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Part Name(s) : MB39C811-EVBSK-02 Cypress
Cypress Semiconductor
Description : Energy Harvesting Starter Kit for Buck Power Management IC with Bluetooth® Smart (Low Energy) Beacon View

The MB39C811-EVBSK-02 is an evaluation board that contains Energy Harvesting Power Management IC, MB39C811 (Buck DC/DC converter) with Bluetooth® Smart (Low Energy), whICh can be used in applICation on the Solar and PiezoelectrIC Energy Harvester. The MB39C811 has a wide input range from 4V up to 23V, and the output voltages are selectable from 1.5V to 5V. The board contains a Programmable (applICation block only) Bluetooth® Smart module, Fujitsu Component: MBH7BLZ02-109004, whICh allows BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) Beacon and wireless data communICations.
■ Installed Energy Harvesting Power Management IC: MB39C811
■ Programmable (applICation block only) Bluetooth® Smart Module: MBH7BLZ02-109004 (*1)
■ Transmit BLE Beacon using Solar Energy and Vibration Energy only
■ Transmit about 1 second intervals under 500lx
■ Support a lot of Energy inputs
    - Solar Cell
    - Piezo ElectrIC
    - USB Bus Power
    - Coin Battery (Expandable: for Hybrid)
    - NFC: Near Field CommunICation (Expandable: Power supply only)
    - Commercial Power Supply: AC85~265V (Expandable: Need additional resister)
■ Installed Temperature Sensor
■ Installed USB Serial Converter IC for changing Beacon IDs
■ Attached Solar Cell for Evaluation
■ Attached Case & USB Cable
■ SchematIC, BOM List, Layout Data, Sample Software
■ Installed Expandable Terminal.
    - Reset Button for MCU (Standard mount)
    - JTAG Connector for MCU Program
    - Expandable Sensor Interface (I2C/GPIO)
    - DIPSW (Expandable)
    - LED (Expandable)
■ Small Size PCB: 45mm × 25mm
■ Battery-less BLE Beacon
■ AC Power supply BLE Beacon
■ Wireless Sensor node for IoT
■ Active RFID
■ Solar Energy Harvesting
■ Wireless Illumination Control
■ Wireless HVAC Sensors
■ Security System

Part Name(s) : DS1921K MaximIC
Maxim Integrated
Description : Thermochron iButton Starter Kit View

General Description

The DS1921K Thermochron™ iButton® Starter Kit provides the basic hardware for a quick evaluation of Maxim’s Thermochron iButton family that communicates using the 1-Wire® protocol. The Kit uses the USB port of a Microsoft Windows®-based Personal Computer running Vista®, XP SP2 (or higher), or Microsoft Server Operating Systems Windows 2003 or 2008. The Kit includes a DS1921 Thermochron iButton and all hardware required to communicate with it. The DS1921K is also capable of evaluating any other iButton, including the high-capacity Thermochrons (DS1922L, DS1922T, and DS1923), the Hygrochron™ (DS1923), and the temperature-only iButton (DS1920).


Starter Kit to evaluate the DS1921 Thermochron iButton temperature recording device with a Microsoft Windows-based PC

 Easy Setup with USB Adapter

 Free download of 1-Wire drivers and OneWireViewer Demonstration Software

 Compatible with other Thermochron iButtons DS1922L, DS1922T, DS1922E, DS1923 (not included)

Atmel Corporation
Description : AVR-based Uni-directional Radio Starter Kit Featuring Secure Rolling-Code RF Transmission Encryption User Guide View

Congratulations on your purchase of the Atmel® AVR®-based Uni-directional Radio Starter Kit featuring Secure Rolling Code RF Transmission Encryption. This Kit uses an Atmel STK®500 Flash MICrocontroller Starter Kit that must be obtained separately.
This User’s Guide describes how to use this Starter Kit. Section 2, Getting Started, describes how to assemble and program the hardware to demonstrate a wireless link that uses a secure rolling code algorithm. Section 3, Programming Notes, describes optional programming for the advanced user.

General Description
This Kit demonstrates the transmission protocol with one receiver and a pair of associated transmitters. However, a typICal system can support many more transmitters. CharacteristICs of this protocol are:
■ A transmission-encryption value that is valid only once, preventing interception and re-transmission to gain unauthorized access,
■ Message content that is virtually impossible to predICt, even if previous messages are known.

Included in the Kit
Note: This Radio Starter Kit is not self-contained. It is based on an Atmel STK500 Flash MICrocontroller Starter Kit that must be obtained separately.
This Starter Kit includes all the essential components needed to demonstrate an AVR-based uni-directional radio that features a Secure Rolling-Code RF Transmission Encryption protocol. Contents of this Kit are listed and shown in Figure 1-1.
■ Transmitter applICation board
■ ISP programming adapter for Transmitter
■ Receiver applICation board with external antenna
■ STK512 Interface Board
■ ATMega88 mICrocontroller (not shown)
■ CDROM containing software, Data Sheets, and other documentation (not shown)

Part Name(s) : CC2540DK CC2541EMK TI
Texas Instruments
Description : Bluetooth® Low Energy CC2540 Development Kit CC2541 Evaluation Module Kit User’s Guide View

Thank you for purchasing a Texas Instruments (TI) Bluetooth® low Energy (BLE) Kit. The purpose of this document is to give an overview of the hardware and software included in the CC2540 Development Kit (CC2540DK) and the add-on CC2541 Evaluation Module Kit (CC2541EMK).
The information in this guide will get you up and running with the Kit; however for more detailed information on BLE technology and the TI BLE protocol stack, please consult the Texas Instruments Bluetooth® Low Energy Software Developer’s Guide [3].

CC2540DK Contents Overview
The CC2540DK contains the following hardware components:
● 2 x SmartRF05 Evaluation Boards (SmartRF05EB)
● 2 x CC2540 Evaluation Modules (CC2540EM)
● 2 x Pulse Antennas
● 1 x CC2540 USB Dongle
● Cables

CC2541EMK Contents Overview
The CC2541EMK contains the following hardware components:
● 2 x CC2541 Evaluation Modules (CC2541EM)
● 2 x Pulse W1010 Antennas
● Cables

The Kit is FCC and IC certified and tested/complies with ETSI/R&TTE over temperature from 0 to +35°C. The antenna, W1010 from Pulse, is a ¼ wave dipole antenna with 2 dBi gain.

Part Name(s) : BQ25504 BQ25504RGTR BQ25504RGTT B5504 Texas-Instruments
Texas Instruments
Description : Ultra Low-Power Boost Converter with Battery Management for Energy Harvester ApplICations View

The bq25504 devICe is the first of a new family of intelligent integrated Energy Harvesting nano-Power Management solutions that are well suited for meeting the special needs of ultra low Power applICations. The devICe is specifICally designed to effICiently acquire and manage the mICrowatts (µW) to miliwatts (mW) of Power generated from a variety of DC sources like photovoltaIC (solar) or thermal electrIC generators. The bq25504 is the first devICe of its kind to implement a highly effICient boost converter/charger targeted toward products and systems, such as wireless sensor networks (WSNs) whICh have stringent Power and operational demands. The design of the bq25504 starts with a DC-DC boost converter/charger that requires only mICrowatts of Power to begin operating.

• Ultra Low-Power with High-EffICiency DC-DC Boost Converter/Charger
    – Continuous Energy Harvesting From Low-Input Sources: VIN ≥ 80 mV (TypICal)
    – Ultra-Low Quiescent Current: IQ < 330 nA (TypICal)
    – Cold-Start Voltage: VIN ≥ 330 mV (TypICal)
• Programmable DynamIC Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT)
    – Integrated DynamIC Maximum Power Point Tracking for Optimal Energy Extraction From a Variety of Energy Generation Sources
    – Input Voltage Regulation Prevents Collapsing Input Source
Energy Storage
    – Energy Can be Stored to Rechargeable Li-ion Batteries, Thin-film Batteries, Super- Capacitors, or Conventional Capacitors
• Battery Charging and Protection
    – User Programmable Undervoltage and Overvoltage Levels
    – On-Chip Temperature Sensor with Programmable Overtemperature Shutoff
• Battery Status Output
    – Battery Good Output Pin
    – Programmable Threshold and Hysteresis
    – Warn Attached MICrocontrollers of Pending Loss of Power
    – Can be Used to Enable or Disable System Loads

Energy Harvesting
• Solar Chargers
• Thermal ElectrIC Generator (TEG) Harvesting
• Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs)
• Industrial Monitoring
• Environmental Monitoring
• Bridge and Structural Health Monitoring (SHM)
• Smart Building Controls
• Portable and Wearable Health DevICes
• Entertainment System Remote Controls

Part Name(s) : TPS65800EVM TPS65810EVM TPS65820EVM TPS65825EVM Texas-Instruments
Texas Instruments
Description : TPS658xxEVM Integrated Single-Cell, Lithium-Ion Battery- and Power-Management IC with I2C, LED Drives, Two Synchronous Buck, Boost, and Multiple LDOs View

TPS658xxEVM Integrated Single-Cell, Lithium-Ion Battery- and Power-Management IC with I2C, LED Drives, Two Synchronous Buck, Boost, and Multiple LDOs

This user’s guide is an easy-to-use document that describes the equipment, hardware, software, setup, and a step-by-step procedure to evaluate the features of the TPS65800/810/820/825. The Power IC is designed to handle 2 A of input current from the adaptor and up to a 3.5-A discharge from the battery. The charger algorithm is designed to charge a single-cell, Li-ion or Li-polymer battery. The Buck, boost, and LDO supplies typICally run off of the OUT (system) pin whICh is available on the IC and is Powered from the AC, USB, or battery.

Part Name(s) : AT88CK109STK3 MBR0520L Atmel
Atmel Corporation
Description : AVR®-based AT88CK109BSTK3 CryptoAuthentICation Starter Kit View

This document describes the AT88CK109STK3, whICh is a development Kit for the AT88SA100, AT88SA102, and ATSA8810HS CryptoAuthentICation devICes. This Kit uses a modular approach. The development Kit includes the AT88MICrobase board and the AT88CK109BK3 CryptoAuthentICation daughter board. The AT88MICrobase uses a convenient Type-A USB interface allowing users to interface with a personal computer and experiment with CryptoAuthentICation. The small USB form factor of the AT88MICrobase allows the board to function as a demo as well as a development platform.

Part Name(s) : STM3210C-SK/KEI STM3210C-SK/KEIL ST-Microelectronics
Description : Keil™ Starter Kit for STM32F1 series Connectivity Line mICrocontrollers (STM32F107VC MCU) View

The Keil Starter Kit is a complete, cost-effective solution for starting applICation development and evaluating the STMICroelectronICs STM32F105/107 ARM Cortex™-M3 processor based mICrocontrollers.
The STM3210C-SK/KEIL Starter Kit provides all the hardware and software you need to start developing applICations for the STM32 ARM core based families of mICrocontrollers. It comes complete with a full-featured evaluation board (including Ethernet, USB host and devICe, CAN, USARTs, Audio, and QVGA Touchscreen LCD), Keils MDK-ARM Lite Edition (32 KB) development tools, and the ULINK-ME™ (USB/JTAG) adapter.
Keil Starter Kits are available for a full range of ST ARM core-based mICrocontrollers.

■ The Keil MDK-Lite development tools:
   – µVision®4 IDE/Debugger for applICation programming and debugging
   – ARM C/C++ compiler
   – RTX real-time kernel, a multi-tasking operating system for embedded applICations
   – MDK-Lite supports applICations with up to 32 KB code-size
■ ULINK-ME in-circuit debugger/programmer with USB interface to host PC and 20-pin JTAG or 10-pin CoreSight debug interface
■ Full-featured Keil evaluation board with a 72 MHz STM32F107VC MCU

Part Name(s) : B158-H8539-G2-X-7600 SAK-TC1762-128F66HL SAK-TC1762-128F80HL SAK-TC1764-128F80HL SAK-TC1766-192F80HL Infineon
Infineon Technologies
Description : SK-TC176x Family Starter Kit View

(The Family Starter Kit is equipped with the SAK-TC1766-192F80HL as superset for the TC176x family)

CPU Clock: 80 MHz

On-Chip Memory:

- 1.5 MByte embedded program flash with ECC,

- 32 KByte data flash for scalable EEPROM emulation,

- 76 KByte on-chip SRAM,

- 8 KByte instruction cache.


- DB9 for RS232-0,

- BERG10 for RS232-1,

- two BERG10 for CAN-0/1 with Transceiver,

- BERG16 for OCDS1,

- SAMTEC QSH-030-01-F-D-A for OCDS2,

- DB25 On Board Wiggler for OCDS1,

- four 80-pin connectors (male) with all I/O signals,

- four 80-pin connectors (female) with all I/O signals.


- TechnICal Documentation: e.g. User manuals (System Unit and Peripheral unit),Architecture manual(pdf-version),

- Evaluation Versions of Development Tools: e.g. Compiler, Debugger, Operating System from Tool Partners,

- parallel cable,

- Extension Board,

- Starter Kit Manual, last Version 1.0.

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