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Part Name(s) : NTE911 NTE-Electronic
NTE Electronics
Description : Integrated Circuit Dual Voltage Comparator View


The NTE911 is a dual, differential Voltage Comparator in a 10−Lead Metal Can type package featuring high accuracy, fast response times, large input Voltage range, low power consumption and compatibility with practically all integreated logic forms. When used as a sense amplifier, the threshold Voltage can be adjusted over a wide range, almost independent of the integrated circuit characteristics. Independent strobing of each Comparator channel is provided, and pulse stretching on the output is easily accomplished. Other applications of the dual Comparator include a window discriminator in pulse height detectors and a double−ended limit detector for automatic Go/No−Go test equipment.


● Fast Response Time − 40ns Typical

● 5mV Maximum Offset Voltage

● 10µA Maximum Offset Current

● Independent Comparator Strobing


Part Name(s) : M51204TL M51204FP Mitsubishi
Description : Voltage Comparator View

Voltage Comparator

Part Name(s) : M51203TL M51203TP Mitsubishi
Description : Voltage Comparator View

Voltage Comparator

Part Name(s) : DBL393 Daewoo
Daewoo Semiconductor
Description : DUAL Voltage Comparator View

DUAL Voltage Comparator

Part Name(s) : TS391IL ST-Microelectronics
Description : Low Power Single Voltage Comparator View


These devices consist of a low power Voltage Comparator designed specifically to operate from a single supply over a wide range of Voltages. Operation from split power supplies is also possible.

This Comparator also has a unique characteristic in that the input common-mode Voltage range includes ground even though operated from a single power supply Voltage.

■ Wide single supply Voltage range or dual supplies +2V to +34V or ±1V to ±17V

■ Very low supply current (0.2mA) independent of supply Voltage (1mW/Comparator at +5V)

■ Low input bias current: 25nA typ.

■ Low input offset current: ±5nA typ.

■ Low input offset Voltage: ±1mV typ.

■ Input common-mode Voltage range includes ground

■ Low output saturation Voltage: 250mV typ. (Io=4mA)

■ Differential input Voltage range equal to the supply Voltage

■ TTL, DTL, ECL, CMOS compatible outputs

Part Name(s) : EL2019 EL2019CN Intersil
Description : Fast, High Voltage Comparator with Master Slave Flip-Flop View

The EL2019 offers a new feature previously unavailable in a Comparator before—a master/slave edge triggered flip-flop. The Comparator output will only change output state after a positive going clock edge is applied. Thus the output cant feed back to the input and cause oscillation.

Comparator cannot oscillate
• Fast response—5ns data to clock setup, 20ns clock to output
• Wide input differential Voltage range—24V on ±15V supplies
• Wide input common mode Voltage range—±12V
• Precision input stage—VOS = 1.5mV
• Low input bias current—100nA
• Low input offset current—30nA
• ±4.5V to ±18V supplies
• Three-State TTL compatible output
• No supply current glitch during switching
• 103dB Voltage gain (Low input uncertainty ≈ 30µV)
• 50% power reduction in shut-down mode
• Input and flip-flop remain active in shutdown mode

• Analog to digital converters
• ATE pin receiver
• Zero crossing detector
• Window detector
• “Go/no-go” detector

Part Name(s) : NE527 NE527N NE527D Philips
Philips Electronics
Description : Voltage Comparator View

The NE527 is a high-speed analog Voltage Comparator which, for the first time, mates state-of-the-art Schottky diode technology with the conventional linear process. This allows simultaneous fabrication of high speed TTL gates with a precision linear amplifier on a single monolithic chip. The NE527 is similar in design to the Philips Semiconductors NE529 Voltage Comparator except that it incorporates an “Emitter-Follower” input stage for extremely low input currents. This opens the door to a whole new range of applications for analog Voltage Comparators.

• 15ns propagation delay
• Complementary output gates
• TTL or ECL compatible outputs
• Wide common-mode and differential Voltage range
• Typical gain of 5000

• A/D conversion
• ECL-to-TTL interface
• TTL-to-ECL interface
• Memory sensing
• Optical data coupling

Part Name(s) : LM311 LT311A LM111H LM311H LT111AH LT311AH LM111J8 LM311J8 LT111AJ8 LT311AJ8 Linear
Linear Technology
Description : Voltage Comparator View

Voltage Comparator

Part Name(s) : MC1414 MC1514 MC1414L MC1414P MC1414D MC1514L MC1514P MC1514D Motorola
Motorola => Freescale
Description : DUAL DIFFERENTIAL Voltage Comparator View

DUAL DIFFERENTIAL Voltage Comparator


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