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Part Name(s) : SSW-524 Stanford-Microdevices
Stanford Microdevices
Description : DC - 8 GHz GaAs MMIC SPST Switch View

DC - 8 GHz GaAs MMIC SPST Switch

Part Name(s) : SSW-524 STANFORD
Stanford Microdevices
Description : DC - 8 GHz GaAs MMIC SPST Switch View

DC - 8 GHz GaAs MMIC SPST Switch

Part Name(s) : NJG1804K64 NJG1804K64-TE1 JRC
Japan Radio Corporation
Description : SP3T Switch GaAs MMIC View

The NJG1804K64 is a GaAs SP3T Switch MMIC which is suitable for WLAN(802.11a/b/g/n/ac) and Bluetooth applications. This MMIC Switches between a common RF port and three RF ports by three control voltages. The NJG1804K64 features very low insertion loss, high isolation at wide frequency range up to 6.0GHz. The ultra small and ultra thin DFN8-64 package is adopted.

● Low control voltage VCTL(H)=1.9V to 5.0V
● Low insertion Loss 0.50dB typ. @f=2.4 to 2.5GHz, 0.60dB typ. @f=4.9 to 5.9GHz
● High isolation 30dB typ. @f=2.4 to 2.5GHz, 26dB typ. @f=4.9 to 5.9GHz
● Ultra small & ultra thin package DFN8-64 (Package size: 1.5 x 1.5 x 0.375mm)
● RoHS compliant and Halogen free, MSL1

- 802.11a/b/g/n/ac WLAN applications
- Bluetooth
- General purpose Switching applications

Part Name(s) : NJG1519KC1 JRC
Japan Radio Corporation
Description : SP4T Switch GaAs MMIC View

NJG1519KC1 is a GaAs high power SP4T Switch MMIC for antenna Switch of dual mode cellular phone application such as GSM/DCS1800.
This Switch is designed for an antenna Switch between an antenna and one of two Tx ports or two Rx ports to control RF signals up to 2.5GHz.
The ultra small & ultra thin FLP10 package is applied.

● Low voltage operation     +2.5V min
● Pin at 0.2dB compression point  36dBm typ. @f=1.9GHz, VCTL=3V
● Low insertion loss 0.55dB typ. @f=0.9GHz, PIN=34dBm, VCTL=3V
                                 0.80dB typ. @f=1.9GHz, PIN=32dBm, VCTL=3V
● High isolation 24dB typ. @f=0.9GHz, VCTL=3V
                          18dB typ. @f=1.9GHz, VCTL=3V
● Low control current   30uA typ. @f=0.9GHz, PIN=34dBm, VCTL=3V
● Ultra small & ultra thin package    FLP10-C1 (Mount Size: 2.8x3.0x0.75mm)

Part Name(s) : HWS303 Hexawave
Hexawave, Inc
Description : GaAs MMIC SPDT Switch View

Package Description
The HWS303 is a GaAs MMIC SPDT Switch in a low cost SOT-363 plastic package. The HWS303 features low insertion loss with very low DC power consumption. This general purpose Switch can be used in analog and digital wireless communication systems.

• Low Insertion Loss: 0.35 dB @ 2 GHz
• Isolation: 25 dB @ 2 GHz
• P1dB: +26 dBm Typical @ +3V
• IP3: 43 dBm
• Low DC Power Consumption
• Low Cost SOT-363 Plastic

Part Name(s) : NJG1505 NJG1505R NJG1505R-C1 NJG1505R-C2 NJG1505R-C3 NJG1505R-C4 NJG1505R-C5 JRC
Japan Radio Corporation
Description : SPDT Switch GaAs MMIC View

NJG1505R is a GaAs SPDT Switch  MMIC  which  features high isolation and low lossand ideally suitable for Switching transmit/receiving signal of synthesizer.

This Switch  is operated in the  wide frequency range from 1MHz to 3GHzat low voltage operation from 2.5Vwith very small VSP8 package.

Part Name(s) : HMC132C8 HMC132C8 Hittite
Hittite Microwave
Description : GaAs MMIC SMT HIGH-ISOLATION SPDT Switch, DC - 8 GHz View

General Description
The HMC132C8 is a suRFace mount, low cost, non-hermetic packaged version of the HMC132G7 MMIC SPDT Switch. The device is a fast, broadband SPDT Switch featuring high (> 42 dB) isolation over the entire band. The Switch is non-reflective at both RF1 and RF2 ports. Applications for this device include T/R Switching for 5.2 GHz UNII, 5.8 GHz ISM circuits, WLAN, and S,C and X-Band Telecom radios.

    HIGH ISOLATION : > 50 dB

Part Name(s) : NBB-310 NBB-310-D NBB-310-PCBA-41X NBB-310-T1 RFMD
RF Micro Devices

Product Description

The NBB-310 cascadable broadband InGaP/GaAs MMIC amplifier is a low-cost, high-performance solution for general purpose RF and microwave amplification needs. This 50Ωgain block is based on a reliable HBT proprietary MMIC design, providing unsurpassed performance for small-signal applications.


„Reliable, Low-Cost HBT Design

13dB Gain

High P1dB of +15.2dBm at 6GHz

Single Power Supply Operation

50 Ω I/O Matched for High Freq. Use

Part Name(s) : CXG1131ER Sony
Sony Semiconductor
Description : High Power 3 × 5 Antenna Switch MMIC with Integrated Control Logic View

The CXG1131ER is a high power antenna Switch MMIC for PDC full packet 1.5GHz handsets. This IC is suited to connect Tx/Rx/duplexer to one of 4 antennas. The CXG1131ER has on-chip logic circuit for operation with 4 CMOS inputs. The Sonys GaAs J-FET process is used for low insertion loss and low voltage operation.

• Low insertion loss: 1.0dB @1.5GHz
• High linearity: Harmonic < – 65dBc
• CMOS compatible input control
• Small package: 24-pin VQFN (4.0mm × 4.0mm)

    3 × 5 antenna Switch for digital cellular such as PDC handsets

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