature (14h),for backward compatibility

■ More than 100 000 Erase/Program cycles per Sector

■ Hardware Write Protection: protected area size defined by three non-volatile bits (BP0, BP1

and BP2)

■ More than 20 year data retention

■ Packages

– ECOPACK® (RoHS compliant)

Part Name(s) : M36W0R6040B0 M36W0R6040B0ZAQ M36W0R6040B0ZAQE M36W0R6040B0ZAQF M36W0R6040B0ZAQT M36W0R6040T0 M36W0R6040T0ZAQ M36W0R6040T0ZAQE M36W0R6040T0ZAQF M36W0R6040T0ZAQT ST-Microelectronics
Description : 64 Mbit (4Mb x16, Multiple Bank, Burst) Flash Memory and 16 Mbit (1Mb x16) PSRAM, Multi-Chip Package View


The M36W0R6040T0 and M36W0R6040B0 are Multiple Memory Products which combine two Memory devices; a 64-Mbit, Multiple Bank Flash memories, the M58WR064FT/B, and a 16-Mbit Pseudo SRAM, the M69AR024B. Recommended operating conditions do not allow more than one Memory to be active at the same time. The Memory is offered in a Stacked TFBGA88 (8x10mm, 8x10 ball array, 0.8mm pitch) package.

In addition to the standard version, the packages are also available in Lead-free version, in compliance with JEDEC Std J-STD-020B, the ST ECO PACK 7191395 Specification, and the RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) directive.

All packages are compliant with Lead-free soldering processes.



   – 1 die of 64 Mbit (4Mb x 16) Flash Memory

   – 1 die of 16 Mbit (1Mb x 16) Pseudo SRAM

■ SUPPLY Voltage

   – VDDF = VDDP = VDDQ = 1.7V to 1.95V



   – Manufacturer Code: 20h

   – Device Code (Top Flash Configuration), M36W0R6040T0: 8810h

   – Device Code (Bottom Flash Configuration), M36W0R6040B0: 8811h


   – Compliant with Lead-Free Soldering Processes

   – Lead-Free Versions

Flash Memory


   – 8µs by Word typical for Fast Factory Program

   – Double/Quadruple Word Program option

   – Enhanced Factory Program options


   – Multiple Bank Memory Array: 4 Mbit Banks

   – Parameter Blocks (Top location)


   – Synchronous Burst Read mode: 66MHz

   – Asynchronous/ Synchronous Page Read mode

   – Random Access: 70ns


   – Program Erase in one Bank while Read in others

   – No delay between Read and Write operations


   – All blocks locked at Power-up

   – Any combination of blocks can be locked

   – WPF for Block Lock-Down


   – 128-bit user programmable OTP cells

   – 64-bit unique device number








Part Name(s) : M25PE16 M25PE16-VMP6G M25PE16-VMP6P M25PE16-VMP6TG M25PE16-VMP6TP M25PE16-VMW6G M25PE16-VMW6P M25PE16-VMW6TG M25PE16-VMW6TP ST-Microelectronics
Description : 16 Mbit, low-Voltage, Page-Erasable Serial Flash Memory with byte-alterability, 50 MHz SPI bus, standard pinout View


The M25PE16 is a 16 Mbit (2 Mb × 8) Serial Paged Flash Memory accessed by a high speed SPI-compatible bus.

The Memory can be written or programmed 1 to 256 Bytes at a time, using the Page Write or Page Program instruction. The Page Write instruction consists of an integrated Page Erase cycle followed by a Page Program cycle.


■ SPI bus compatible Serial interface

16-Mbit Page-Erasable Flash Memory

■ Page size: 256 bytes

– Page Write in 11 ms (typical)

– Page Program in 0.8 ms (typical)

– Page Erase in 10 ms (typical)

■ SubSector Erase (4 Kbytes)

■ Sector Erase (64 Kbytes)

■ Bulk Erase (16 Mbits)

■ 2.7 V to 3.6 V Single supply Voltage

■ 50 MHz clock rate (maximum)

■ Deep Power-down mode 1 µA (typical)

■ Electronic Signature

– JEDEC standard two-byte signature (8015h)

■ Software Write Protection on a 64 KByte Sector basis

■ Hardware Write Protection of the Memory area

selected using the BP0, BP1 and BP2 bits

■ More than 100 000 Write cycles

■ More than 20 year data retention

■ Packages

– ECOPACK® (RoHS compliant)

Part Name(s) : M58MR016-ZCT ST-Microelectronics
Description : 16 Mbit (1Mb x16, Mux I/O, Dual Bank, Burst) 1.8V Supply Flash Memory View


The M58MR016 is a 16 Mbit non-volatile Flash Memory that may be erased electrically at block level and programmed in-system on a Word-by Word basis using a 1.7V to 2.0V VDD supply for the circuitry. For Program and Erase operations the necessary high Voltages are generated internally. The device supports synchronous burst read and asynchronous read from all the blocks of the Memory array; at power-up the device is configured for page mode read. In synchronous burst mode, a new data is output at each clock cycle for frequencies up to 40MHz.


Part Name(s) : AT52BC1661A AT52BC1661AT AT52BC1661AT-70CI AT52BC1661A-70CI Atmel
Atmel Corporation
Description : 16-Mbit Flash + 8-Mbit PSRAM Stack Memory View

The AT52BC1661A(T) combines a Single 16-Mbit Flash and a 8-Mbit PSRAM: both of the devices are offered in a stacked 66-ball CBGA package. The devices operate at 2.7V to 3.3V in the extended temperature range.

16-Mbit (x16) Flash and 8-Mbit PSRAM
• 2.7V to 3.3V Operating Voltage
• Low Operating Power
    – 27 mA Operating Current
    – 53 µA Standby Current
• Extended Temperature Range

• 2.7V to 3.3V Read/Write
• Access Time – 70 ns
• Sector Erase Architecture
    – Thirty-one 32K Word (64K Byte) Sectors with Individual Write Lockout
    – Eight 4K Word (8K Byte) Sectors with Individual Write Lockout
• Fast Word Program Time – 12 µs
• Suspend/Resume Feature for Erase and Program
    – Supports Reading and Programming from Any Sector by Suspending Erase of a Different Sector
    – Supports Reading Any Word by Suspending Programming of Any Other Word
• Low-power Operation
    – 12 mA Active
    – 13 µA Standby
• Data Polling, Toggle Bit, Ready/Busy for End of Program Detection
• VPP Pin for Write Protection and Accelerated Program/Erase Operations
• RESET Input for Device Initialization
• Sector Lockdown Support
• Top/Bottom Boot Block Configuration
• 128-bit Protection Register
• Minimum 100,000 Erase Cycles

• 8-Mbit (512K x 16)
• 2.7V to 3.3V VCC Operating Voltage
• 70 ns Access Time
• Fully Static Operation and Tri-state Output
• ISB0 < 10 µA when Deep Power-Down

Part Name(s) : VS28F016SV MS28F016SV Intel
Description : 16-Mbit (1-Mbit x 16, 2-Mbit x 8) FlashFile™ Memory View

Intel’s VS/MS28F016SV, 16-Mbit FlashFiIeTM Memory is the latest member of Intel’s high density, high performance Memory family for the Industrial, Special Environment, and Military markets. Its user selectable VCC and VPP (SmartVoltage Technology), innovative capabilities, 100% compatibility with the VE28F008 and M28F008, multiple power savings modes, selective block locking, and very fast read/write performance make it the ideal choice for any applications that need a high density and a wide temperature range Memory device. The VS/MS28F016SV is the ideal choice for designers who need to break free from the dependence on slow rotating media or battery backed up Memory arrays.
■ VS28F016SV
    — -40°C to +125°C
    — SE2 Grade
■ MS28F016SV
    — -55°C to +125°C
    — QML Certified
    — SE1 Grade
■ SmartVoltage Technology
    — User-Selectable 3.3V or 5V VCC
    — User-Selectable 5V or 12V VPP
■ Three Voltage/Speed Options
    — 80 ns Access Time, 5.0V ±5%
    — 85 ns Access Time, 5.0V ±10%
    — 120 ns Access Time, 3.3V ±10%
■ 1 Million Erase Cycles per Block
■ 14.3 MB/sec Burst Write Transfer Rate
■ Configurable x8 or x16 Operation
■ 56-Lead SSOP Plastic Package
■ Backwards-Compatible with VE28F008,
    M28F008 and 28F016SA Command Set
■ Revolutionary Architecture
    — Multiple Command Execution
    — Write During Erase
    — Command Super-Set of the Intel
        VE28F008, M28F008
    — Page Buffer Write
■ Multiple Power Savings Modes
■ Two 256-Byte Page Buffers
■ State-of-the-Art 0.6 μm ETOX™ IV
    Flash Technology

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