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Harris Semiconductor
Description : Operational Amplifiers

Operational Amplifiers

Description : 0.5MHz, Low Supply Voltage, Low Input Current BiMOS Operational Amplifiers

0.5MHz, Low Supply Voltage, Low Input Current BiMOS Operational Amplifiers

The CA3420A and CA3420 are integrated circuit Operational Amplifiers that combine PMOS transistors and bipolar transistors on a single monolithic chip. The CA3420A and CA3420 BiMOS Operational Amplifiers feature gate protected PMOS transistors in the input circuit to provide very high input impedance, very low input currents (less than 1pA).


• 2V Supply at 300µA Supply Current

• 1pA Input Current (Typ) (Essentially Constant to 85oC)

• Rail-to-Rail Output Swing (Drive±2mA into 1kΩLoad)

• Pin Compatible with 741 Operational Amplifiers


• pH Probe Amplifiers

• Picoammeters

• Electrometer (High Z) Instruments

• Portable Equipment

• Inaccessible Field Equipment

• Battery-Dependent Equipment (Medical and Military)

Part Name(s) : CA3493 CA3493A
Harris Semiconductor
Description : BiMOS Precision Operational Amplifiers

BiMOS Precision Operational Amplifiers

Motorola => Freescale
Description : Precision Operational Amplifiers

Precision Operational Amplifiers

Panasonic Corporation
Description : Single Operational Amplifiers

Single Operational Amplifiers

Part Name(s) : LA6082S LA6082D
SANYO -> Panasonic
Description : J-FET Input Dual Operational Amplifiers

J-FET Input Dual Operational Amplifiers

Part Name(s) : M38510-114A
Description : BI-FET Operational Amplifiers, MONOLITHIC SILICON

BI-FET Operational Amplifiers, MONOLITHIC SILICON

Description : DUAL LOW-NOISE J-FET INPUT Operational Amplifiers

DUAL LOW-NOISE J-FET INPUT Operational Amplifiers

Description : Dual Operational Amplifiers

Dual Operational Amplifiers

Description : JFET Input Operational Amplifiers

JFET Input Operational Amplifiers

These low cost JFET input Operational Amplifiers combine two state–of–the–art analog technologies on a single monolithic integrated circuit. Each internally compensated Operational amplifier has well matched high voltage JFET input devices for low input offset voltage. The JFET technology provides wide bandwidths and fast slew rates with low input bias currents, input offset currents, and supply currents.
These devices are available in single, dual and quad Operational Amplifiers which are pin–compatible with the industry standard MC1741, MC1458, and the MC3403/LM324 bipolar devices.

• Input Offset Voltage of 5.0 mV Max (LF347B)
• Low Input Bias Current: 50 pA
• Low Input Noise Voltage: 16 nV/√Hz
• Wide Gain Bandwidth: 4.0 MHz
• High Slew Rate: 13V/µs
• Low Supply Current: 1.8 mA per Amplifier
• High Input Impedance: 1012 Ω
• High Common Mode and Supply Voltage Rejection Ratios: 100 dB

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