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Part Name(s) : S5L5025X04-Q0 S5L5025X04Q0 Samsung
Description : SAMSUNG / DVD Player Processor, QFP, S5L5025X04Q0 View
DVD Player Processor, QFP, S5L5025X04-Q0, SAMSUNG semiconductor
Part Name(s) : SST89E516RD2-33-C-TQI SST89E516RD2-33-C-TQJ SST89E516RD2-33-I-TQI SST89E516RD2-33-I-TQJ SST89E516RD2-44-C-NI SST89E516RD2-44-C-NIE SST89E516RD2-44-C-NIF SST89E516RD2-44-C-NJ SST89E516RD2-44-C-NJE SST89E516RD2-44-C-NJF SST
Silicon Storage Technology
Description : FlashFlex MCU View


The SST89E516RDx and SST89V516RDx are members of the FlashFlex family of 8-bit microcontroller products designed and manufactured with SST’s patented and proprietary SuperFlash CMOS semiconductor process technology. The split-gate cell design and thick-oxide tunneling injector offer significant costand reliability benefits for SST’s customers. The devices use the 8051 instruction set and are pin-for-pin compatible with standard 8051 microcontrol ler devices.


• 8-bit 8051-Compatible Microcontroller (MCU) with Embedded SuperFlash Memory

– Fully Software Compatible

– Development Toolset Compatible

– Pin-For-Pin Package Compatible

• SST89E516RD2 Operation

– 0 to 40 MHz at 5V

• SST89V516RD2 Operation

– 0 to 33 MHz at 3V

• 1 KByte Internal RAM

• Dual Block SuperFlash EEPROM

– 64 KByte primary block + 8 KByte secondary block (128-Byte sector size for both blocks)

– Individual Block Security Lock with SoftLock

– Concurrent Operation during In-Application Programming (IAP)

– Memory Overlay for Interrupt Support during IAP

• Support External Address Range up to 64 KByte of Program and Data Memory

• Three High-Current Drive Ports (16 mA each)

• Three 16-bit Timers/Counters

• Full-Duplex, Enhanced UART

– Framing Error Detection

– Automatic Address Recognition

• Ten Interrupt Sources at 4 Priority Levels

– Four External Interrupt Inputs

• Programmable Watchdog Timer (WDT)

• Programmable Counter Array (PCA)

• Four 8-bit I/O Ports (32 I/O Pins) and One 4-bit Port

• Second DPTR register

• Low EMI Mode (Inhibit ALE)

• SPI Serial Interface

• Standard 12 Clocks per cycle, the device has an option to double the speed to 6 clocks per cycle.

• TTL- and CMOS-Compatible Logic Levels

• Brown-out Detection

• Low Power Modes

– Power-down Mode with External Interrupt Wake-up

– Idle Mode

• Temperature Ranges:

– Commercial (0°C to +70°C)

– Industrial (-40°C to +85°C)

• Packages Available

– 40-contact WQFN (Port 4 feature not available)

44-lead PLCC

– 40-pin PDIP (Port 4 feature not available)

44-lead TQFP

• All non-Pb (lead-free) devices are RoHS compliant

Part Name(s) : KLM4G1EEHM-B101 KLM8G2EEHM-B101 KLMAG4EEHM-B101 KLMBG8EEHM-B101 Samsung
Description : SAMSUNG moviNAND View

The SAMSUNG moviNAND is an embedded MMC solution designed in a BGA package form.

moviNAND operation is identical to a MMC card and therefore is a simple read and write to memory using MMC protocol v4.3 which is a industry standard.

Capacities moviNAND Part ID NAND Flash Type
4GB KLM4G1EEHM-B101 32Gb MLC x 1
8GB KLM8G2EEHM-B101 32Gb MLC x 2
16GB KLMAG4EEHM-B101 32Gb MLC x 4
32GB KLMBG8EEHM-B101 32Gb MLC x 8

moviNAND consists of NAND flash and a MMCcontroller. 3V supply voltage is required for the NAND area (VDDF) whereas 1.8V or 3V dual supply voltage (VDD) is supported for the MMC controller.

SAMSUNG/853539-DI1.gif" >

SAMSUNG/853539-DI2.gif" >

Part Name(s) : XR82C684 XR82C684CJ XR82C684CJ-0A-EVB XR82C684CJ-F XR82C684CJ/44 XR82C684CJ/44-0A-EB XR82C684CJ/44-F XR82C684CJTR-F XR82C684CJTR/44-F XR82C684J Exar
Exar Corporation
Description : CMOS Quad Channel UART (QUART) View

CMOS Quad Channel UART (QUART)

Part Name(s) : KA9258D Samsung
Description : MOTOR DRIVER View

SAMSUNG/898016-DI1.gif" data-cke-saved-src="http://www.datasheetbank.com/detail-image1/SAMSUNG/898016-DI1.gif">

Part Name(s) : KA2411 KA2410 Samsung
Description : Telephone View

SAMSUNG/902670-DI1.gif" data-cke-saved-src="http://www.datasheetbank.com/detail-image1/SAMSUNG/902670-DI1.gif">

Part Name(s) : KA8301 Samsung
Description : MOTOR DRIVER FOR VTR View

SAMSUNG/190998-DI1.gif" data-cke-saved-src="http://www.datasheetbank.com/detail-image1/SAMSUNG/190998-DI1.gif">

Part Name(s) : NE556C NE556CN Samsung
Description : DUAL TIMER View

SAMSUNG/899815-DI1.gif" data-cke-saved-src="http://www.datasheetbank.com/detail-image1/SAMSUNG/899815-DI1.gif">

Part Name(s) : SEM2005 Samsung
Description : Halfbrige Inverter Driver IC View

SAMSUNG/142183-DI1.gif" data-cke-saved-src="http://www.datasheetbank.com/detail-image1/SAMSUNG/142183-DI1.gif">

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