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Part Name(s) : STK795-821
SANYO -> Panasonic
SANYO -> Panasonic
Description : STK795-821 Sanyo Module

Description : Single Chip 2.4GHz Transceiver


The nRF24L01+ is a single chip 2.4GHz transceiver with an embedded baseband protocol engine (Enhanced ShockBurst™), suitable for ultra low power wireless applications. The nRF24L01+ is designed for operation in the world wide ISM frequency band at 2.400 - 2.4835GHz.

Key Features
• Worldwide 2.4GHz ISM band operation
• 250kbps, 1Mbps and 2Mbps on air data rates
• Ultra low power operation
• 11.3mA TX at 0dBm output power
• 13.5mA RX at 2Mbps air data rate
• 900nA in power down
• 26µA in standby-I
• On chip voltage regulator
• 1.9 to 3.6V supply range
• Enhanced ShockBurst™
• Automatic packet handling
• Auto packet transaction handling
• 6 data pipe MultiCeiver™
• Drop-in compatibility with nRF24L01
• On-air compatible in 250kbps and 1Mbps with nRF2401A, nRF2402, nRF24E1 and nRF24E2
• Low cost BOM
• ±60ppm 16MHz crystal
• 5V tolerant inputs
• Compact 20-pin 4x4mm QFN package

• Wireless PC Peripherals
• Mouse, keyboards and remotes
• 3-in-1 desktop bundles
• Advanced Media center remote controls
• VoIP headsets
• Game controllers
• Sports watches and sensors
• RF remote controls for consumer electronics
• Home and commercial automation
• Ultra low power sensor networks
• Active RFID
• Asset tracking systems
• Toys

Part Name(s) : STK5441
SANYO -> Panasonic
SANYO -> Panasonic
Description : STK5441 [SANYO]

STK5441 [SANYO] 

Part Name(s) : LA47201
SANYO -> Panasonic
SANYO -> Panasonic
Description : LA47201 Sanyo ZIP
Description : Sanyo Laser Diode Range


Laser Diodes

Sanyo currently markets AIGaAs infrared laser diodes in the 780-870 nm wavelength. They are suitable for a wide range of applications including CDs, DVDs, bar code scanners, laser pointers, printers, multimedia and other future optical equipment

Examples of applications
    LP: Laser Pointer, LBP: Laser Beam Printers, BS: Bar-code Scanner, LM: Line Marker, ME: Measuring Equipment
    CD: Compact Disc, CD-ROM, CD-RD, DVD: Digital Video Disc, OD: Optical Disc memory.

SANYO -> Panasonic
SANYO -> Panasonic
Description : STK412-770 Sanyo IMST Hybrid Amplifiers / 22Pin

Part Name(s) : LA4440
SANYO -> Panasonic
SANYO -> Panasonic
Description : 6W 2-channel, bridge 19W power amplifier / Sanyo : SIP14H

• Built-in 2 channels (dual) enabling use in stereo and bridge amplifier applications.

Dual : 6W×2 (typ.)

Bridge : 19W (typ.)

• Minimun number of external parts required.

• Small pop noise at the time of power supply ON/OFF and good starting balance.

• Good ripple rejection : 46dB (typ.)

• Good channel separation.

• Small residual noise (Rg=0).

• Low distortion over a wide range from low frequencies to

high frequencies.

• Easy to design radiator fin.

• Built-in audio muting function.

• Built-in protectors.

a. Thermal protector

b. Overvoltage, surge voltage protector

c. Pin-to-pin short protector


Part Name(s) : LM8361
SANYO -> Panasonic
SANYO -> Panasonic
Description : P-MOS LSI / Dual - Alarm Digital Clock / Sanyo DIP 40


SANYO -> Panasonic
SANYO -> Panasonic
Description : STK403-130 / 2 channels AF power amplifier / Sanyo / 15 Pins



Description : 2-ch DC/DC Converter IC with Overcurrent Protection

The MB39A104 is a 2-channel DC/DC converter IC using pulse width modulation (PWM), incorporating an overcurrent protection circuit (requiring no current sense resistor). This IC is ideal for down conversion.
Operating at high frequency reduces the value of coil.
This is ideal for built-in power supply such as LCD monitors and ADSL.
This product is covered by US Patent Number 6,147,477.

• Built-in timer-latch overcurrent protection circuit (requiring no current sense resistor)
• Power supply voltage range : 7 V to 19 V
• Reference voltage : 5.0 V ± 1 %
• Error amplifier threshold voltage : 1.24 V ± 1 %
• High-frequency operation capability : 1.5 MHz (Max)
• Built-in standby function: 0 µA (Typ)
• Built-in soft-start circuit independent of loads
• Built-in totem-pole type output for P-ch MOS FET
• One type of package (SSOP-24 pin : 1 type)

• LCD monitor/panel
• IP phone
• Printer
• Video capture etc.

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