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Part Name(s) : L135 L250 L400
Gilway Technical Lamp
Description : T-1 Mini-Max flashlight Lamps

T-1 Mini-Max flashlight Lamps

Part Name(s) : LC7958NC LC7958
SANYO -> Panasonic
Description : CMOS IC 64-Bit LED driver for 300 dpi Printers

LC7958NC is a 64-bit constant current LED driver IC designed to directly drive LED head array.
The output terminals for LED drive are arranged in 2-row staggered position of 80-µm pitch at one side. It enables drive of LED Array of 300-dpi in one side disposition, 600dpi in both sides disposition.

Features and Functions
• Logic voltage (VDD): +5 V ± 10 %
LED drive current (IOH): 5.0 mA (TYP)
• Clock frequency (fc): 10 MHz
• Output current control circuit built in
• Mode switching function by the SEL pin
• Chip size:  1.43 mm × 5.39 mm
• Number of pads: 86
• 64-bit shift register circuit
• 64-bit latch  circuit
• Output driver on/off switching function
• Constant current circuit
• 64-bit p-channel open drain LED driver

International Rectifier

The IRS2548D is a fully integrated, fully protected 600V LED or switched mode power supply control IC with integrated PFC control for a Boost pre-regulator. The IRS2548D is based on the popular IRS2168D electronic ballast control IC re-designed for use in LED driver or half-bridge power supply applications. The PFC circuitry operates in critical conduction mode and provides high PF, low THD and DC bus regulation.

• PFC, system control and half-bridge driver in one IC
• Critical-conduction mode boost-type PFC
• Programmable PFC over-current protection
• Half Bridge driver
• Half Bridge Over Current Protection
• Variable Frequency Oscillator
• Fixed internal 1.6us HO and LO deadtime
• Internal bootstrap MOSFET
• Internal 15.6V zener clamp diode on Vcc
• Micropower startup (250µA)
• Latch immunity and ESD protection

Typical Applications
• Isolated LED drivers
• Power Supplies

Part Name(s) : MIC2870 MIC2870YFT
Description : 1.5A Synchronous Boost Flash LED driver with I2C Interface

General Description
The MIC2870 is a high-current, high-efficiency flash LED driver for one or two high-brightness camera flash LEDs.
The LED driver current is generated by an integrated inductive boost converter with 2MHz switching frequency which allows the use of a very-small inductor and output capacitor. These features make the MIC2870 an ideal solution for high-resolution camera phone LED flashlight driver applications.

• Up to 1.5A flash LED driving current
    − 2.7V to 5.0V input voltage range
• High-efficiency 2MHz VF adaptive boost driver
• Configurable 1 or 2 channel(s) WLED driver
LED driving current soft-start
• Control through I2C interface or external pins
• Flash inhibit function for GSM pulse synchronization
• True load disconnect
• Flash time-out protection
• 1µA shutdown current
• Available in 16-pin 2mm × 2mm TQFN package

• Camera phones/mobile handsets
• Cellular phones/smart phones
LED light for image capture/auto focus/white balance
• Handset video light (torch light)
• Digital cameras
• Portable applications

International Rectifier
Description : LED driver CONTROL IC

The IRS2980S utilizes International Rectifiers control and high-voltage technologies to realize a simple, high-performance Buck LED driver solution. This solution is based on hysteretic output current regulation typically operating from 25 kHz to 120 kHz. Frequency and duty cycle vary to maintain a tightly regulated average output current over variations in line and load. Output current ripple will depend on inductor selection in conjunction with input and output voltages as well as output current and component selection. The IRS2980S uses a unique floating high side differential current sense and level shift scheme allowing hysteretic operation with a low side switching MOSFET optimizing size and cost. In addition, the IRS2980S includes a high voltage regulator able to operate up to 450V eliminating the need for an external VCC supply. A PWM dimming interface is also included that can be controlLED from a 0 to 2V analog or 3.3 or 5V logic control signal able to operate up to 1kHz offering brightness control from 0 to 100%. A programmable on board PWM oscillator is used with DC dimming control.

IC Features
• Dimming LED driver controller
• Hysteretic Current Regulation
• Closed-loop LED current dimming control
• Analog/PWM Dimming Input
• Internal High Voltage Regulator
• Internal 15.6V zener clamp diode on Vcc
• Micropower startup (250μA)
• Latch immunity and ESD protection

LED driver System Features
• Single chip dimming solution
• Simple LED current dimming control method
• No external protection circuits required (fully internal)
• Low external component count
• Easy to use for fast design cycle time
• Increased manufacturability and reliability

Typical applications
LED incandescent/CFL replacement lamps
LED driver module

Description : FLASH LIGHT LED driver


The AMC7123/4 is member of ADDM North Star White/Blue LED driver family. No external

component is required. Especially good for use flashlight LED driver. The special circuit design

provides over 90% efficiency in low noise. The AMC7123/4 is Integrated with 2 control pins for

LEDs driving current control.  


No external component required. 

Programmable output current control by ENL, ENH.

120mA LED driving capability. 

Output short / open circuit protection. 

1 channel, 3 channels available in MSOP-8 package.

High efficiency.

Thermal Shutdown protection.

Supply voltage range 2.7V ~ 6V

0.1uA Shut-Down current

Advanced Bi-CMOS process.

Part Name(s) : BD8105FV BD8105FV-E2
ROHM Semiconductor
Description : Power Management IC Series for Automotive Body Control(LED driver)

Power Management IC Series for Automotive Body Control(LED driver)


The BD8105FV is a serial parallel control LED driver with 35V input voltage rating.

Responding to the 3-line serial data, it turns the 12ch open drain output on/off.

Due to its compact size, it is optimal for small spaces.


 1)  Open Drain Output

 2)  3-line Serial Control + Enable Signal

 3)  Internal Temperature Protection Circuit (TSD)

 4)  Cascade Connection Compatible

 5) SSOP-B20W

 6)  Internal 12ch Power Transistor


These ICs can be used with car and consumer electronic.

Supertex Inc
Description : LED driver IC with Average-Mode Constant Current Control

General Description

The HV9803 is an open loop average-mode current control LED driver IC operating in a constant off-time mode. The IC features ±2% current accuracy, tight line and load regulation of the LED current without any need for loop compensation or high-side current sensing. Its auto-zero circuit cancels the effect of both the input offset voltage and the propagation delay in the current sense comparator.


►Fast average current control

►Correction for propagation delay and offset volta

►Fixed off-time switching mode

►Linear dimming input

►PWM dimming input

►Output short circuit protection with programmable skip mode

►Input under-voltage shutdown


►Backlighting of LCD Panels

Part Name(s) : BA618
ROHM Semiconductor
Description : LED driver

LED driver

The BA618 is an IC developed for driving 7-segment LED displays, and contains seven positive logic circuits. Input and output are directed in the same direction by DIP Pin 16, with the layout optimized to facilitate mounting.

Part Name(s) : SM8135A SM8135AB
Nippon Precision Circuits
Description : White LED driver IC


The SM8135A is a charge pump type white LED driver. It can drive 1 to 4 backlight white LED connected in parallel, making it ideal for portable devices with small LCD. The charge pump switches between ×1 bypass mode, ×1.5 and ×2 boost mode in response to LED drive current requirements. The boost switching occurs in response to the drive current of all the connected LED and thus supports variations in LED forward-bias volt age drop (VF). Besides, the detection of switching is repeated in approx. 1sec-cycle by mode reset action, the SM8135A can respond to temporary variation of supply voltage. These ingenuities on switching detection can prolong the battery life to the fullest extent. Each LED drive current is controlLED by a 4-channel LED drive

current control circuit. The LED drive current per channel is setup by external resistor. Moreover, the PWM signal control of EN pin can realize nonstep brightness control (10% to 100%). The IC ON/OFF is controlLED by EN pin.


■ Battery life extension by automatic charge pump switch between ×1, ×1.5 and ×2 according to the detection of the LED drive current

■ Controlling 1 to 4 lights of white LED connected in parallel

■ Set up LED drive current value by external resistor (120kΩ: 20mA/ch)

■ 1-wire input controlling

■ ON/OFF and brightness control by PWM signal controlling of EN pin (10 to 100%)

■ Soft start circuit built-in

■ Thermal shut down circuit built-in

■ Input voltage range

    No-load current (IOUT= 0mA): 2.7 to 4.6V

    Load current (IOUT= 80mA): 3.0 to 4.6V

■ Maximum output voltage: 4.9V (typ)

■ Maximum output current: 80mA (typ)

■ Quiescent current

    Not-switching (×1 mode): 0.3mA (typ)

    Switching (×1.5 mode): 1.5mA (typ)

    Switching (×2 mode): 1.5mA (typ)

■ Standby current: 0.01µA (typ)

■ Operating frequency: 1MHz (typ)

LED drive current accuracy between channel

(REST = 120kΩ): ± 5% (max)

■ Package: 16-pin QFN


■ Cellular phone


■ Portable games

■ Handy terminal

■ Digital still camera

■ Digital video camera

■ LCD panel back light

■ White LED driving

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