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Part Name(s) : MB39C811-EVBSK-02
Cypress Semiconductor
Description : Energy Harvesting Starter Kit for Buck Power Management IC With Bluetooth® Smart (Low Energy) Beacon

The MB39C811-EVBSK-02 is an evaluation board that contains Energy Harvesting Power Management IC, MB39C811 (Buck DC/DC Converter) With Bluetooth® Smart (Low Energy), which can be used in application on the Solar and Piezoelectric Energy Harvester. The MB39C811 has a wide input range from 4V up to 23V, and the output voltages are selectable from 1.5V to 5V. The board contains a Programmable (application block only) Bluetooth® Smart module, Fujitsu Component: MBH7BLZ02-109004, which allows BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) Beacon and wireless data communications.
■ Installed Energy Harvesting Power Management IC: MB39C811
■ Programmable (application block only) Bluetooth® Smart Module: MBH7BLZ02-109004 (*1)
■ Transmit BLE Beacon using Solar Energy and Vibration Energy only
■ Transmit about 1 second intervals under 500lx
■ Support a lot of Energy inputs
    - Solar Cell
    - Piezo Electric
    - USB Bus Power
    - Coin Battery (Expandable: for Hybrid)
    - NFC: Near Field Communication (Expandable: Power supply only)
    - Commercial Power Supply: AC85~265V (Expandable: Need additional resister)
■ Installed Temperature Sensor
■ Installed USB Serial Converter IC for changing Beacon IDs
■ Attached Solar Cell for Evaluation
■ Attached Case & USB Cable
■ Schematic, BOM List, Layout Data, Sample Software
■ Installed Expandable Terminal.
    - Reset Button for MCU (Standard mount)
    - JTAG Connector for MCU Program
    - Expandable Sensor Interface (I2C/GPIO)
    - DIPSW (Expandable)
    - LED (Expandable)
■ Small Size PCB: 45mm × 25mm
Battery-less BLE Beacon
■ AC Power supply BLE Beacon
■ Wireless Sensor node for IoT
■ Active RFID
■ Solar Energy Harvesting
■ Wireless Illumination Control
■ Wireless HVAC Sensors
■ Security System

Vishay Semiconductors
Description : Boost Converter for Single/Double AA Cell or NiMH Battery for White LED Applications

SiP12501 is a Boost Converter IC for single or double cell NiMH or Alkaline Battery pack, which can drive white LEDs connected in parallel to provide backlight in hand-held devices. Designed With an internal low threshold power MOSFET, it is capable of starting up With a low Battery voltage of 0.65 V. for best efficiency performance, the SiP12501 is designed to operate in PWM mode With 600 kHz switching. The voltage-mode PWM design is internally compensated, reducing the external parts count. It accepts input voltages from 0.65 V to 3.3 V, regulates output current of up to 60 mA from a 0.9 V input. The LED current can be adjusted externally for its brightness control. SiP12501 features low shutdown current of under 1 µA, internal power MOS, thermal shutdown protection and antiringing control.

• Voltage mode control With internal frequency compensation
• 0.65 V to 3.3 V input voltage range
• Low startup voltage: 0.65 V
• PWM control With 600 kHz fixed switching frequency
• Analog control of LED intensity
• Power supply from output voltage
• Regulated output current
• Integrated UVLO and soft-start
• Logic controlled shutdown (< 1 µA)
• High efficiency: typical 75 %
• Internal power MOS
• Antiringing switch to minimize EMI
• Thermal shutdown
• Minimum external components
• PowerPAK® MLP33-6 package

• White LED backlighting
• Handheld devices
• Digital cameras
• Portable Applications
• LCD bias supplies

Part Name(s) : SX1282 SX12821075
Semtech Corporation
Description : Transceiver/MCU/ADC System-on-Chip With RISC CPU for Battery-Powered Ultra-Low Power Applications


The SX1282 transceiver With embedded CoolRISC®MCU, dual 10 and 16-bit ADC and peripherals provides a highly-in tegrated single-chip acquisition processing and RF solution.

With a design which sets state-of-the-art standards in low receiver consumption, dual ISM-band transceiver blocks are combined  With  a  sophisticated  Ultra  Low-Power  8-bit  RISC core plus extensive signal acquisition peripherals to provide a complete system on chip for ISM-band Applications.


•  Operating voltage down to 1.0V

•  Supply voltage range from 1.0V to 1.6V

•  Entire circuit can operate on a single AA Battery

•  Transceiver Chain

•  Dual-Band operation, 434 MHz and 868 MHz

•  Multi-channel, on-chip PLL,12.5 kHz steps

•  FSK and OOK modulation

•  Data rate up to 80 kbit/s FSK

•  Sensitivity of -102 dBm @ 25 kbit/s, FSK, 10-3 BER

•  Receive current 2.5 mA

•  Autonomy up to four years from a single AA Battery in wireless sensing

•  Transmit power +10 dBm differential (35 mA supply current)

•  Integrated RX-TX switch

•  Super heterodyne architecture

• First conversion: IF @ 96 MHz for 868 MHz band

• Second conversion: zero IF

• HW support for symbol synchronization and clock recovery

•  Power Management

•  High-current step-up for external EEPROM supply @ 2.7V

•  Low-current step-up for the supply of the data acquisition chains

•  POR and brown-out detector

•  Sophisticated Power Management

• Unused blocks are powered down

• Standby current down to 4.0uA typical (23μA maximum)

•  Oscillators


•  Integrated programmable RC oscillator

• Start-up and μC operation

•  12.8 MHz crystal oscillator:

• Transceiver operation

•  Low-Power 32 kHz crystal oscillator

• μA level Time-keeping operation

• Analog watchdogs detect crystal oscillator failures   Data Acquisition

•  Pyroelectric acquisition chain

• 80 dB PSRR on the full chain

• 10 μV/LSB

• 16 bits ADC, 8 Hz bandwidth

•  Auxiliary 10 bits ADC

• 10k samples/s

• Multiple signal sources

• Programmable input attenuation

• Integrated thermometer function, 2°C accuracy Embedded Core

•  Ultra Low-Power

•  1.3 mA power consumption at 6.4 MIPS

•  CoolRISC technology

•  Energy-efficient RISC architecture

•  Integrated 8x8 multiplier

•  Program loads into and executes from RAM

•  Memory resources

• 1 kbytes boot ROM

• 22 kbytes Instruction RAM

• 1 kbytes data RAM


•  Alarm and security systems

•  Wireless Sensor Networks

•  Home Automation

•  Wireless computer peripherals

•  Telemetry

•  Sports and Leisure Equipment

•  Industrial Sensing

Part Name(s) : ETA9635 ETA9635S8A
Description : Power Management Unit for Power Banks


The ETA9635 is a fully integrated power Management unit specifically designed for Power Bank, Mobile Charger, Backup Battery Charger Applications. It consists of a high efficiency synchronous step-up Boost Converter and a linear Battery charger. The Boost can provide up to 1A output current at 5V of from a Li-Ion Battery input voltage, while the charger can charge up to 1A of current from an AC adapter input. The Boost incorporates circuits that disconnect the input from output, during shutdown, short-circuit, output current overloading, or other events when output is higher than the input.

■ 2in 1: A Synchronous Boost plus A Charger
■ Short-circuit Protection
■ 5W Output Power from the Boost
Boost Output to Input Reversed Current Protection
■ Up to 1A Charging
■ Up to 96% Efficiency during Boosting
■ 50μA No load IQ
■ Programmable Charging Current

■ Power Banks
■ Mobile back-up Battery Chargers

Part Name(s) : ML4854IT ML4854
Fairchild Semiconductor
Description : Adjustable, Low-Current, 2-Cell Boost Regulator With Shutdown and Low Battery Detect

General Description
The ML4854 is a low power Boost regulator designed for low voltage DC to DC conversion in two-cell Battery powered systems such as cell phones and PDAs. The Converter starts up at 1.3V and has an operating input voltage range from 1.6V to 4.5V. After the start it operates at an input voltage as low as 0.8V. Output voltage can be adjusted by external resistors from 3.3V to 5V With a maximum load current of 0.5A.

• 95% Efficiency at 200mA Load Current
• Integrated Peak Current Limit
• Variable Output Voltage Determined by External Resistors
• Variable On-time Pulse Frequency Modulation (PFM)
• Fully Internal Synchronous Rectifier (no external diodes) for High Efficiency and Low Peak Currents
• Low-Battery Detection
• Logic Controlled Shutdown With True Load Disconnect

• 2-3 alkaline/NiMH cells or 1 Li-Ion cell Operated Devices
• Cell Phones
• Medical Devices
• PDAs
• Portable Instrumentation

Fairchild Semiconductor
Description : 500mA High Efficiency Boost Regulator With Adjustable Output, Shutdown and Low Battery Detect

General Description
The FAN4855 is a low power Boost regulator designed for low voltage DC to DC conversion in 2-cell Battery powered systems such as digital cameras, cell phones and PDAs. The Converter starts-up at 1.3V and operates after the start at an input voltage as low as 1V. Output voltage can be adjusted by external resistors from 3.3V to 5V With a maximum load current of 0.5A. Quiescent current in shut-down mode is less than 10µA, which maximizes the Battery live time.

■ Low power PFM Boost regulator
■ Input voltage range is from 1.6V to 4.5V
■ Output voltage range is from 3V to 5V
■ 500mA maximum load current capability
■ 95% efficient power conversion
■ 2-3 cell and single cell Li-Ion systems
■ Variable on-time Pulse Frequency Modulation (PFM)
■ Internal synchronous rectifier (no need for external diode)
■ Low-Battery detection
■ Logic controlled shutdown With true-load disconnect
■ Low (80µA) quiescent current
■ TSSOP-8 Package

■ DSCs
■ PDAs
■ Cell phones, smart phones
■ Portable instrumentations
■ 2-3 AA / AAA cells operated devices
■ Single cell Li-Ion operated devices

Part Name(s) : MAX5073 MAX5073ETI
Maxim Integrated
Description : 2.2MHz, Dual-Output Buck or Boost Converter With Internal Power MOSFETs

General Description
The MAX5073 is a dual-output DC-DC Converter With integrated high-side n-channel power MOSFETs. Each output can be configured either as a buck Converter or a Boost Converter. The device is capable of operating from a wide 5.5V to 23V input voltage range.

♦ 4.5V to 5.5V or 5.5V to 23V Input Supply Voltage Range
♦ 0.8V (Buck) to 28V (Boost) Output Voltage
♦ Two Independent Output DC-DC Converters With Internal Power MOSFETs
♦ Each Output can be Configured in Buck or Boost Mode
♦ IOUT1 and IOUT2 of 2A and 1A (Respectively) in Buck Mode
♦ 180° Out-of-Phase Operation
♦ Clock Output for Four Phase Operation
♦ Switching Frequency Programmable from 200kHz to 2.2MHz
♦ Digital Soft-Start and Sync Input
♦ Individual Converter Shutdown and Power-Good Output
♦ Short-Circuit Protection (Buck)/Maximum Duty Cycle Limit (Boost)
♦ Thermal Shutdown
♦ Thermally Enhanced 28-Pin Thin QFN Package Dissipates up to 2.7W at +70°C

Part Name(s) : MAX15031 MAX15031ATE
Maxim Integrated
Description : 80V, 300mW Boost Converter and Current Monitor for APD Bias Applications

General Description
The MAX15031 consists of a constant-frequency pulse width modulating (PWM) step-up DC-DC Converter With an internal switch and a high-side current monitor With high-speed adjustable current limiting. This device can generate output voltages up to 76V and provides current monitoring up to 4mA (up to 300mW). The MAX15031 can be used for a wide variety of Applications such as avalanche photodiode biasing, PIN biasing, or varactor biasing, and LCD displays. The MAX15031 operates from 2.7V to 11V.

♦ Input Voltage Range
   +2.7V to +5.5V (Using Internal Charge Pump) or
   +5.5V to +11V
♦ Wide Output-Voltage Range from (VIN + 1V) to 76V
♦ Internal 1Ω (typ) 80V Switch
♦ 300mW Boost Converter Output Power
♦ Accurate ±10% (500nA to 1mA) and ±3.5% (1mA to 4mA) High-Side Current Monitor
♦ Resistor-Adjustable Ultra-Fast APD Current Limit (1µs Response Time)
♦ Open-Drain Current-Limit Indicator Flag
♦ 400kHz Fixed Switching Frequency
♦ Constant PWM Frequency Provides Easy Filtering in Low-Noise Applications
♦ Internal Soft-Start
♦ 2µA (max) Shutdown Current
♦ -40°C to +125°C Temperature Range
♦ Small Thermally Enhanced, 4mm x 4mm, 16-Pin TQFN Package

Maxim Integrated
Description : 28V, Low-Power, High-Voltage, Boost or Inverting DC-DC Converter

General Description
The MAX629 Low-Power DC-DC Converter features an internal N-channel MOSFET switch and programmable current limiting. It is designed to supply positive or negative bias voltages up to ±28V from input voltages in the 0.8V to VOUT range, and can be configured for Boost, flyback, and SEPIC topologies.

♦ Internal, 500mA, 28V N-Channel Switch (No External FET Required)
♦ Generates Positive or Negative Output Voltages
♦ 80µA Supply Current
♦ 1µA Max Shutdown Current
♦ Up to 300kHz Switching Frequency
♦ Adjustable Current Limit Allows Use of Small, Inexpensive Inductors
♦ 8-Pin SO Package

    Positive or Negative LCD Bias Generators
    High-Efficiency DC-DC Boost Converters
    Varactor Tuning Diode Bias
    Palmtop Computers
    2-Cell and 3-Cell Battery-Powered Applications

Part Name(s) : RT9519BGQW RT9519B
Richtek Technology
Description : Linear Single Cell Li-lon Battery Charger With Auto Power Path Management

General Description
The RT9519B is an integrated single cell Li-ion Battery charger With Auto Power Path Management (APPM). No external MOSFETs are required. The RT9519B enters sleep mode when power is removed. Charging tasks are optimized by using a control algorithm to vary the charge rate, including pre-charge mode, fast charge mode and constant voltage mode. for the RT9519B, the charge current can also be programmed With an external resistor and modified With an external GPIO. The scope that the Battery regulation voltage can be modified With an external GPIO depends on the Battery temperature.

• 28V Maximum Rating for VIN Power
• Selectable Power Current Limit (0.1A / 0.5A / 1.5A)
• Integrated Power MOSFETs
• Auto Power Path Management (APPM)
Battery Charging Current Control
Battery Regulation Voltage Control
• Programmable Charging Current and Safe Charge Timer
• Under Voltage Protection, Over Voltage Protection
• Power Good and Charge Status Indicator
• Optimized Charge Rate via Thermal Feedback
• Thin 20-Lead WQFN Package
• RoHS Compliant and Halogen Free

• Digital Cameras
• PDAs and Smart Phones
• Portable Instruments

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