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Part Name(s) : AN34001A Panasonic
Panasonic Corporation
Description : 9-Output Linear Voltage Regulator / 16 Pin plastic zigzag inline package with heat sink (ZIP type) View

AN34001A is a nine-output power supply IC, consisting of five linear Regulator (one adjustable) and four voltage followers. Seven of the outputs are controlled by three control switches.


* Thermal protection circuit.

* Short circuit protection circuit

* Over voltage protection circuit

* Operating supply voltage range: 6.6 V to 18.0 V (13.2 V typical)

* High maximum operating voltage: 26 V

Part Name(s) : STR-W6554A STR6554A STRW-6554 STRW-6554A STRW6554 STRW6554A SANKEN
Sanken Electric co.,ltd.
Description : SANKEN / STRW6554A ZIP-6 Pin View


Part Name(s) : TDA1670A ST-Microelectronics

The TDA1670A is a monolithic integrated circuit in 15-lead Multiwatt Package.

It is a full performance and very efficient vertical deflection circuit intended for direct drive of the yoke of 110' colour TV picture tubes. It offers a wide range of applications also in portable CTVs, BW TVs, monitors and displays.

Part Name(s) : CD7368CS CD7368GS ETC
Description : CD7368CS / Audio power amplifier / ZIP 9 Pin View

CD7368CS -> Correct Parnumber : CD7368GS

CD7368GS is a portable tape recorder for low-power radio audio amplifier circuit.

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Part Name(s) : AN5522 ETC
Description : Panasonic AN5522 ZIP 7 Pin View

Part Name(s) : CS5210-1GT3 CS5210-1 ON-Semiconductor
ON Semiconductor
Description : 10 A LDO 3−Pin Adjustable Linear Regulator View

10 A LDO 3−Pin Adjustable Linear Regulator

The CS5210−1 linear Regulator provides 10 A at adjustable voltages from 1.25 V to 4.5 V. This adjustable device requires two external resistors to set the output voltage and provide the minimum load current for proper regulation.
This Regulator is intended for use as a post Regulator and microprocessor supply. The fast loop response and low dropout voltage make this Regulator ideal for applications where low voltage operation and good transient response are important.

• 1.25 V to 4.5 V VOUT at 10 A
• Dropout Voltage < 1.05 V @ 10 A
• 2.0% Trimmed Reference
• Fast Transient Response
• Thermal Shutdown
• Current Limit
• Short Circuit Protection

Part Name(s) : AN6541 HSIP003-P-0000 Panasonic
Panasonic Corporation
Description : 3-Pin Positive Voltage Regulator View

3-Pin Positive Voltage Regulator

■ Overview

The AN6541 is a 3-Pin 9V voltage Regulator which performs stable operations up to the minimum input/output voltage difference 0.3V (typ.). Stabilized fixed output volt age is obtained from unstable DC input voltage. The AN6541 can be used in power circuits with current capacitance up to 300mA.


• Low drop-out voltage:0.3V (typ.)

• Internal short-circuit current protection

• Low temperature coefficient of output voltage

Part Name(s) : P87LPC761 P87LPC761BDH P87LPC761BN Philips
Philips Electronics
Description : Low power, low price, low Pin count (16 Pin) microcontroller with 2 kbyte OTP View


The P87LPC761 is a 16-Pin single-chip microcontroller designed for low Pin count applications demanding high-integration, low cost solutions over a wide range of performance requirements. A member of the Philips low Pin count family, the P87LPC761 offers programmable oscillator configurations for high and low speed crystals or RC operation, wide operating voltage range, programmable port output configurations, selectable Schmitt trigger inputs, LED drive outputs, and a built-in watchdog timer. The P87LPC761 is based on an accelerated 80C51 processor architecture that executes instructions at twice the rate of standard 80C51 devices.


• An accelerated 80C51 CPU provides instruction cycle times of 300–600ns for all instructions except multiply and divide when executing at 20 MHz. Execution at up to 20 MHz when VDD = 4.5 V to 6.0 V, 10 MHz when VDD = 2.7 V to 6.0 V

• 2.7 V to 6.0 V operating range for digital functions

• 2 kbytes EPROM code memory

• 128 byte RAM data memory

• 32-byte customer code EPROM allows serialization of devices, storage of setup parameters, etc

• Two 16-bit counter/timers. One timer may be configured to toggle a port output upon timer overflow

• Two analog comparators

• Full duplex UART

• I2C communication port

Part Name(s) : 8A977 8A978 PT8A977 PT8A977P PT8A977W PT8A978LW PT8A978P ETC
Description : 5-Function Remote Controller / Package: 14-Pin DIP, 14-Pin SOIC, 16-Pin DIP and 16-Pin SOIC View

The PTA977P (or 977W) and PT8A978P (or 978LW) provide a complete control functions to the remote controlled toy. The PT8A977P/977W has five input Pins corresponding with the five function buttons i.e, forward, backward, rightward, leftward and turbo.

The encoding circuit in the PT8A977P/977W sends digital codes to the two output Pins SO and SC. The digital codes correspond to the definite function buttons or their combinations. The SO and SC outputs are used in wireless and infra-red applications respectively.

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