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Part Name(s) : 20413 20413L 20413MR 20600 20600D 20601F 20601L 20602F 20602L 20603/5 TI
Texas Instruments
Description : Snap-Action Automatic and Manual reset Fixed Temperature Thermostats View

Klixon® thermostats have been in production for over 50 years. The 20413, 20600, and 20650 series thermostats are especially designed ed for applications where space, capacity and ease of assembly are important production factors. They are fixed-setting, Snap-acting, automatic or manual reset temperature controls that are ideal for such applications as: air conditioners, heating and ventilating equipment, vending machines, dryers, unit heaters, tabletop appliances, etc.

Key Features
• Klixon Snap-Action bimetal disc assures positive make/break Action.
• Available with surface, thru-wall,well or cavity-type mountings
• Temperature setting factory calibrated to your specifications
• High capacity – up to 30 amps at 120, 240, and 277 VAC resistive.
• Extra high capacity – up to 40 amps at 120 and 240 VAC resistive

Part Name(s) : 22-104 22-204 22-304 22-504 72-1160 72-2080 ETC1
Description : Snap Action SwitchES View



This rugged double-pole double-break Butterfly® mechanism Switch can be configured for Form XX, Form YY or Form ZZ Switching. This unique design is ideal for your toughest applications where reliability is a must.

• Gold or silver contacts
• Variety of terminal styles
• UL recognized and CSA certified
• Roller lever and overtravel plunger actuator are available

• Pressure control sensors
• Pendant controls
• Door openers for transit equipment
• Valve actuator
• Lift trucks
• Interlock kiosk

Part Name(s) : V-166-3C6V-102-1A4-T V-166-XXX Omron
OMRON Corporation
Description : Snap Action Switch View
Miniature Basic Switch that
Offers High Reliability and
● Wide variation of best-selling microSwitches with
Switching currents of 10 to 21 A.
● Can be used for interrupting current when doors
are opened or closed.
● Available in two types of cases: thermoplastic resin
and thermosetting resin.
Description : TACT Switch™ 6mm Square Low-profile Double Action (Surface Mount Type) View

0.9mm low-profile Switch with double Action.


Part Name(s) : 3RW82215555112D6S BZ- BZ-2R-T4-J BZ-2RS-P4 BZ-2RS-T4-J BZ-2RST04 BZ-2RT BZ-2RT04 BZ-2RW0172-J BZ-2RW53-A2 ETC
Description : MICRO Switch™ Premium Large Basic Switches View


MICRO Switch™ Large Premium Basic Switches

Accurate, reliable, and repeatable, MICRO Switch™ BZ/BA/BM/BE Series features precise operating characteristics and enhanced life. These premium, large Snap-Action Switches offer precision operation and sensitive differential travel.

Utilizing state-of-the-art manufacturing processes and quality controls, Honeywell has engineered premium, large Snap-Action Switches that meet various international agency requirements. Some models have military qualifcations. MICRO Switch™ BZ/BA/BM/BE Series are often used for precision on/off applications, as well as end of limit, presence/absence, and manual operator interface functions.

Their engineered design is suitable for various application needs. Confgured options with BZ, BA, BM, and BE Switches provide a wide variety of operating and interface characteristics.

The MICRO Switch™ 6AS Series consists of two large premium BZ/BA/BM/BE Snap-Action Switches ganged together and actuated by a single actuator. Field adjustable operating point is an option for one or both Switches.

Part Name(s) : 8620 8621 8622 8623 8624 8625 8626 8627 8628 8629 ETC2
Description : LEVER Action PC CARD EJECTORS View


•Designed for .062(1.57) PC cards.

•Level Action ejectors aids card insertion and extrAction.

•Supplied complete with stainless steel spring pin.

Part Name(s) : 1400N 1412N 1412N/8 1412N8 1413N 1413N/8 1413N8 1415N 1415N/8 1415N8 ETC
Description : Momentary pushbutton Switches - Snap-in mounting - square plunger View


Momentary pushbutton Switches - Snap-in mounting - square plunger
Distinctive features and specifications

❑ Butt Action contacts, double break
❑ Solder lug, straight PC and quick-connect terminals

Part Name(s) : V-10-1A4 V-10-1A4-K V-10-1A4-T V-10-1A4-T-K V-10-1A5 V-10-1A5-K V-10-1A5-T V-10-1A5-T-K V-10-1A6 V-10-1A6-K Omron
OMRON Corporation
Description : Snap Action Switch View

General Purpose Snap Action Switch

• Industry standard design with Switching currents of 10A to 21A

• Widely used for applications where long life expectancy and high reliability is required.

• Choose from a variety of levers, terminals and operating forces.

• Right and Left Barrier options are available for the V-21 and V-16 models

• Heat resistant versions of the V-15 and V-10 are available.

• RoHS Compliant


Part Name(s) : GP1S563 GP1S566 Sharp
Sharp Electronics
Description : Long Case, Snap-in Mounting Type Photointerrupter View

Long Case, Snap-in Mounting Type Photointerrupter


1. Long case type

   Case height

   (GP1S563: 20.9mm)

   (GP1S566: 21.9mm)

2. Snap-in mounting type

3. Gap between light emitter and detector : 3.0mm

4. Case width : 5.0mm


1. VCR

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