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Part Name(s) : A6331 A6351 A6359 STR-A6300 STRA6300 STR-A6331 STR-A6351 STR-A6359 STRA6331 STRA6351 SANKEN
Sanken Electric co.,ltd.
Description : Hybrid IC with a built-in power Mosfet and a controller IC View

STR-A6300 series is a hybrid IC with a built-in power Mosfet and a controller IC, designed for fly-back converter type SMPS(Switching Mode Power Supply) applICations, packaged into DIP8, applICable for PRC operation only for small power SMPS.
This IC realizes downsizing and standardizing of a power supply system that reduces external components count and simplifies circuit designs.
(Note) PRC is abbreviation of “Pulse Ratio Control”(On-width control with fixed OFF-time).

● Small sized 8-pin DIP type full molded package, optimum IC for low-height SMPS
● Oscillator is incorporated in the monolithIC control IC
   with adopting On-Chip-Trimming technology.
● Small temperature characteristICs variation by adopting a comparator
   compensated for temperature in the control part
● Low start-up circuit current(50uA max)
● Built-in Active Low-Pass Filter for stabilizing the operation at light load
● Avalanche energy guaranteed Mosfet with high VDSS
   • The built-in power Mosfet simplifies the surge absorption circuit since
      the Mosfet guarantees the avalanche energy.
   • No VDSS de-rating is required.
● Built-in constant voltage drive circuit
● Various kinds of protection functions
   • Pulse-by-pulse Overcurrent Protection(OCP)
   • Overvoltage Protection with latch mode (OVP)
   • Thermal Shutdown with latch mode (TSD)

Part Name(s) : NTE7167 NTE-Electronic
NTE Electronics
Description : integrated circuit VertICal Deflection Output circuit View

The NTE7167 is a vertICal deflection output integrated circuit in a 7-Lead SIP type package designed for use in high-resolution television and CRT display systems that use a bus controller system signal processing IC. It can directly drive the deflection yoke (including the required DC component) from the bus controller system signal processing IC’s sawtooth waveform output. Since the NTE7167 has a maximum deflection current of 2.2AP-P, it is optimal for use in large aperture products, and is capable of driving 33 to 37 inch class monitors.

● Low Power Dissipation due to the Provision of a Built-in Pump circuit
● VertICal Output circuit
● On-Chip Thermal Protection circuit
● Good Crossover CharacteristICs
● Supports DC Coupling

Part Name(s) : BP240160B BOLYMIN
Description : FSTN LCD, TAB IC and PCB package Built-in controller SED1335 View


1. FSTN LCD, TAB IC and PCB package

2. Built-in controller SED1335

3. +3V ~ +5V single power supply, with built-in positive voltage for LCD driving

4. 1/160 duty cycle

5. Option: LED ,EL B/L

6. Option: Touch panel, Touch panel controller


Part Name(s) : BD2270HFV BD2270HFV-GTR BD2270HFV-TR ROHM
ROHM Semiconductor
Description : Mosfet controller IC for Load Switching View


The BD2270HFV is an IC with a single built-in external N-channel Mosfet driver circuit. This IC has a built-in charge pump circuit for gate drive and output discharge circuit, enabling configuration of a high side load switch for N-channel Mosfet drive without using any external parts. in addition, the control input terminal has a built-in comparator with hysteresis function, facilitating control of the power up sequence. The space saving type of HVSOF5 package is used.


1)  Built-in charge pump

2)  Built-in discharge circuit for output charge

3)  Soft start circuit

4)  Built-in comparator with hysteresisfunction at control input terminal

5)  Compact HVSOF5 package

6)  Operating current 50μA

7)  Standby current 5μA

8)  Possible to drive N-channel power Mosfet


PCs, PC peripheral devICes, digital consumer electronICs, etc.

Part Name(s) : NTE2076 NTE-Electronic
NTE Electronics
Description : integrated circuit 7–Segment Darlington transistor Array w/Clamp Diode View


The NTE2076 is constructed with a 7–circuit Darlington transistor Array by a NPN transistor and is a semi–conductor integrated circuit (IC) whICh can drive large electrIC current with very small input current.


• High ElectrIC voltage Endurance (BVCEO ≥ 40V)

• Large ElectrIC Current Drive (IC (max) = 150mA)

• Convenient for PractICal Attachment

• Available to Drive with PMOS IC Output

• Clamp Diode Attached

• Wide input voltage Range (–40V to +40V)

• Wide Operating Temperature Range (TA = –20° to +75°C)


  Attachment relay or printer drive, digit drive of LED and lamps indICator devICe, interface of MOS bipolar–logIC IC, etc.


Part Name(s) : BD9215AFV ROHM
ROHM Semiconductor
Description : SilICon MonolithIC integrated circuit(DC-AC inverter Control IC) View

SilICon MonolithIC integrated circuit


・ 36V High voltage process

・ 1ch control with Full-Bridge

・ Lamp current and voltage sense feed back control

・ Sequencing easily achieved with Soft Start Control

・ Short circuit protection with Timer Latch

・ Under voltage Lock Out

・ Mode-selectable the operating or stand-by mode by stand-by pin

・ For master IC, Synchronous operating with slave IC

・ BURST mode controlled by PWM and DC input

・ Output liner Control by external DC voltage

Part Name(s) : BD3508EKN ROHM
ROHM Semiconductor
Description : SilICon monolithIC integrated circuit 1ch Series Regulator Driver IC View

SilICon monolithIC integrated circuit

1ch Series Regulator Driver IC

Part Name(s) : NTE7159 NTE-Electronic
NTE Electronics
Description : integrated circuit Switch Mode Power Supply controller View

The NTE7159 is a monolithIC integrated circuit in a 16–Lead DIP type package designed for use as the primary part of an off–line switching mode power supply. All functions required for SMPS control under normal operating, transient or abnormal conditions are provided.
The capability of working according to the “master–slave” concept, or according to the “primary regulation” mode makes the NTE7159 very flexible and easy to use. This is partICularly true for TV receivers where the IC provides an attractive and low cost solution (no need of stand–by auxiliary power supply).

● Positive and Negative Current Up To 1.2A and –2A
● Low Start–Up Current
● Direct Drive of the Power transistor
● Two Levels transistor Current Limitation
● Double Pulse Suppression
● Soft–Starting
● Under and Overvoltage Lock–Out
● AutomatIC Stand–By Mode Recognition
● Large Power Range Capability in Stand–By (Burst Mode)
internal PWM Signal Generator

Part Name(s) : US3033 US3033CS Unisem
Description : PWM SWITCHER & LinEAR controller IC View

The US3033 IC combines a switching controller and a linear regulator controller all in a compact 8 pin surface mount package, providing a total solution for dual supply processor applICations such as an intel P55C ™, AMD K6™, as well as Cyrix 6X86L™ and the M2™ processors.
■ LDO controller allows the use of a low cost
    pass transistor for the I/O supply
■ 8 pin SOIC combines switching and linear
internal Pre-regulator Eliminates Cross talk
    between Switching & Linear regulators
■ AutomatIC shut down of the linear regulator
    when connected to the Vcc2 Det pin
■ On board Mosfet driver
■ Fastest transient response of any controller
    method. ( 0 to 100% Duty Cycle in 100 nS )
■ 1% internal voltage reference
internal Under voltage Lockout protects
    Mosfet during start-up
■ Dual supply low voltage processor applICations,
    such as: P55C™,CYRIX M2™, POWER PC™ and
    AMD K6™
■ Simple 5V to 3.3V switcher for Pentium with AGP
    or Pentium II™ applICations

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