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Part Name(s) : ADM1184 ADM1184ARMZ ADM1184ARMZ-REEL7 ADI
Analog Devices
Description : 0.8% Accurate Quad Voltage Monitor View

The ADM1184 is an integrated, 4-channel Voltage-Monitoring device. A 2.7 V to 5.5 V power supply is required on the VCC pin to power the device.
The ADM1184 is available in a 10-lead mini small outline Package (MSOP).

   Powered from 2.7 V to 5.5 V on the VCC pin
   Monitors 4 supplies via 0.8% accurate comparators
   4 inputs can be programmed to Monitor different Voltage
      levels with external resistor dividers
   3 open-drain enable outputs (OUT1, OUT2, and OUT3)
   Open-drain power-good output (PWRGD)
   internal 190 ms delay associated with assertion of PWRGD
   10-lead MSOP

   Monitor and alarm functions
   Microprocessor systems

Part Name(s) : MAX6338AUB MAX6338BUB MAX6338CUB MAX6338DUB MAX6338EUB MAX6338FUB MAX6338GUB MAX6338HUB MAX6338IUB MAX6338JUB MaximIC
Maxim Integrated
Description : Quad Voltage Monitor in µMAX Package View

General Description
The MAX6338 Quad Voltage Monitor is capable of Monitoring up to four supplies without any external components. A variety of factory-trimmed threshold Voltages and supply tolerances are available to optimize the MAX6338 for specific applications. The selection includes input options for Monitoring +5.0V, +3.3V, +3.0V, +2.5V, +1.8V, and -5.0V Voltages. An additional high-input impedance comparator option can be used as an adjustable Voltage Monitor, general-purpose comparator, or digital level translator.

Monitors Four Voltages (Factory Programmed or User Adjustable)
    +5.0V, +3.3V, +3.0V, +2.5V, +1.8V, -5.0V (nominal) or User-Adjustable Settings
♦ Low 25µA Supply Current
♦ Four independent, Open-Drain, Active-Low Outputs
♦ +2.5V to +5.5V Supply Voltage Range
♦ Guaranteed from -40°C to +85°C
♦ No External Components Required
♦ Small 10-Pin µMAX Package

    High-End Printers
    Desktop and Notebook Computers
    Data Storage Equipment
    Networking Equipment
    industrial Equipment
    Set-Top Boxes

Part Name(s) : MAX6700 MAX6700UT MAX6710 MAX6710AUT MAX6710AUT_T MAX6710BUT MAX6710BUT_T MAX6710CUT MAX6710CUT_T MAX6710DUT MaximIC
Maxim Integrated
Description : Low-Voltage, High-Accuracy, Triple/Quad Voltage µP Supervisory Circuits in SOT Package View

General Description

The MAX6700/MAX6710 precision triple/Quad Voltage microprocessor (µP) supervisory circuits Monitor up to four system-supply Voltages and assert a single reset if any supply Voltage drops below its preset threshold. These devices significantly reduce system size and com ponent count while improving reliability compared to separate ICs or discrete components.


Monitor Up to Four Power-Supply Voltages

♦Precision Factory-Set Reset Threshold Options for 5.0V, 3.3V, 3.0V, 2.5V, and 1.8V Supplies

♦Adjustable Voltage Threshold Monitors Down to 0.62V with 1.5% Accuracy

♦Low 35µA Supply Current

Part Name(s) : 28023R12Z 28023R60Z ISL28023 ISL28023FR12Z ISL28023FR60Z Intersil
Description : Precision Digital Power Monitor with Margining / 24 Ld QFN Package View

The ISL28023is a bidirectional high-side and low-side digital current sense and Voltage Monitor with a serial interface. The device Monitors power supply current, Voltage and provides the digital results along with calculated power. The ISL28023 provides tight accuracy of 0.05% for both Voltage and current Monitoring. The auxiliary input provides an additional power Monitor function.

intersil/882350-DI1.gif" />

Part Name(s) : ASC7531A ASC7531B ASC7531AM10 ASC7531BM10 ETC2
Description : LOW-Voltage 1-WIRE DIGITAL TEMPERATURE SENSOR AND Voltage Monitor View


Product Description
The aSC7531 is a high-precision CMOS temperature sensor and Voltage Monitor with Simple Serial Transport (SST) compatible serial digital interface, intended for use in PC hardware Monitor applications.

• On-chip and remote temperature sensors
• Accuracy:
    o +/- 3°C over operational range
    o internal +/- 2°C over 40°C to 70°C
    o Remote +/- 1°C over 50°C to 70°C
• Operational Range: -40°C to 125°C
• Temperature resolution: 0.125°C
Voltage Monitoring of 12V, 5V, 3.3V, 2.5V and Vccp to +/- 2% accuracy, 7.8mV resolution
• 1-wire SST serial interface
• Negotiable SST signaling rate up to 2-Mbps
internally corrected for diode non-ideality and series resistance
• 3-state address pin sets one of 3 SST bus address 0x48 through 0x4A
• 10-lead MSOP Package
• MSL-1 per JEDEC J-STD-020C
• Pb-free Matte Sn lead finish & RoHS Compliant Packages

    Desktop and Notebook Computers

Part Name(s) : UC1904 UC1904DW UC1904J UC1904N UC1904Q UC2904 UC2904DW UC2904DWTR UC2904J UC2904N TI
Texas Instruments
Description : Precision Quad Supply and Line Monitor View


The UC1904 Quad Supply Monitor will respond to under- and over-Voltage conditions on up to four continuously Monitored Voltage levels. Four independent positive Voltages can be Monitored or, alternatively, two of the sense inputs are preset to Monitor -5V and -12V supplies. The device also Monitors Over-Current and Line Sense inputs, both with precision input thresholds.

The OV-UV fault window is adjustable with a programming input. The thresholds are centered around the precision 2.5V reference, with a scaled hysteresis for precise, glitch free operation. in the positive mode of operation, the fault windows at each of the sense inputs can be independently scaled using external resistors and the 2.5V reference output. An Auto Restart function couples with the under-Voltage and line sensing circuits to allow controlled power supply start-up and shutdown.

This device will operate over a supply range of 4.75V to 18V. The device is available in a DIP, SOIC, or PLCC outline. This device is ESD protected on all pins.


inputs for Monitoring Up to Four Supply Voltages

• Two inputs Preset for -5V and -12V Monitoring, or Programmable Positive Levels

• Precision 2.5V Reference

• Separate inputs for Over-Current and Line Fault Sensing

• Adjustable Under- to Over-Voltage Fault Windows

• Latched Over-Voltage and Over-Current Output

• Power Good and Power Warning Outputs

• Auto Restart Function with ON/OFF Control, and Programmable Delay

• Programmable Pwr On Reset Delay


Part Name(s) : ADT7485A ADT7485AARMZ ADT7485AARMZ-R ADT7485AARMZ-R7 ON-Semiconductor
ON Semiconductor
Description : Temperature Sensor and Voltage Monitor with Simple Serial Transport View

Temperature Sensor and Voltage Monitor with Simple Serial Transport

The ADT7485A is a digital temperature sensor and Voltage Monitor for use in PC applications with Simple Serial Transport (SST) interface. It can Monitor its own temperature as well as the temperature of a remote sensor diode. It can also Monitor four external Voltage channels and its own supply Voltage. The ADT7485A is controlled by a single SST bidirectional data line. This device is a fixed−address SST client where the target address is chosen by the state of the address pin, ADD.


• 1 On−Chip Temperature Sensor

• 1 Remote Temperature Sensor

Monitors Up to 5.0 Voltages

• SST interface

• This is a Pb−Free Device


• Personal Computers

• Portable Personal Devices

industrial Sensor Nets


Part Name(s) : BQ25703A BQ25703ARSNR BQ25703ARSNT Texas-Instruments
Texas Instruments
Description : I2C Multi-Chemistry Battery Buck-Boost Charge Controller With System Power Monitor and Processor Hot Monitor View

The bq25703A is a synchronous NVDC battery buckboost charge controller, offering low component count, high efficiency solution for space-constraint, multi-chemistry battery charging applications. The NVDC-1 configuration allows the system to be regulated at battery Voltage, but not drop below system minimum Voltage. The system keeps operating even when the battery is completely discharged or removed. When load power exceeds input source rating, the battery goes into supplement mode and prevents the input source from being overloaded. The bq25703A charges battery from a wide range of input sources including USB adapter, high Voltage USB PD sources and traditional adapters.

• Charge 1- to 4-Cell Battery From Wide Range of input Sources
   – 3.5-V to 24-V input Operating Voltage
   – Supports USB2.0, USB 3.0, USB 3.1 (Type C), and USB_PD input Current Settings
   – Seamless Transition Between Buck and Boost Operation
   – input Current and Voltage Regulation (IDPM and VDPM) Against Source Overload
• Power/Current Monitor for CPU Throttling
   – Comprehensive PROCHOT Profile, IMVP8 Compliant
   – input and Battery Current Monitor
   – System Power Monitor, IMVP8 Compliant
• Narrow-VDC (NVDC) Power Path Management
   – instant-On With No Battery or Deeply Discharged Battery
   – Battery Supplements System When Adapter is Fully-Loaded
   – Ideal Diode Operation in Supplement Mode
• Power Up USB Port From Battery (USB OTG)
   – Output 4.48-V to 20.8-V Compatible With USB PD
   – Output Current Limit up to 6.35 A
• 800-kHz or 1.2-MHz Programmable Switching Frequency for 1-µH to 2.2-µH Low Profile inductor
• Host Control interface for Flexible System Configuration
   – I2C (bq25703A) Port for Optimal System Performance and Status Reporting
   – Hardware Pin to Set input Current Limit Without EC Control
• High Accuracy Regulation and Monitor
   – ±0.5% Charge Voltage Regulation
   – ±2% input/Charge Current Regulation
   – ±2% input/Charge Current Monitor
   – ±5% Power Monitor
• Safety
   – Thermal Shutdown
   – input, System, Battery OverVoltage Protection
   – MOSFET inductor Overcurrent Protection
• Low Battery Quiescent Current
input Current Optimizer (ICO) to Extract Max input Power
• Charge Any Battery Chemistry: Li+, LiFePO4, NiCd, NiMH, Lead Acid
Package: 32-Pin 4 × 4 WQFN

• Drones, Bluetooth Speakers, IP Cameras, Detachable, and Tablet PCs and Power Bank
industrial and Medical Equipment
• Portable Equipment With Rechargeable Batteries

Part Name(s) : VEF44A National-Semiconductor
National ->Texas Instruments
Description : 44 Lead (10mm x 10mm) Molded Plastic Quad Flat Package View

44 Lead (10mm x 10mm) Molded Plastic Quad Flat Package, EIAJ NS Package Number VEF44A

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