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Part Name(s) : ST7MDT2-110 ST7MDT2-220 ST7MDT2-DVP ST7MDT2-DVP-DS ST7MDT2-UK ST-Microelectronics
Part Name(s) : KYL-220 KYL-220-12 KYL-220-192 KYL-220-24 KYL-220-48 KYL-220-96 KYL
Description : High speed Rate RF Transceiver Data Module View

About KYL-220
KYL-220 is a kind of low power wireless transceiver data module. With small size, low power consumption as well as good stability and reliability, it is widely used as wireless data transceiver in long-ranges. Its channel spacing is as low as 25 KHz.

Application of KYL-220:
* Automatic Meter Reading (AMR);
* Wireless alarm and security systems;
* Building automation, security systems, wireless monitor, remote control and
   access control system;
* Wireless data transmission, automatic data collection system;
* Radio modem can be used for Sports training & competition;
* Wireless dishes ordering;
* Wireless POS, PDA wireless smart terminal;
* RF module can be used for electronic bus station and intelligent traffics;
* RF transmitter, Wireless electronic display screen and Queuing machine;
* Wireless telemetry; charging for parking, parking lot;
* Wireless modem automobile inspection and four-wheel orientation;
* Data communication in the aspects of railway, oil field, dock and army.
* LED display in thruway and public place;

Part Name(s) : US18650GR Sony
Sony Semiconductor
Description : Sony US18650GR 2550mAh laptop cell View

Sony US18650GR 3.79V (as received)  93mOhm

This Sony cell is a bit of a departure for me - IMR cells aside - as it is obviously a bare laptop cell, or possibly for power tool use, and has not been converted in any way for use in lights. So no protection circuit, no button, no aftermarket wrapping, and the stock wrap does not extend to the bottom of the cell. It is common for cells that are intended for use in packs to have an entirely bare base in order to make welding/soldering the cells together easier to do.

Part Name(s) : CXD9841 CXD9841P Sony
Sony Semiconductor
Description : CXD9841 / DIP 18 PIN / Sony CXD9841P Regulator IC (MCZ3001DB) View

Part Name(s) : ST7MDT20-T64 ST7MDT20-T64/DVP ST7MDT20-T64DVP ST-Microelectronics
Description : TQFP64 (14x14) Connection Kit for ST7MDT20-DVP3 View

The TQFP64 (14x14) Connection Kit (ST7 MDT20-T64/DVP) provides the hardware you need to connect your ST7MDT20-DVP3 emulator to your application when debugging applications for ST7 microcontrollers in the TQFP64 (14x14) package.

Connection Kit Contents

■ One additional 50-pin flat cable required for

   connection between emulator and the adapter.

■ TQFP80/64/44 adapter (DB530) – Allows the

   connection of your ST7MDT20-DVP3 emulator to your application board in place of your ST7.

■ TQFP64 (14x14) device adapter (DB543) –

   Adapts the emulator connection to the package of your ST7.

■ CAB TQFP64 (14x14) socket and cover

   (CAB 3303262 and CAB 3303307) – solders to your application board to allow connection of the emulator or installation of your ST7.


for more information...

■ ST7-DVP3 User Manual – Information

   common to all DVP3 series emulators

■ ST7MDT20-DVP3 Probe User Guide –

   Information specific to ST7MDT20-DVP3


Part Name(s) : 2SJ28 Sony
Sony Semiconductor
Description : Sony P Channel VFET for TA-N88 Class D AMP View

2SJ28 is a very special P Channel Vertical Field Transistor (VFET) used in Sony Class First Class-D Amplifier (Model: TA-N88(B). Its has a Vp rank code of KF-33 Mark on the part. The complimentary pair 2SK82 with the same ranking can be found in our store. The parts are guaranteed new, unused.

   Characteristic identical to Classic Triode Vacuum Tube.

Part Name(s) : SBX1602A Sony
Sony Semiconductor
Description : Serial Interface / Transmission Decoder View

The SBX1602A is a Hybrid IC that receives serial data of the SMPTE T14.224 encoded by the SBX1601A and decodes into paralle data.

Part Name(s) : CXD3503R Sony
Sony Semiconductor
Description : Color Shading Correction IC for Liquid Crystal Projectors View

The CXD3503R is a color shading correction IC for Sony data projectors. Used together with the Sony LCD driver CXA2111R or CXA2112R, this IC corrects color shading caused by the LCD panel structure or the optical system. This IC has a built-in SRAM and D/A converter, and 16 horizontal and 13 vertical correction points can be set via a serial interface.

• Generates the color shading correction signals for the high-temperature polysilicon TFT LCD panels used in Sony projectors
• Supports various SVGA, XGA and SXGA signals using 1/2 dot clock input
• Vertical output signal interpolation using an internal arithmetic circuit
• Automatic determination of eliminated lines during pulse eliminator display when used together with the Sony timing generator ICs CXD2464R or CXD3500R
• Supports up/down and/or right/left inversion
• Supports LCD panel display area switching conversion functions
• Standby and correction OFF functions

    Liquid crystal projectors, etc.

Part Name(s) : CXA1644P Sony
Sony Semiconductor
Description : Echo Effect Generator View

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