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Part Name(s) : VV6501
Description : VGA CMOS Color Image Sensor


This Image Sensor based on STMicroelectronics CMOS technology is Bayer Colorised.

The Sensor provides a raw digital video output which also contains embedded codes to facilitate external synchronisation.

The Sensor interfaces to a range of STMicroelectronics companion processors for applications such as USB webcams and digital stills cameras.


■640 x 480 VGA resolution

■1/4 inch format lens compatible

■On board 10 bit ADC

■On board voltage regulators

■Automatic dark calibration

■On board audio amplifier

■I2C interface

■Low power suspend mode

■4 or 5 wire nibble output

■Framegrabber signals: QCK and FST

Part Name(s) : LR38637
Sharp Electronics
Description : Digital Signal Processor For VGA/CIF CMOS Image Sensors


The LR38637 is a CMOS digital signal processor for Color digital video camera systems of 110 k pixel (CIF)/350 k-pixel (VGA) CMOS Image Sensors with primary Color mosaic filters.


• Supported CMOS Image Sensors

   – Image size : 110 k pixels (CIF)/350 k pixels (VGA)

   – R, G and B primary Color mosaic filters : Bayer matrix, 10 bits per Color

• Built-in synchronous signal generation circuit for CMOS Image Sensors

• Built-in parallel digital output function

   – 16-bit outputs : YUV, RGB format

   – 8-bit outputs : UYVY format

• Output Image sizes for VGA CMOS Image Sensors : VGA, QVGA, QQVGA, CIF, QCIF, QQCIF

• Output Image sizes for CIF CMOS Image Sensors : QVGA, QQVGA, CIF, QCIF, QQCIF

• Used for video cameras by combining with CMOS Image Sensor

• Parameters required for Image signal processing can be changed

• Built-in auto exposure control

• Built-in auto carrier balance control

• Built-in auto white balance control

• Built-in drive circuit for 2k-bit EEPROM

• Built-in auto white detect correction

• Built-in shading correction control

• Power supplies

   – +2.5 V±10% for internal digital circuits

   – +2.7 to +3.6 V for digital circuits

• Package :

  100-pin LQFP (P-LQFP100-1414) 0.5 mm pin-pitch


Description : VGA/QVGA CMOS Image Sensor with digital YUV output


General Description
This is a single-chip digital Color imaging device. It incorporates a 640 x 480 Sensor array operating at max. 30 frames per second in progressive manner. Each pixel is covered by a Color filter, which formed a so-called Bayer pattern. Correlated double sampling is performed by the internal ADC and timing circuitry.

307,200 (640x480) pixels, VGA format, used with 1/4” optical system
• Correlated double sampling
• On-chip 9-bit ADC
• On-chip digital signal processing
    • Real-time Color interpolation
    • Programmable/Automatic exposure control
    • Programmable/Automatic white balancing and Color correction
    • Programmable sharpening control
    • Programmable Color saturation control
    • Programmable gamma correction
    • Programmable brightness correction
    • Programmable hue correction
    • Programmable contrast correction
    • Programmable anti-flickering (50Hz, 60Hz or off, like outdoor)
    • Programmable media filter.
• Progressive readout
• Video mode and single frame mode
• Output data format: 8/16-bit YCbCr, 24-bit RGB, 16-bit RGB, 8-bit raw data
• Output modes: VGA and Sub-sampling QVGA/QQVGA, programmable
• Input/output interface: SIF
• Power down mode
• Automatic optical black compensation
• Left-Right Mirror Image
• Up-down Mirror Image
• Single power supply, 3.3V +/- 0.15V

• Video cellular phone
• Digital camcorder
• Digital still camera
• Video phone
• Video conferencing
• Video mail
• PC camera
• Security system
• Visual toy
• Industrial Image capture/analysis
• Environment monitor system

Part Name(s) : KC73133C
Description : 1/3 INCH CCD Image Sensor FOR VGA COMPATIBILITY

The KC73133C is an interline transfer progressive scan type square pixel CCD area Image Sensor of 1/3 inch optical format developed for VGA. The electron accumulation time can be changed by the electronic shutter function and it is possible to obtain a frame still Image without a mechanical shutter. High resolution and good Color reproduction are accomplished by using mosaic R, G, B primary Color filters. It is suitable for still cameras and PC input cameras.
• 330K Pixel Progressive-scan CCD
• High Vertical Resolution (480 TV lines)
• Square Unit Pixel for VGA Format
• No Substrate Voltage Adjustment
• No DC bias on Reset Clock
• R, G, B Mosaic On-Chip Color Filter
• Optical Size 1/3 inch Format
• Variable Speed Electronic Shutter
• Low Smear
• High Antiblooming
• Horizontal Register 5V Drive

Part Name(s) : ICX084 ICX084AK
Sony Semiconductor
Description : Diagonal 6mm (Type 1/3) Progressive Scan CCD Image Sensor with Square Pixel for Color Cameras


The ICX084AK is a diagonal 6mm (Type 1/3) interline CCD solid-state Image Sensor with a square pixel array which supports VGA format. Progressive scan allows all pixels signals to be output independently within approximately 1/30 second.


• Progressive scan allows individual readout of the Image signals from all pixels.

• High vertical resolution (480TV-lines) still Image without a mechanical shutter.

• Square pixel unit cell

• Supports VGA format

• Horizontal drive frequency: 12.27MHz

• No voltage adjustments (reset gate and substrate bias are not adjusted.)

• R, G, B primary Color mosaic filters on chip

• High resolution, high Color reproductivity, high sensitivity, low dark current

• Continuous variable-speed shutter 1/30 (typ.) to 1/10000s

• Low smear

• Excellent antiblooming characteristics

• Horizontal register: 5V drive

• 16-pin high precision plastic package (enables dual surface standard)


Part Name(s) : LZ0P3817
Sharp Electronics
Description : 1/4-type Built-in Lens Color CMOS Image Sensor with 350 k Pixels

The LZ0P3817 is a 1/4-type (4.5 mm) 350 000-pixel built-in lens Color CMOS (Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor) Image Sensor that consists of a timing generator (TG), a correlated double sampling (CDS) circuit, an auto gain control (AGC) circuit and an analog-to-digital converter (ADC) circuit. With small lens and LCC-type flat package, possible to make ultra small Color camera easily.

• Progressive scan
• Square pixel
• Compatible with VGA standard
• Number of Image pixels : 655 (H) x 493 (V)
• Number of optical black pixels
    – Horizontal : 24 front and 24 rear
    – Vertical : 3 front and 3 rear
• Pixel pitch : 5.6 µm (H) x 5.6 µm (V)
• R, G, and B primary Color mosaic filters
Image inversion function (horizontally and/or vertically)
• Available for two types of power save mode
    – AGC and AD circuits become power-off with serial data
    – All circuits become power-off with STBY pin
• Monitoring mode
• Analog output and 8-bit digital output
• Variable gain control (3 to 30 dB)
• Variable electronic focal plane shutter (1/15 to 1/7 875 s)
• Single +2.8 V power supply
• Built-in IR cut-off filter
• Integrated lens : 62˚ horizontal viewing angle
• Package
    – 36-pin LCC* type
    – Outline dimensions : 11.4 mm (H) x 11.4 mm (V)
    – Height : Approx. 7 mm

Part Name(s) : VV5300
Description : Integrated CMOS Image Sensor with on-chip ADC.(Sensor)


VV5300 is a highly-integrated CMOS Image sensing device. In addition to a 160 x 120 pixel Image Sensor array, the device includes on-chip circuitry to drive and sense the array.


• Standard Image format: 160 x 120

• 164 x 124 pixel array

• Variable frame rate (2 FPS - 60 FPS)

• On-chip 8-bit A/D convertor

• 8-bit and 4-bit conversion modes

• 8-wire and 4-wire parallel data output modes

• Reduced flicker operation with 50Hz and 60Hz mains frequencies

• 2 serial data output modes

• Automatic exposure and gain controller

• Automatic black level calibration

• Options selectable via serial interface


Part Name(s) : H1A424M167
Hynix Semiconductor
Description : Image Signal Processor for Hyundai CMOS Image Sensor

■ Dedicated Sensor control and signal processing chip
   for Hyundai CMOS Image Sensor
CMOS 3.3V Device (0.5um CMOS TLM Process used)
■ Serial-Bus interface or alternative 8-bit MCU parallel interface
   for register programming
■ Serial-Bus interface for HYUNDAI CMOS Image Sensor Chip Control
■ 8 bit Bayer format Image input
■ 3 x 3 Interpolation
Color Correction matrix
■ Gamma Correction
■ Automatic Exposure Control
■ Automatic White Balance Control
■ Programmable AE/AWB windows
■ Automatic Reset Level Control
■ Edge Enhancement Support
■ 2x2, 4x4 Sub-Sampling(CIF, QCIF)
■ RGB to YCrCb Color Space Convert
■ Histogram Equalization Logic
■ 16bit YUV 4:2:2, YUV 4:2:0, 8bit YUV 4:2:2, YUV 4:2:0 video output format
■ Flicker Free Banding noise filter
■ X Flip Function for mirrored Image
■ Horizontal and Vertical Sync Information on Separate Pin
■ 64 Pin LQFP Package(Standard JEDEC Package)

Part Name(s) : MT9M001 MT9M001C12STM
Micron Technology
Description : 1/2-Inch Megapixel CMOS Digital Image Sensor

General Description
The Micron® Imaging MT9M001 is an SXGA-format with a 1/2-inch CMOS active-pixel digital Image Sensor. The active imaging pixel array of 1,280H x 1,024V. It incorporates sophisticated camera functions on-chip such as windowing, column and row skip mode, and snapshot mode. It is programmable through a simple two-wire serial interface.
This megapixel CMOS Image Sensor features DigitalClarity—Micron’s breakthrough low-noise CMOS imaging technology that achieves CCD Image quality (based on signal-to-noise ratio and low-light sensitivity) while maintaining the inherent size, cost, and integration advantages of CMOS.

• DigitalClarity™ CMOS Imaging Technology
• Array Format (5:4): 1,280H x 1,024V (1,310,720 active pixels). Total (incl. dark pixels): 1,312H x 1,048V (1,374,976 pixels)
• Frame Rate: 30 FPS progressive scan; programmable
• Shutter: Electronic Rolling Shutter (ERS)
• Window Size: SXGA; programmable to any smaller format (VGA, QVGA, CIF, QCIF, etc.)
• Programmable Controls: Gain, frame rate, frame size

• Digital still cameras
• Digital video cameras
• PC cameras

Motorola => Freescale
Description : Color SXGA Digital Image Sensor 1280 x 1024 pixel progressive scan solid state Image Sensor with integrated CDS/PGA/ADC, digital programming, control, timing, and pixel correction features

Color SXGA Digital Image Sensor 1280 x 1024 pixel progressive scan solid state Image Sensor with integrated CDS/PGA/ADC, digital programming, control, timing, and pixel correction features

The MCM20027 is a fully integrated, high performance CMOS Image Sensor with features such as integrated timing, control, and analog signal processing for digital imaging applications. The part provides designers a complete imaging solution with a monolithic Image capture and processing engine thus making it a true “camera on a chip”. System benefits enable design of smaller, portable, low cost and low power systems. Thereby making the product suitable for a variety of consumer applications including still/full motion imaging, security/surveillance, and automotive among others.


• SXGA resolution, active CMOS Image Sensor with square pixel unit cells

• 6.0mm pitch pixels with patented pinned photodiode architecture

• Bayer-RGB Color filter array with optional micro lenses

• High sensitivity, quantum efficiency, and charge conversion efficiency

• Low fixed pattern noise / Wide dynamic range

• Antiblooming and continuous variable speed shutter

• Single master clock operation

• Digitally programmable via I2C interface

• Integrated on-chip timing/logic circuitry

• CDS sample and hold for suppression of low frequency and correlated reset noise

• 20X programmable variable gain to optimize dynamic range and facilitate white balance and iris adjustment

• 10-bit, pipelined algorithmic RSD ADC (DNL +0.5 LSB, INL +1.0 LSB)

• Automatic column offset correction for noise suppression

• Pixel addressability to support ‘Window of Interest’ windowing, resolution, and subsampling

• Encoded data stream

• 10 FPS full SXGA at 13.5MHz Master Clock Rate

• Single 3.3V power supply

• 48 pin CLCC package

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