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Part name(s)' : C203 CX2041NL CX2041NLT CX2040LNL CX2040LNLT CX2043LNL CX2043LNLT CX2044LNL CX2044LNLT CX2045LNL CX2045LNLT CX2047LNL CX2047LNLT CX2049LNL CX2049LNLT CX2029LNL CX2029LNLT CX2163LNL CX2163LNLT
Description : RF Transformers Transformers for Wideband RF Applications
Pulse Electronics

RF Transformers
Transformers for Wideband RF Applications

● RoHS peak reflow temperature rating: 245°C°
● Miniature surface mount package
● Various impedance ratios available
● Excellent insertion loss
● Ideal for Balanced-to-Unbalanced applications
● Products from 0.05 to 1900 MHz bandwidth

Part name(s)' : GP-485 GP-486 GP-488 GP-489 TR-2189 TR-2190 TR-2206 TR-2207
Description : Mini-Triggered Spark Gaps and Transformers, Miniature Trigger Transformers
PerkinElmer Inc

Mini-Triggered Spark Gaps and Transformers


•High reliability

•Extremely low jitter

•Environmentally durable

•Small size

•Matching trigger Transformers


Precision timing and firing for in-flight functions such as rocket motor ignition, warhead detonation and missile

stage separation. Each of these applications involves the activation of electro-explosive devices such as:

• Exploding bridgewire (EBW)

• Exploding foil initiator (EFI)

• Electronic safe and arm (ESA)

• Slapper/detonator

Miniature Trigger Transformers

These Transformers were customdesigned for reliable triggering of the PerkinElmer GP-485/486/488/489 triggered spark gaps. They have operating circuit output voltages well above the maximum required by the switches and are capable of sustaining the trigger to adjacent electrode current during the turn-on phase of gap operation. These Transformers are constructed using miniature cores, wound and potted, to produce high output voltage with a minimum of corona at twice rated output voltage.

Part name(s)' : 23Z247SMD 23Z81 23Z81SM 23Z87SM 66Z1203 66Z1212 PE-2227X PE-2228X PE-2229X PE-2231X PE-2243X PE-2671X PE-4290X PE-5154X PE-5156X PE-5158X PE-5159X PE-5160X PE-5163X PE-5760 PE-5761 PE-5762 PE-5762M PE-5763 PE-5763M
Description : 2 Watt Pulse, Electrostatically Shielded, 500 mW Pulse, RF Pulse, and Control Transformers
Pulse Electronics


2 Watt Pulse, Electrostatically Shielded, 500 mW Pulse, RF Pulse, and Control Transformers

Wide range of inductors and turns ratios

Suitable for a variety of applications

High flux density capability

Available in through hole and surface mount packages

Part name(s)' : E050 E050D E050E E050EW E050EWA E050EWB E050JL E050JN E050W E050WA E050WB E075 E075E E075EW E075EWA E075EWB E075W E075WA E075WB E100 E1000 E1000W E1000WA E1000WB E100D
Description : Industrial Control Transformers

The SBE - Encapsulated, Copper Wound Series

The SBE Encapsulated Industrial Control Transformers are epoxy encapsulated to seal the transformer windings against moisture, dirt and Industrial contaminants. Extra deep, molded terminal barriers reduce the chance of electrical failure as the result of arcing or frayed lead wires. The rugged construction and proven reliability of the SBE design is uniquely suited for all Industrial environments.


• 50 - 1000 VA, 50/60 Hz – suitable for worldwide applications.

• Interleaved copper windings reduce I2R losses and maximize efficiency.

• 55°C Rise, 105°C insulation system to minimize heat

• Epoxy encapsulated to protect cores and coils against moisture, dirt, and other contaminants.

• Meets or exceeds NEMA Standard ST-1 and ANSI C89.1 for load inrush capability.

• Integrally molded, flame retardant (IEC 707/ISO Class 1210) Terminal Blocks provide greater terminal contact area and improved conductivity.

• Heavy gauge steel mounting plate

• Mounting dimensions are compatible with similar Control Transformers.

• Secondary fuse holders (FB2X) included for 13/32 x 1½ cartridges (fuses not included).

• Factory-installed fuse holders are available (See W, WA & WB options).

• Ten year limited warranty The SBE - Encapsulated, Copper Wound Series


Part name(s)' : TT2202 TT2203 TT2204 TT2205 TT2206 TT2207 TT2208 TT2209 TT2210 TT2211 TT2212 TT2213 TT2214 TT2215 TT2216
Description : TT2202 - TT2216 / TEMCo Control Transformer - Data Sheet

TEMCo Industrial Control Transformers are used to convert all standard international voltages. Many models are dual frequency rated for 50 and 60 Hz. TEMCo’s Transformers are built to last, guaranteed! That's why we back these with a decade long warranty.


Part name(s)' : 760390014
Description : Transformers Audio & Signal MID-SN6501 TI Driver Toroid .475mH 5VDC

[Wurth Electronic]

Transformers Audio & Signal MID-SN6501 TI Driver Toroid .475mH 5VDC

Part name(s)' : PA1130NL PA1131NL PA1132NL PA1133NL PA1134NL PA1135NL PA1136NL PA1137NL PA1138NL PA1253NL PA1260NL PA1267NL PA1269NL PA1276NL PA1277NL PA1279NL PA1280NL PA1281NL PA1282NL PA1283NL PA1284NL PA1370NL PA1528NL PB2115NL PA1130NLT
Description : HIGH FREQUENCY WIRE WOUND Transformers
Pulse Electronics

Transformers for Power over Ethernet (PoE)
■ Power: 3W to 15W
■ Three different SMT platforms
■ Custom designs available

Part name(s)' : UAA145
Description : Phase Control Circuit for Industrial Applications
Temic Semiconductors


The UAA145 is a bipolar integrated circuit, designed to provide phase Control for Industrial applications. It permits the number of components in thyristor drive circuits to be drastically reduced. The versatility of the device is further enhanced by the provision of a large number of pins giving access to internal circuit points.


• Separate pulse output synchronized by mains half wave

• Output pulse-width is freely adjustable

• Phase angle variable from >0° to <180°

• High-impedance phase shift input

• Less than 3° pulse symmetry between two half-cycles or phase of different integrated circuits

• Output pulse blocking


Industrial power Control

• Silicon Controlled rectifier


Part name(s)' : CS8401 CS8402 CS8403 CS8404 PE-65612 PE-65612NL PE-65812 PE-65812NL
Pulse Electronics

Transformers FOR DIGITAL AUDIO DATA TRANSMISSION For Use with Cirrus Logic’s CS8401,

CS8402, CS8403 & CS8404 ICs

Operating transmission rates: 1 to 7 Mbps

Controlled rise time: 25 nsec MAX

High isolation voltage: 2 kV MIN


These Transformers have been designed for use at the interface between line driver and receiver and the intercon necting medium in Digital Audio Data Transmission Systems according to AES 3-199X or IEC 958. In such systems, two channels of periodically sampled and uniformly quantized audio signals are transmitted on a single shielded twisted pair.

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