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Part Name(s) : B43457A1338M TDK
TDK Corporation
Description : Aluminum electrolytic Capacitors View

Aluminum electrolytic Capacitors
Capacitors with screw terminals

■ Long useful life
■ All-welded construction ensures reliable electrical contact
■ PAPR terminals available (Protection Against Polarity Reversal)
■ Version with optimized construction for base cooling (heat sink mounting) available
■ Version with low-inductance design available
■ Self-extinguishing electrolyte
■ RoHS-compatible

■ Frequency converters
■ Wind power converters
■ Solar inverters
■ Uninterruptible power supplies
■ Professional power supplies

Part Name(s) : 10SVPD56M 16SVPD82M 25SVPD10M 25SVPD22M 25SVPD39M 25SVPD47M 25SVPD82M 35SVPD18M 35SVPD22M 35SVPD47M Panasonic
Panasonic Corporation
Description : Conductive Polymer Aluminum - Solid Capacitors (OS-CON) > SVPD View

Capacitors >Conductive Polymer Electrolytic Capacitors >Conductive Polymer Aluminum

Part Name(s) : B25620B0118K882 B25620B0158K882 B25620B0167K881 B25620B0227K881 B25620B0267K881 B25620B0357K881 B25620B0407K881 B25620B0447K882 B25620B0487K881 B25620B0557K881 Epcos
Description : Film Capacitors – Power electronic Capacitors View

Film Capacitors – Power electronic Capacitors

Preliminary data
■ Metallized polypropylene film Capacitors - Aluminum case for general purpose applications
■ M12 stud on bottom of the Aluminum case, nut and washer for fixing are standard for all types.
■ Others available distance between terminals: 35 and 50 mm.

Part Name(s) : LPX101M350A1P3 LPX101M400A3P3 LPX101M450A5P3 LPX101M450C3P3 LPX102M160C7P3 LPX102M160E3P3 LPX102M160H1P3 LPX102M200E7P3 LPX102M200H3P3 LPX102M250E4P3 CDE
Cornell Dubilier Electronics
Description : 85 ºC Radial Snap-in Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors View

Type LPX radial leaded Snap-in Aluminum electrolytic Capacitors are a compact design for high density packaging and are ideal for high voltage, switch mode power supply input filtering applications.


High voltage

High Capacitance

85 ºC

Good for input filtering in consumer applications

22 to 35 mm diameter with 10 mm lead spacing


Part Name(s) : B43255 B43255A2227M000 B43255A2277M000 B43255A2337M000 B43255A2397M000 B43255A2477M000 B43255A2567M000 B43255A2687M000 B43255A2827M000 B43255A2108M000 Epcos
Description : Snap-in Capacitors View

Long life grade Capacitors

■ Frequency converters
■ Professional power supplies in industrial electronics

■ High reliability
■ High CV product
■ RoHS-compatible
■ Long load life of 5000 h at 105 °C

Aluminum case, fully insulated
Snap-in solder pins to hold component in place on PC-board
■ Minus pole marking on the insulating sleeve
■ Case with safety vent

Part Name(s) : 04271109E3 04271159E3 04271229E3 04271688E3 04272109E3 04272159E3 04272688E3 042AHH-ELB 04371339E3 043AHH-ELB Vishay
Vishay Semiconductors
Description : Aluminum Capacitors Axial High Temperature High Voltage for E.L.B. View


• Polarized Aluminum electrolytic Capacitors, non-solid electrolyte

• Axial leads, cylindrical Aluminum case, insulated with a blue sleeve

• Taped versions up to case Ø 15 x 30 mm available for automatic insertion

• Useful life: 10 000 hours at 105 °C

• Stable under overvoltage conditions: 550 V for 24 hours at 85 °C

• High ripple current capability

• Smallest dimensions

• Lead (Pb)-free versions are RoHS compliant


• Electronic lighting ballast, power supply

• Smoothing, filtering, buffering at high voltages

• Boards with restricted mounting height, vibration and shock resistant


Part Name(s) : MAL209617561E3 MAL209667561E3 MAL209617681E3 MAL209667681E3 MAL209627681E3 MAL209677681E3 MAL209617821E3 MAL209667821E3 MAL209627821E3 MAL209677821E3 Vishay
Vishay Semiconductors
Description : Aluminum Capacitors Power Long Life 4-Terminal Snap-in View

• Polarized Aluminum electrolytic Capacitors, non-solid electrolyte
• Large types, minimized dimensions, cylindrical Aluminum case, insulated with a blue sleeve
• Pressure relief on the side of the Aluminum case
• Very long useful life: 5000 h at 85 °C
• Temperature range up to 85 °C
• Keyed polarity
• Low ESR, high ripple current capability
• Compliant to RoHS Directive 2002/95/EC

• Telecommunication and industrial systems
• Smoothing and filtering applications
• Switched mode power supplies
• Renewable energy power converters
• Energy storage in pulse systems
• For excellent mounting stability

Part Name(s) : EKX Vishay
Vishay Semiconductors
Description : Aluminum Capacitors Radial Style View

• Polarized Aluminum electrolytic capacitor
• Small dimensions
• Ultra low impedance
• High ripple current
• Long lifetime

• Industrial electronics, telecommunication systems, data processing
• Professional switching power supply units
• DC/DC converters
• Smoothing, filtering

Part Name(s) : EKS00BA310D00 Vishay
Vishay Semiconductors
Description : Aluminum Capacitors Radial Style View

• Polarized Aluminum electrolytic capacitor
• High C•U product
• Small dimensions
• Long lifetime
• Extended temperature range: 105 °C

• Industrial electronics, automotive electronics, telecommunication systems, audio / video systems
• Smoothing, filtering, timing elements
• Small space requirement
• Portable and mobile units

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