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Part Name(s) : 8602GN OZ8602 OZ8602GN
Description : Battery Charge Controller


Description :
OZ8602 is a highly integrated battery charge controller with adapter current sense and an internal wakeup circuit. It can operate as a stand-alone charger or under the supervision of a host microcontroller.

Part Number : 8602GN, OZ8602GN
Function : Battery Charge Controller
Package : SOP 16 Pin
Manufacturers : O2micro

Description : OZ9936 / LCD Monitor CCFL Inverter Controller

OZ9936 operates at a constant operating frequency that eliminates any undesired interference between the controller and LCD panel. OZ9936 drives all types of CCFLs and is able to ignite positive impedance CCFLs.

OZ9936 provides a shutdown delay feature for input brownout condition. The control logic provides a regulated ignition voltage and appropriate protection for over voltage or over-current conditions.

O2micro/OZ9936-DI1.png" target="_blank" >O2micro/OZ9936-DI1.png" >

O2micro/OZ9936-DI2.png" target="_blank" >O2micro/OZ9936-DI2.png" >

Description : Miltimedia IC / FM/AM RADIO IC / DIP16/SOP16

The CD2003GP/ GB  is  a monolithic IC designed for use as a FM/ AM radio system.

Combined with audio power amplifier IC, a suitable FM/AM radio can be constituted.   

●  No need  for  FM IFT, AM  IFT, and  FM  detector coil

● Adjustment free for FM detector circuit

●  Wide operating supply voltage range:  VCC =1. 8~7V  (T amb  =25C )

●  Package:   DIP16/SOP16

Description : Intelligent Lighting Family Product Guide

Intelligent Lighting

Mission Statement
Be the leading supplier of highly effcient Intelligent Lighting solutions for power management of electronic products in the Computer, Consumer, Industrial, Automotive, and Communications markets worldwide.

O2micro® offers a family of Intelligent Lighting LED controllers for General Lighting, ranging from bulbs and tubes to high power street/area lighting to automotive applications.

O2micro’s LED controllers are also ideal for various sizes of Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) and Power Management Unit (PMU) applications – e.g., Monitors, TVs, Notebooks and Netbooks, PDVDs, Car TVs, GPS, Digital Photo Frames, and PNDs (Personal Navigation Devices).

Description : LCDM Inverter Controller

O2micro/142222-DI1.png" data-cke-saved-src="https://www.datasheetq.com/contents-image1/O2micro/142222-DI1.png">GENERAL DESCRIPTION
The OZ9939 is a high performance, cost-effective CCFL (Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp) controller designed for driving large-size Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) applications requiring 2 to
6 CCFLs.

• Negative PWM dimming polarity
• Constant operating frequency
• Drives positive/negative-impedance lamps during ignition
• High drive current for external MOSFETs
• User-defined ignition time and shutdown delay time
• Multiple mode dimming control
• Built-in intelligence for ignition and normal operation of CCFLs
• Built-in open-lamp protection and over voltage protection for backlight system
• Optimized soft-start function

Description : Dual Forward PWM Controller

The OZ9910 is a high-efficiency pulse-width modulation (PWM) controller designed for both DC/DC and DC/AC high voltage applications.

O2micro/142172-DI1.png" />

Part Name(s) : OZ998 OZ998S
O2Micro International
Description : Intelligent Manager Smart PMU/GPIO

O2micros OZ998 Multi-DIMM Selector supports the switching between a primary SMBus and 3 other secondary SMBus. This function is particularly useful for DIMM devices and the support of Intel’s PAS (Preboot Authentication Service).

O2micro/546102-DI1.png" />

Description : Phase-Shift PWM Controller

0Z964GN -> Correct Partnumber : OZ964GN


1. Controller for high-voltage DC/DC and DC/AC converters

2. High efficiency, zero-voltage switching

3. Supports wide input voltage range

4. Constant operating frequency

5. Built-in PWM dimming control with wide dimming range

6. Soft start function

7. Built-in intelligence for ignition and normal operation of CCFLs

O2micro/546113-DI1.png" />

Part Name(s) : TA9687GN
O2Micro International
Description : LCDM Inverter Controller / 16 SOP Lead-Free

The ta9687 offers a high level of integration, while maintaining flexibility and high-efficiency operation that reduces external component heating, resulting in higher reliability and longer CCFL life. The proprietary design technique provides a simple, low-cost system solution.

O2micro/877625-DI1.png" />

Part Name(s) : OZ990 OZ990S
O2Micro International
Description : Intelligent manager smart PMU/GRIO


O2micro’s OZ990 Smart PMU/GPIO (Power Management Unit/General Purpose Input Output) unit

allows the implementation of Green PC Desktop Chipsetsin notebook designs at considerably lower cost than conventional methods while closing the technology gap between desktop and notebook computers by offering an extensive number of powerful power management and general purpose I/O features. With the OZ990 stand-alone PMU capability, the ability to provide the  One-Shot Design for PMU/BIOSpractically eliminates the need to redesign PMUs to match the ever-changing core logic Chipsets. The OZ990 provides the perfect solution for leading

notebook vendors to stay ahead of the competition. 


•  SMBus 1.0 Compliant

•  Support Pentium class and x86-based designs

•  PMU, GPIO, and Alternative PMU modes

•  WAKE output and Suspend Status input operates synchronously with PMU in notebook Chipsets

•  LOW power-saving Suspend mode

•  Hardware Debounced Wakeup/Suspend input as pushbutton

•  4 Power Control programmable outputs with builtin Power Sequencing at 10 ms to 1 second

programmable intervals

•  Optional Wakeup-Disable inputs

•  Optional Power-On inputs

•  8 programmable interrupt inputs for SMIEVENT or SMBALERT#

•  8 Suspend/Wakeup edge-triggered programmable inputs

•  20 possible programmable edge-sensitive General Purpose Inputs/Outputs

•  8 Auto LED Flash(ALF) programmable outputs with 10% or 50% duty cycles

•  LOW power hardware driven speaker alarm output

•  Up to 6 programmable unique addresses for device cascade

•  8 power-on modularized hardware ID programmable inputs

•  32KHz operating frequency

•  5 V tolerant inputs

•  Supports both 3.3 V and 5 V operating environments

•  Software programming kit available

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