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Part Name(s) : RTO50 RTO50F RTO50C Vishay
Vishay Semiconductors
Description : Power Resistor, Thick Film Technology View

• 50 Watt at 25°C Heatsink Mounted
• Adjusted by sand trimming
• Leaded or surface mount versions
• High Power to size ratio
• Non inductive element

Because of the knowledge and experience in Thick Film Technology, Vishay Sfernice has been able to develop a high Power resistor in a TO 220 package called RTO 50. The special design of this component allows the dissipation of 50W when mounted on a heatsink. The ohmic value is adjusted by sand trimming. This process does not generate hot spots as in laser trimming, which could lead to microcracks on each side of the curve. This process improves the reliability and the stability of the resistor and at the same time gives a good overload capability.

Part Name(s) : 898-5-R220 898-5-R220F 898-5-XXXX 899-3-R330 899-3-R330F BI
BI Technologies
Description : Dual-In-Line Thick Film Resistor Networks View

Dual-In-Line Thick Film Resistor Networks

Part Name(s) : RL2512J TAITRON
TAITRON Components Incorporated
Description : Thick Film Chip Resistor Low Ohmic View

Thick Film Chip Resistor – Low Ohmic

• Low Inductance
• Battery Charge Current Sensing
• Highly Reliable Multilayer Electrode Construction
• Higher Component and Equipment Reliability
• Excellent Performance at High Frequency
• Reduced Size of Final Equipment
• RoHS Compliant

Part Name(s) : KF3006-GL50A ROHM
ROHM Semiconductor
Description : Thick Film thermal printhead View

Thick Film thermal printhead

The new high speed Thick-Film G-series (direct mount clip-pin interconnect) with the fast response anti-ESD thermal element and durable new protection Film.


1) Newly developed Thick-Film fast response thermal element is employed for this series and 6 inches/s or 150 mm/s is possible without thermal history control. It is possible to print 10 inches/s or 250 mm/s if external thermal history control is used.

2) 150km life realized by attributing durable new protection Film.

3) New partial glaze construction makes it compatible with the thermal transfer application.

4) Market-proven G-series printhead construction ensures high reliability.


High speed label printer

High speed bar code printer

High speed ticket printer

Various high speed terminal printers

Part Name(s) : MDP1645D04 MDP1645E04 MDP1646D04 MDP1646E04 MDP1645 MDP1646 Vishay
Vishay Semiconductors
Description : Thick Film Resistor Networks, Dual-In-Line, Molded DIP View

• 0.190" [4.83mm] maximum seated height
• Rugged, molded case construction
• Low temperature coefficient (- 55°C to + 125°C),
   MDP 1645: ± 100ppm/°C, MDP 1646: ± 250ppm/°C
• Compatible with automatic insertion equipment
• Highly stable Thick Film
• Reduces PC board space and reduces total assembly costs
• Available in tube pack

Part Name(s) : RC0805 RC0805F103-XX RC0805F103-XX-TR70 RC0805J103-XX RC0805J103-XX-TR70 RC0805J RC0805F TAITRON
TAITRON Components Incorporated

Thick Film Chip Resistor – General Purpose

• Small and light weight
• Excellent heat resistance and moisture resistance
• Suitable size and packaging for surface mount assembly
• RoHS Compliant

• For general purpose applications
• For laptop and notebook computer, memory module, digital camera and telecommunication equipment

Part Name(s) : RTO020FR680JE0T3 RTO20 RTO20CU685XXXTU50E3 RTO20FU685XXXTU50E3 RTO020F48R70FTE3 RTO020F48R70GTE3 RTO020F48R70JTE3 RTO020F48R70KTE3 RTO020F48701FTE3 RTO020F48701GTE3 Vishay
Vishay Semiconductors
Description : 20 W Power Resistor, Thick Film Technology, TO-220 View

• 20 W at 25 °C heatsink mounted
• High Power dissipation to size ratio
• Wide resistance range from 0.01  to 550 k
• Negligible inductance
• Easy mounting
• TO-220 package: compact and easy to mount
• Material categorization: for definitions of compliance please see www.vishay.com/doc?99912 Two versions of this Thick Film resistor are available:
• A radial leaded version for PCB mounting
• A flat lead version for surface mounting

Part Name(s) : FX3090 CML
CML Microsystems Plc
Description : Thick-Film hybrid delta modulation encoder and decoder View

Thick-Film hybrid delta modulation encoder and decoder

Part Name(s) : KF3008-GR16A ROHM
ROHM Semiconductor
Description : Thick Film thermal printhead View

KF3008-GR16A is a Thick Film thermal head developed for A4 size printer for use with Kiosk & ATM terminals.


1) A new pin connector structure greatly reduces the size and weight.

2) Print material’s feeding stability increased thanks to the cover when printing.

3) Good printing easily attained thanks to big platen (Max. φ25mm) compliance.

4) Thick Film type with glazed components provides good printing quality even on rough paper.


Kiosk and ATM printers, Ticket printer, portable printer and various type of measurement mstruments printers.


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