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Part Name(s) : OA162-METAL OA162AP OA162AP-11-1WB OA162AP-11-2WB OA162AP-11-3WB OA162AP-22-1WB OA162AP-22-2WB OA162AP-22-3WB OA162AP-11-1WB1855 OA162AP-11-2WB1855 ORIONFANS
Description : AC - Harsh Environment 172 x 55mm (6.7” x 2.17”) View

AC - Harsh Environment 172 x 55mm (6.7” x 2.17”)

Part Name(s) : OA162 OA162-5E-115 OA162-5E-230 OA162-5E-115B OA162-5E-230B OA162 OA162-5E-115 OA162-5E-230 OA162-5E-115B OA162-5E-230B ORIONFANS
Description : AC Fan - 115V, 230V 172 x 55mm (6.7” x 2.2”) View

AC Fan - 115V, 230V 172 x 55mm (6.7” x 2.2”)

Part Name(s) : OA172S OA172SAP-11-1TB OA172SAP-11-1WB OA172SAP-11-2TB OA172SAP-11-2WB OA172SAP-11-3TB OA172SAP-11-3WB OA172SAP-22-1TB OA172SAP-22-1WB OA172SAP-22-2TB ORIONFANS
Description : AC Fan 172 x 150 x 51mm View

AC Fan 172 x 150 x 51mm (6.7”x 5.9” x 2.0”)

Part Name(s) : SM5112 SM5112-015-A SM5112-030-A SM5112-060-A SM5112-150-A SM5112-300-A ETC2
Description : Harsh Environment Absolute Silicon Pressure Die View

[Silicon Microstructures, Inc.]


The SM5112 is a silicon micro-mAChined, piezoresistive pressure-sensing chip. The SM5112 is designed for Harsh Environments where absolute pressure needs to be ACcurately measured. These devices are available in full-scale ranges from 15 to 300 psi and are ideal for OEM and high volume applications.

Provided in die form, these sensors can be mounted on ceramic or PC board substrates as part of an OEM system. They also may be pACkaged into proprietary, or application specific sensor lines.


• High Volume, Low Cost

• Absolute Version

• Constant Current or Constant Voltage Drive

• Millivolt Output

• 15, 30, 60, 150 and 300 PSI Ranges Available


• Altimeters

• Tire Gauges

• Medical Instrumentation

• Industrial Sensors

• Diving Modules

• Home Appliances


Part Name(s) : HI3507 HI3507CHIP ETC
Description : Linux development Environment View



This document describes the Hi3507 Linux development Environment structures, lists the development of the Linux server needs to open Hair Environment.

This document provides the reference for the Hi3507 board Environment parameter setting.


  This document (this guide) is intended for the following engineers:

    Technical Support Engineer

    Software Development Engineer


Part Name(s) : SKTD SKTDLDE010 ALPS
Description : Side Push Type with 1.55mm Height (SurfACe Mount Type) View

Side Push Type with 1.55mm Height (SurfACe Mount Type)

Soldering of the frame realizes higher solder strength

Part Name(s) : HEX40-AB-00-21-A9-1 HEX40-AY-YY-YY-AYY-1-Y HEX40-AC-00-11-A2-1 HEX40-AC-90-11-A2-C HEX40-AC-90-13-A3-1 HEX40-AC-00-17-A6-1 HEX40-AC-90-17-A6-1 HEX40-AC-90-15-A5-1 HEX40-AC-90S-09-A1-1 HEX40-AC-90-21-A9-C-DS Te
TE Connectivity

- These adaptors are designed to be mounted on the following connectors:
   MIL-C-38999 Series III and IV
- They are qualified to the Raychem specification RB-114, when installed
   on metallic Mil-Specification circular connectors only.
- They are designed primarily for open wire bundle installation but are
   also designed to ACcept Raychem heat shrink
   moulded parts where strain relief is required – see illustration.
- Use in conjunction with the ferrules HET-A-0XX,
   which are purchased separately. Refer to HET-A-0XX S.C.D. for relevant
   selection details.

Part Name(s) : 2157-17.25-5-50 KR2157-17.25-5-50 KR
KR Electronics, Inc.
Description : Bandpass Filter View

General Description

KR 2157-17.25-5-50 is a 17.25 MHz bandpass filter. The filter has a 5% min 3 dB bandwidth and is designed for 50 Ω source and load impedance. Other passband frequencies, bandwidths and impedances are available. Please consult the fACtory.


• 17.25 MHz Bandpass

• 50 Ω

• DIP PACkage


Part Name(s) : SME1400B-17 SME1400B-17-PCB WJCI
WJ Communications => Triquint
Description : Broadband SurfACe Mount Mixer View

Product Description
The SME1400B-17 is a passive double-balanced diode-ring mixer that provides high dynamic range performance in a RoHS-compliant surfACe mount pACkage. The mixer is nominally driven with a LO input power of +17 dBm to optimize its performance. Other SME models are available for other LO drive levels.

Product Features
• +27 dBm Input IP3
• RF: 1 – 2200 MHz
• LO: 1 – 2200 MHz
• IF: 1 – 2000 MHz
• +17 dBm LO Drive Level
• No Internal Solder Connections
• RoHS-compliant SMT pACkage
• No External Bias Required

• Up/down frequency conversion

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