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Part Name(s) : DME5.0 ETC
Description : 5.0Watts - 50 Volts 1025/1150 MHZ View


5.0Watts - 50 Volts 1025/1150 MHZ

Part Name(s) : SA20TP MCC
Micro Commercial Components
Description : 5.0Watts TRANSIENT VOLTAGE SUPPRESSOR 5.0 to 170 Volts View

● Glass passivated chip
● Low leakage
● Uni and Bidirectional unit
● Excellent clamping capability
● the plastic material has U/L recognition 94V-O
● Fast response time

Part Name(s) : SA10-AP SA10-BP SA10-TP SA100-AP SA100-BP SA100-TP SA11-AP SA11-BP SA11-TP SA110-AP MCC
Micro Commercial Components
Description : 5.0Watts TRANSIENT VOLTAGE SUPPRESSOR 5.0 to 170 Volts View


•   Glass passivated chip
•   Low leakage
•   Uni and Bidirectional unit
•   Excellent clamping capability
•   UL Recognized file # E331408
•   Lead Free Finish/Rohs Compliant (Note1) ("P"Suffix designates Compliant. See ordering information)
•   Fast Response Time

Part Name(s) : BSS123LT1G BSS123LT3G BVSS123LT1G BSS123LT1G BVSS123LT1G BSS123LT3G BSS123LT7G BSS123LT1 BSS123LT1D BSS123LT1G ON-Semiconductor
ON Semiconductor
Description : POWER MOSFET 170 mAmps, 100 Volts View

POWER MOSFET 170 mAmps, 100 Volts

N−Channel SOT−23

• BVSS Prefix for Automotive and Other Applications Requiring Unique Site and Control Change Requirements; AEC−Q101 Qualified and PPAP Capable
• These Devices are Pb−Free and are RoHS Compliant

Part Name(s) : CDEP145 CDEP145NP-0R5MB-140 CDEP145NP-0R5MC-140 CDEP145NP-0R6MB-170 CDEP145NP-0R6MC-170 CDEP145NP-1R2MB-140 CDEP145NP-1R2MC-140 CDEP145NP-1R5MB-170 CDEP145NP-1R5MC-170 CDEP145NP-2R2MB-140 ETC
Description : POWER INDUCtoRS View


◆ Product Description
• 14.9×14.9mm Max. (L×W), 6.0mm Max. height
• Standard type and High POWER Type are available.
• Inductance range :
   0.68~6.1μ H(Standard type );
   0.56~5.0μ H (High POWER type).
• Saturation Current range: 10.4~ 30.0A(Standard type ) ;13.1~ 36.0A (High POWER type).
• Temperature rise current range: 9.5~23A
• In addition to the standards versions shown here, custom inductors are also available to meet your exact requirements.

◆ Feature
• Super high current inductors.
• Mn-Zn core used, Flat wire used.
• Ideally used in portable computer CPU POWER supply.
• RoHS Compliance

Part Name(s) : MJL16218 Motorola
Motorola => Freescale
Description : POWER TRANSIStoR 15 AMPERES 15.0 Volts — VCES 170 WATTS View

SCANSWITCH™ NPN Bipolar POWER Deflection Transistor For High and Very High Resolution Monitors

The MJL16218 is a state–of–the–art SWITCHMODE bipolar POWER transistor. It is specifically designed for use in horizontal deflection circuits for 20 mm diameter neck, high and very high resolution, full page, monochrome monitors.

• 15.0 Volt Collector–Emitter Breakdown Capability
• Typical Dynamic Desaturation Specified (New Turn–Off Characteristic)
• Application Specific State–of–the–Art Die Design
• Fast Switching: 175 ns Inductive Fall Time (Typ) 2000 ns Inductive Storage Time (Typ)
• Low Saturation VOLTAGE: 0.2 Volts at 5.0 Amps Collector Current and 2.0 A Base Drive
• Low Collector–Emitter Leakage Current — 250 µA Max at 15.0 Volts — VCES
• High Emitter–Base Breakdown Capability For High VOLTAGE Off Drive Circuits — 8.0 Volts (Min)

Part Name(s) : AD9888 AD9888KSZ-100 AD9888KSZ-140 AD9888KSZ-170 ADI
Analog Devices
Description : 100 MSPS/140 MSPS/170 MSPS Analog Flat Panel Interface View

The AD9888 is a complete 8-bit, 170 MSPS, monolithic analog interface optimized for capturing RGB graphics signals from personal computers and workstations. Its 170 MSPS encode rate capability and full-POWER analog bandwidth of 5.0 MHz supports resolutions of up to 1600 × 1200 (UXGA) at 75 Hz. For ease of design and to minimize cost, the AD9888 is a fully integrated interface solution for flat panel displays. The AD9888 includes an analog interface that has a 170 MHz triple ADC with an internal 1.25 V reference phase-locked loop (PLL) to generate a pixel clock from HSYNC and COAST; midscale clamping; and programmable gain, offset, and clamp controls. The user provides only a 3.3 V POWER supply, analog input, and HSYNC and COAST signals. Three-state CMOS outputs can be POWERed from 2.5 V to 3.3 V

    170 MSPS maximum conversion rate
    5.0 MHz programmable analog bandwidth
    0.5 V to 1.0 V analog input range
    Less than 450 ps p-p PLL clock jitter at 170 MSPS
    3.3 V POWER supply
    Full sync processing
    Sync detect for hot plugging
    2:1 analog input mux
    4:2:2 output format mode
    Midscale clamping
    POWER-down mode
    Low POWER: <1 W typical at 170 MSPS

    RGB graphics processing
    LCD monitors and projectors
    Plasma display panels
    Scan converters
    Digital TV

Part Name(s) : AD9502 AD9502AM AD9502BM AD9502CM AD9502AMB AD9502BMB AD9502CMB ADI
Analog Devices
Description : Hybrid RS-170 Video Digitizer View

Hybrid RS-170 Video Digitizer

Part Name(s) : AD9887A AD9887A/PCB AD9887AKS-100 AD9887AKS-140 AD9887AKS-170 ADI
Analog Devices
Description : Dual Interface for Flat Panel Displays View


The AD9887A offers designers the flexibility of an analog interface and digital visual interface (DVI) receiver integrated on a single chip. Also included is support for High Bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP). The AD9887A is software and pin-to-pin compatible with the AD9887.


Analog Interface

170 MSPS Maximum Conversion Rate

Programmable Analog Bandwidth

0.5 V to 1.0 V Analog Input Range

5.0 ps p-p PLL Clock Jitter at 170 MSPS

3.3 V POWER Supply

Full Sync Processing

Midscale Clamping

4:2:2 Output Format Mode

Digital Interface

DVI 1.0 Compatible Interface

170 MHz Operation (2 Pixel/Clock Mode)

High Skew tolerance of 1 Full Input Clock

Sync Detect for “Hot Plugging”

Supports High Bandwidth Digital Content Protection

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