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Part Name(s) : MC34280 MC34280FTB MC34280FTBR2 ON-Semiconductor
ON Semiconductor
Description : power supply & management IC for Handheld ElectronIC Products View

power supply & management IC for Handheld ElectronIC Products

The MC34280 is a power supply integrated circuit whICh provides two boost regulated outputs and some power management supervisory functions. Both regulators apply Pulse–Frequency–Modulation (PFM). The main step–up regulator output can be externally adjusted from 2.7V to 5V. An internal synchronous rectifier is used to ensure high effICiency (achieve 87%). The auxiliary regulator with a built–in power transistor can be configured to produce a wide range of positive voltage (can be used for LCD contrast voltage). This voltage can be adjusted from +5V to +25V by an external potentiometer; or by a mICroprocessor, digitally through a 6–bit internal DAC.

• Low Input Voltage, 1V up
• Low Quiescent Current in Standby Mode: 35µA typICal
• PFM and Synchronous RectifICation to ensure high effICiency (87% @200mA Load)
• Adjustable Main Output: nominal 3.3V @ 200mA max, with 1.8V input
• Auxiliary Output Voltage can be digitally controlled by mICroprocessor
• Auxiliary Output Voltage:
    +5V @ 25mA max, with 1.8V input
    +25V @ 15mA max, with 1.8V input
• Current Limit Protection
power–ON Reset Signal with Programmable Delay
• Battery Low Detection
• Lithium Battery Back–up
• 32–Pin LQFP Package

• Digital Organizer and DICtionary
• Personal Digital Assistance (PDA)
• Dual Output power supply (For MPU, LogIC, Memory, LCD)
• Handheld Battery powered DevICe (1–2 AA/AAA cell)

Part Name(s) : LC4120NV SANYO
SANYO -> Panasonic
Description : LCD power supply Switching IC View

The LC4120NV is an LCD power supply switching IC that provides 3 input channels and 6 output channels. It is fabrICated in an 80-V high-voltage CMOS process and features low power dissipation, high speed, and a low output impedance. This IC is optimal for switching the row driver LCD drive voltage in a wide range of LCD products.

• 3 input channels/6 output channels
• LogIC voltage: 2.7 to 5.5 V
• Output voltage: 80 V (maximum)
• Output impedance: 110Ω (maximum) (When VHA – VLA = 60 V)
• Output delay time: 0.5 µs (maximum)
• Operating temperature: –20 to 75°C
• Package: 20-pin SSOP

Part Name(s) : BP320240A BOLYMIN
Description : FSTN LCD, TAB IC and PCB package LCD driver only (Recommending SED1335 controller) View


1. FSTN LCD, TAB IC and PCB package

2. LCD driver only (Recommending SED1335 controller

3. +3V single power supply,

4. 4 bit data bus

5. 1/240 duty cycle

6. Option: EL B/L , EL inverter

7. Option: Touch panel

7. Option: Positive voltage for LCD driving

Part Name(s) : BP240160C BOLYMIN
Description : FSTN LCD, TAB IC and PCB package LCD driver only View


1. FSTN LCD, TAB IC and PCB package

2. LCD driver only (Recommending SED1335 controller

3. +3V ~ +5V single power supply,

7. Option: built-in positive voltage for LCD driving

4. 1/160 duty cycle

5. Option: LED edge B/L, EL B/L , EL inverter

6. Option: Touch panel



Part Name(s) : TPS65165 TPS65165RSBT TI
Texas Instruments
Description : Compact LCD Bias IC With High Speed Amplifiers for TV and Monitor TFT-LCD Panels View


The TPS65165 is a Compact LCD Bias IC with 3 high-speed operational amplifiers for gamma correction and/or VCOM supply. The devICe generates all 3 voltage rails for TFT-LCD displays (Vs, VGL and VGH). The devICe incorporates a high-voltage switch that can be controlled by a logIC signal from the timing controller (TCON) to provide the gate-voltage modulation for VGH. If this function is not required, the CTRL pin can be tied high.

Part Name(s) : FM6316CE Unspecified1
Description : DedICated mobile power management IC View

FM6316CE is a used in mobile power integrated lithium battery charge management, DC-DC step-up current limiting and load sensing functions in one portable power management IC.

FM6316CE including integrated trICkle charge, constant current charging and constant voltage charging charging the whole process, and contains the charging process and the end of charging status indICator Lamp; the system will be shut down in a charged state output discharge path; when the external input supply is removed, FM6316CE battery-powered external devICe, if  Did not detect the external devICe access, the system enters standby mode, the entire system standby current 16uA.

Part Name(s) : UR8HC007-0A4-FQ Semtech
Semtech Corporation
Description : Zero-power™ Input DevICe and power management IC View

The JunoTM A4 is a member of a series of input devICe and power management companion ICs for RISC-based portable systems. On a single IC, the JunoTM A4 integrates control of any 4-wire or 8-wire resistive touch screen, keyboard scanning, unique power management capabilities, a direct PS/2 port and plenty of General Purpose Input / Output (GPIO).

• TypICally consumes less than 1µA
• Scans an 8 x 16 keyboard matrix that supports Japanese, English and European keyboards
• Interfaces any four-wire or eightwire resistive touch screen
• Operates continuously between 3 Volts and 5 Volts
• Offers unique power management capabilities that work in harmony with Windows® CE power modes
• Always runs in "Stop" mode without data or event loss
• Provides a direct Zero-powerTM PS/2 port for the hot-plug connection of an external keyboard or mouse
• Uses proprietary circuitry, so “Stop” mode is entered even when PS/2 devICe is connected & active
• GPIO pins provide interrupt at both falling and rising edge of signals, ideal for lid functions, power, ring indICators, docking signals, battery measurement, etc.
• Has additional GPIO available for LEDs, switches, etc.
• Offers internal control of LCD brightness/contrast, audio, etc. as well as four 10-bit A/D channels for power management monitoring
• Provides programmable features that allow for maximum design differentiation without customization
• Cost-effective, reducing overall system costs by integrating features that would typICally require multiple components
• Available in 80-pin 13 x 13 mm, 1.7mm high package to accommodate slim designs

• Jupiter-class devICes
• Professional H/PCs
• H/PCs
• Web Phones, G3 Terminals

Semtech Corporation
Description : Zero-power™ Keyboard Encoder & power management IC for H/PCs View

The SPICoderTM UR5HCSPI keyboard encoder and power management IC is designed specifICally for handheld PCs (H/PCs). The off-the-shelf UR5HCSPI will readily work with CPUs designed for Windows CE®, saving OEMs signifICant development time and money as well as minimizing time-to-market for the new generations of handheld products.

• SPI-compatible keyboard encoder and power management IC with other interfaces available
• Compatible with Windows CE® keyboard specifICation
• Zero-powerTM — typICally consuming less than 2µA, between 3-5V
• Offers overall system power management capabilities
• Compatible with “system-on silICon” CPUs for H/PCs
• Special keyboard and power management modes for H/PCs, including programmable “wake-up” keys
• Scans, debounces, and encodes an 8 x 12 matrix and controls discrete switches and LED indICators
• Custom versions available

• StrongARMTM Handheld PCs
• Windows CE® Platforms
• Web Phones
• Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs)
• Wearable Computers
• Internet Appliance

Part Name(s) : MB3893APFT MB3893APFV MB3893A Fujitsu
Description : power management IC for Mobile Phone View

MB3893A is a multi-function power management IC chip with built-in 4-channel series regulator providing the output control functions and power supply drop detection circuits required for mobile phones. The MB3893A includes lithium-ion battery charge control functions and functions as a built-in power management system ideal for mobile phone devICes.

[power supply Control Unit]
supply voltage range : VCC = 3.1 V to 4.8 V
• Low power consumption current during standby : 110 µA (Max.)
• Built-in 4-channel low-saturation voltage type series regulator
                                                      : 2.5 V/2 channels, 1.8 V/1 channels,
                                                        2.0 V/1 channels (1.9 V and 2.2 V available as mask options)
• Built-in interruption detection and supply recovery functions eliminate need for supplementary power supply
• Built-in On/Off switch circuit with accidental operation prevention function
• Accurate supply voltage drop detection
• Built-in power-on reset (OUT1) function
• Detection voltage with hysteresis

[Charge Control Unit]
supply voltage range : VIN = 3.4 V to 5.9 V
• Built-in lithium-ion battery charge control functions
• Charging voltage : 4.1 V/4.2 V (switchable)
• Built-in preliminary charging function
• Built-in re-charging function
• Built-in timer functions
• Built-in battery temperature detection function

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