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Part Name(s) : ADA4800 ADA4800ACPZ ADA4800ACPZ-R2 ADA4800ACPZ-R7 ADA4800ACPZ-RL ADI
Analog Devices
Description : Low Power, High Speed CCD Buffer Amplifier View


The ADA4800 is Voltage Buffer integrated with an active load. The Buffer is a low power, high speed, low noise, high slew rate, fast settling, fixed gain of 1 monolithic amplifier for charge coupled device (CCD) applications.


Integrated active load and gain of 1 Buffer

Very low Buffer power consumption 

   As low as 20 mW on chip

Power save feature to reduce active load current by GPO control

High Buffer speed

  400 MHz, −3 dB bandwidth

  415 V/μs slew rate

Fast settling time to 1%, 2 V step: 5 ns

Adjustable Buffer bandwidth

Push-pull output stage

Adjustable active load current

Small package: 1.6 mm × 1.6 mm × 0.55 mm


CCD image sensor output Buffer

Digital still cameras


Part Name(s) : E910.02 ELMOS
ELMOS Semiconductor AG
Description : Analog multiplexer 8:1 View


The IC is an 8 channel Analog multiplexer with a Buffer amplifier. The input signals IN0 to IN7 are fed to the multiplexer consisting of Analog transmission gates which are controlled by the digital inputs SEL0-2. The multiplexer is designed for low crosstalk in case of current injection into the input protection diodes.

VS is used as the positive supply Voltage for the Buffer and has to be at least 2.5V higher than the maximum Analog Voltage to avoid clipping or slew rate reduction of the output signal.


► Supply Voltage range VDD 4.5V to 5.5V

► Supply Voltage range VS 8V to 40V

► Fast Buffer amplifier with 1.5V/µs driving 1nF load capacitance

► Low crosstalk in case of current-injection into input-protection diodes

► Low offset Voltage < 4mV

► Output Voltage limitation to VDD

Buffer output with high impedance tri-state-mode

► I/O compatible to standard multiplexer 4051

► – 40°C to + 85°C operating temperature

► SO16n package


Buffered Analog multiplexing


Part Name(s) : MC100E210 MC100LVE210 MC100E210FN MC100LVE210FN Motorola
Motorola => Freescale
Description : Low Voltage Dual 1:4, 1:5 Differential Fanout Buffer ECL/PECL Compatible View

Low Voltage Dual 1:4, 1:5 Differential Fanout Buffer ECL/PECL Compatible

The MC100LVE210 is a low Voltage, low skew dual differential ECL fanout Buffer designed with clock distribution in mind. The device features two fanout Buffers, a 1:4 and a 1:5 Buffer, on a single chip. The device features fully differential clock paths to minimize both device and system skew. The dual Buffer allows for the fanout of two signals through a single chip, thus reducing the skew between the two fundamental signals from a part–to–part skew down to an output–to–output skew. This capability reduces the skew by a factor of 4 as compared to using two LVE111’s to accomplish the same task. The MC100LVE210 works from a –3.3V supply while the MC100E210 provides identical function and performance from a standard –4.5V 100E Voltage supply.

• Dual Differential Fanout Buffers
• 200ps Part–to–Part Skew
• 50ps Typical Output–to–Output Skew
• Low Voltage ECL/PECL Compatible
• 28–lead PLCC Packaging

Part Name(s) : ADD8701 ADD8701ACP ADI
Analog Devices
Description : 12-Channel Gamma Buffers with VCOM Buffer View


The ADD8701 is a low cost, 12-channel Buffer amplifier and VCOM driver that operates from a single supply. The part is designed for high resolution TFT LCD panels, and is built on an advanced, high Voltage, CBCMOS process. The Buffers have high slew rate, 10 mA continuous output current, and high capacitive load drive capability. The VCOM Buffer has increased drive of 35 mA and can drive large capacitive loads. The ADD8701 offers wide supply range and offset Voltages below 15 mV.


Single-Supply Operation: 7 V to 16 V

Dual-Supply Operation: 3.5 V to 8 V

Supply Current: 13 mA Max

Upper/Lower Buffers Swing to VDD/GND

Continuous Output Current: 10 mA

VCOM Peak Output Current: 250 mA

Offset Voltage: 15 mV Max

Slew Rate: 6V/µs

Fast Settling Time with Large C-Load


TFT LCD Panels

Part Name(s) : MC100E122 MC10E122 MC100E122FN MC10E122FN Motorola
Motorola => Freescale
Description : 9-Bit Buffer View

9-Bit Buffer

The MC10E/100E122 is a 9-bit Buffer. The device contains nine non-inverting Buffer gates.

• 500ps Max. Propagation Delay
• Extended 100E VEE Range of – 4.2V to – 5.46 V
• 75kΩ Input Pulldown Resistors

Part Name(s) : TDA3681 TDA3681J TDA3681JR TDA3681TH Philips
Philips Electronics
Description : Multiple Voltage regulator with switch and ignition Buffer View

The TDA3681 is a multiple output Voltage regulator with a power switch and an ignition Buffer. It is intended for use in car radios with or without a microcontroller.

• Extremely low noise behaviour and good stability with very small output capacitors
• Second supply pin for regulators 3 and 4 to reduce power dissipation (e.g. via a DC-to-DC converter)
• Three VP-state controlled regulators (regulators 1, 3 and 4) and a power switch
• Regulator 2, reset and ignition Buffer operational during load dump and thermal shutdown
• Combined control pin for switching regulators 1 and 3
• Separate control pins for switching regulator 4 and the power switch
• Supply Voltage range from −18 to +50 V
• Low quiescent current in standby mode (when regulators 1, 3 and 4 and power switch are switched off and ignition input is low)
• Hold output (open-collector output stage) for low VP (regulators 1, 3 and 4 and power switch off)
• Hold output when one of regulators 1 and 3 and/or 4 is out of regulation
• Hold output for foldback mode of power switch and regulators 1, 3 and 4 • Hold output for load dump and temperature protection
• Reset (push-pull output stage) for regulator 2
• Adjustable reset delay time
• High supply Voltage ripple rejection
• Backup capacitor for regulator 2
• One independent ignition Buffer (active HIGH).

Part Name(s) : SL4503BD SL4503BN SL4503B System-Logic
System Logic Semiconductor
Description : Hex Buffer High-Voltage Silicon-Gate CMOS View

Hex Buffer High-Voltage Silicon-Gate CMOS

The SL4503B is a hex noninverting Buffer with 3-state outputs having high sink- and source-current capability. Two output ENABLE controls are provided, one of which controls four Buffers and the other controls the remaining two Buffers.

 • Operating Voltage Range: 3.0 to 18 V
 • Maximum input current of 1 μA at 18 V over full package temperature range; 100 nA at 18 V and 25°C
 • Noise margin (over full package temperature range):
    1.0 V min @ 5.0 V supply
    2.0 V min @ 10.0 V supply
    2.5 V min @ 15.0 V supply

Part Name(s) : AD7569AN AD7569AR ADI
Analog Devices
Description : LC2MOS Complete, 8-Bit Analog I/0 Systems View

The AD7569/AD7669 is a complete, 8-bit, Analog I/O system on a single monolithic chip. The AD7569 contains a high speed successive approximation ADC with 2 µs conversion time, a track/
hold with 200 kHz bandwidth, a DAC and an output Buffer amplifier with 1 µs settling time. A temperature-compensated 1.25 V bandgap reference provides a precision reference Voltage for the ADC and the DAC. The AD7669 is similar, but contains two DACs with output Buffer amplifiers.

    2 ms ADC with Track/Hold
    1 ms DAC with Output Amplifier
        AD7569, Single DAC Output
        AD7669, Dual DAC Output
    On-Chip Bandgap Reference
    Fast Bus Interface
    Single or Dual 5 V Supplies

Part Name(s) : PT233 PTC
Princeton Technology
Description : Analog Function Switch View


PT233 is a feather touch function Analog switch utilizing CMOS Technology. It features a mute output to prevent “POP” Noise during the switching time, built-in Analog switches and allows direct LED drive for status Display and others through the built-in current Buffer transistor. The Control System and Analog Switch are operated by a single power supply. Pin assignments and application circuit are optimized for easy PCB Layout as well as cost saving advantage.


• CMOS Technology

• Low Power Consumption

• High Noise Immunity

• Least External Components

• Muting Output is Available

• Built-in Large Current Buffer Transistor


• Audio System

• Hi-Fi Stereo System


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