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Part Name(s) : DNA1001D DNA1001DL Hitachi
Hitachi -> Renesas Electronics
Description : DNA1001D - DIP 16 PIN View
Part Name(s) : HA17080APS HA17080PS HA17082APS HA17082PS HA17083APS HA17083PS HA17084APS HA17084PS Hitachi
Hitachi -> Renesas Electronics
Description : HA17082 Series / J-FET Input Operational Amplifiers View

HITACHI J-FET input operational amplifiers are available in single, dual, and quad versions.

Other than the HA17080, all products are internal phase compensation types and include a built-in phase compensation capacitor. The HA17080 and the HA17083 allow offset adjustment.


* HA17080, HA17082 : DIP 8 PIN

* HA17083, HA17084 : DIP 14 PIN

HITACHI/384709-DI1.gif" />

Part Name(s) : HM5116100 HM5116100S-6 HM5116100S-7 HM5116100S Hitachi
Hitachi -> Renesas Electronics
Description : 16 M FP DRAM (16-Mword × 1-bit) 4 k Refresh View

The HITACHI HM5116100 is a CMOS dynamic RAM organized 16,777,216-word × 1-bit.  It employs the most advanced 0.5µm CMOS technology for high performance and low power.  The HM5116100 offers Fast Page Mode as a high speed access mode.  It is packaged in 26-pin plastic SOJ.

• Single 5 V (±10%)
• Access time:  60 ns/70 ns (max)
• Power dissipation
- Active mode:  440 mW/385 mW (max)
- Standby mode 11 mW (max)
• Fast page mode capability
• Refresh cycles
- 4096 refresh cycles : 64 ms
• 3 variations of refresh
- RAS-only refresh
- CAS-before-RAS refresh
- Hidden refresh
• Test function
- 16-bit parallel test mode

Part Name(s) : 2SD2102 D2102 Hitachi
Hitachi -> Renesas Electronics
Description : Silicon NPN Triple Diffused Low Frequency Power Amplifier View


2SD2102 Datasheet PDF

HITACHI/853506-DI1.gif" />

Part Name(s) : DPA4111 DPA4119 DPA6111 DPA6119 ETC1
Description : Series DPA 1.0Amp • 120, 240 Vac • 16 PIN DIP Package View


The Series DPA solid state relays are rated at 1.0 Amp RMS at ambient temperatures up to 40ûC. The compact 16 pin DIP package is perfect for high density printed circuit boards. The DPA is

offered in your choice of either voltage or current operated versions. Manufactured in CrydomÕs ISO 9001 Certified facility for optimum product performance and reliability.

• Compact forHigh Density PCBMount

• DC Control

• SCROutput

• Zero Cross Switching

Part Name(s) : HM62W16258BLTTI-7 HM62W16258BI Hitachi
Hitachi -> Renesas Electronics
Description : 4 M SRAM (256-kword × 16-bit) View

The HITACHI HM62W16258BI Series is 4-Mbit static RAM organized 262,144-word × 16-bit. HM62W16258BI Series has realized higher density, higher performance and low power consumption by employing Hi-CMOS process technology. It offers low power standby power dissipation; therefore, it is suitable for battery backup systems. It is packaged in standard 44-pin plastic TSOPII.

• Single 3.3 V supply: 3.3 V ± 0.3 V
• Fast access time: 70 ns (max)
• Power dissipation:
    - Active: 9.9 mW (typ)
    - Standby: 3.3 µW (typ)
• Completely static memory.
    - No clock or timing strobe required
• Equal access and cycle times
• Common data input and output.
    - Three state output
• Battery backup operation.
• Temperature range: –40 to 85°C

Part Name(s) : HB28C048C6 HB28C032C6 HB28C016C6 Hitachi
Hitachi -> Renesas Electronics
Description : CompactFlash™ 48 MByte/32 MByte/16 MByte View

HB28C048C6, HB28C032C6, HB28C016C6 are CompactFlash™. This card complies with CompactFlash™ specification, and is suitable for the usage of data storage memory medium for PC or any other electric equipment and digital still camera. This card is equipped with HITACHI 128 Mega bit Flash memory. This card is suitable for ISA (Industry Standard Architecture) bus interface standard, and read/write unit is 1 sector (512 bytes) sequential access. By using this card it is possible to operate good performance for the system which have CompactFlashTM slots.

• CompactFlash™ specification standard
    - 50 pin two pieces connector and Type I (3.3 mm)
• 3.3V / 5V single power supply operation
• Card density is 48 Mega bytes maximum
    - This card is equipped with HITACHI 128 Mega bit Flash memory
• 3 variations of mode access
    - Memory card mode
    - I/O card mode
    - True IDE mode
• Internal self-diagnostic program operates at VCC power on
• High reliability based on internal ECC (Error Correcting Code) function
• Data reliability is 1 error in 1014 bits read
• Auto sleep mode

Part Name(s) : 8A977 8A978 PT8A977 PT8A977P PT8A977W PT8A978LW PT8A978P ETC
Description : 5-Function Remote Controller / Package: 14-pin DIP, 14-pin SOIC, 16-pin DIP and 16-pin SOIC View

The PTA977P (or 977W) and PT8A978P (or 978LW) provide a complete control functions to the remote controlled toy. The PT8A977P/977W has five input pins corresponding with the five function buttons i.e, forward, backward, rightward, leftward and turbo.

The encoding circuit in the PT8A977P/977W sends digital codes to the two output pins SO and SC. The digital codes correspond to the definite function buttons or their combinations. The SO and SC outputs are used in wireless and infra-red applications respectively.

Part Name(s) : HM6287 HM6287LP-45 HM6287LP-55 HM6287LP-70 HM6287P-45 HM6287P-55 HM6287P-70 Hitachi
Hitachi -> Renesas Electronics
Description : 65536-word x 1-bit High Speed CMOS Static RAM / HM6287 Series DIP 22Pin View

 High Speed CMOS Static RAM  is HM6287LP-45,  HM6287LP-55, HM6287LP-70 Series.

* High Speed : Fast Access Time 45/55/70ns (max.)

* Single 5V Supply and High Density 22 Pin Package.

HITACHI/404404-DI1.gif" />


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