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Part Name(s) : L-110XX-TR L-110GC-TR L-110YC-TR L-110EC-TR L-110SRC-TR L-110LRC-TR L-110VEC-TR L-110SYC-TR L-110VG1C-TR L-110LB5C-TR Para-Light
Para Light Electronics
Description : 3.2 x1.6 x1.0mm SMD LED (1204) View

1. All dimension are in millimeters (inches).
2. Tolerance is ±0.25 mm (0.01”) unless otherwise specified.

Part Name(s) : APK3.20SGC Kingbright
Description : 3.0 X 2.0mm SMD CHIP LED LAMP View


Part Name(s) : APBA3010PYQGC Kingbright
Description : 3.0 x 1.0mm SMD CHIP LED LAMP View

3.0 x 1.0mm SMD CHIP LED LAMP



Part Name(s) : APA3010SYCK-GX Kingbright
Description : 3.0mmx1.0mm RIGHT ANGLE SMD CHIP LED LAMP View

The Super Bright Yellow device is made with AlGaInP (on GaAs substrate) light emitting diode chip.

● 3.0mmx2.0mmx1.0mm right angle SMD LED, 1.0mm thickness.
● Low power consumption.
● Wide viewing angle.
● Ideal for back light and indicator.
● Package : 2000pcs / reel.
● Moisture sensitivity level : level 3.
● Tinned pads for improved solderability.
● RoHS compliant.

Part Name(s) : B66307 B66307-F-X142 B66307-G-X127 B66307-G-X130 B66307-G-X187 B66307-G100-X1 B66307-G500-X1 B66307-G60-X1 B66308-A1108-T1 B66308-A2010 Epcos
Description : Core View

■ In accordance with IEC 61246

■ E cores with high permeability for common-mode chokes and broadband applications

■ E cores are supplied as single units

Part Name(s) : L-443ED L-443GD L-443HD L-443SRD L-443XX L-443YD L-452ED L-452GD L-452HD L-452SRD Para-Light
Para Light Electronics
Description : 1.0x5.0x8.0mm, 1.2x3.4x4.0mm RECTANGULAR LED LAMP View

L-443XX 1.0x5.0x8.0mm RECTANGULAR LED LAMP

L-452XX 1.2x3.4x4.0mm RECTANGULAR LED LAMP

Part Name(s) : LS1808N102K3.2NXTM LS1808B152K3.2NXTM LS1808N221J3.2NTM LS1808N151K3.2NTM LS1808B102K3.2NTM LS1812N222K3.2NXTM LS1812N102K3.2NTM LS1808N471K3.2NTM LS1808N100K3.2NTM LS1808B471K3.2NTM ETC
Description : Certifed Safety Capacitors X2, Y3 & X1, Y2 View


X2, Y3 (LS style) and X1, Y2 (ES style) Class Compliant* chip capacitors specifically designed for use in modem, facsimile, telephone and other electronic equipment where lightning or overvoltage surges can occur. Both styles are rated at 250 Vac safety approved with C0G (NP0) and X7R dielectrics available (dependant on style).

X2, Y3 (LS style) is certified to EN 60950 and compliant to Standards EN 132400: 1994/A2: 1998/IEC60384-14, Second Edition: 1993/A1:1995.
X1, Y2 (ES style) is certified to IEC60384-14, Second Edition: 1993/A1:1995 and compliant to Standards EN 132400: 1994/A2:1998.
Both styles meet the requirements of EN61000-4-5, IEC1000-4-5 and IEC801-4-5.

Part Name(s) : PME271E PME271E510MR30 PME271E515MR30 PME271E522MR30 PME271E533MR30 PME271E547MR30 PME271E568MR30 PME271E610MR30 PME271E615KR30 PME271E622KR30 ETC2
Description : EMI suppressor, classes X1 and X2, metallized paper View

•EMI suppressor, classes X1 and X2, metallized paper

•0.001 –0.6 µF, 275/300 VAC, +110 °C

Part Name(s) : DFN3.2 U-DFN1616-6 U-DFN1616-6E U-DFN1616-8 U-DFN2018-6 U-DFN2020-3 U-DFN2020-3B U-DFN2020-6 U-DFN2020-6B U-DFN2020-6C Diodes
Diodes Incorporated.
Description : Surface Mount Packages View
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