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Part Name(s) : ICS9169C-36 ICS9169CF-36 ICST
Integrated Circuit Systems
Description : Low Cost 20-Pin Frequency Generator View

TheICS9169C-36generates the I/O clocks needed as a satellite clock generator to a CPU and PCI clock source (such as the ICS9148-01 or ICS9150-01). This device can generate the audio Codec or DSP clocks if required (or Stop those outputs Low).

• Generator for periphary clock chips as companion device to CPU/SDRAM/PCI generator.
• Accepts clock input at X1 Pin or crystal across X1, X2 Pins as 14.31818 MHz nominal inputs.
• Three REF clock buffer outputs (SREF is Strong)
• Two 48MHz and one 24 MHz outputs
• Selectable audio clock generator with audio (Audio) and half speed (Audio/2) outputs
• 20 Pin (209 mil) SSOP package

Part Name(s) : KIT33810EKEVB KIT33810EKEVME MCZ33810EK MCZ33810EKR2 33810 Freescale
Freescale Semiconductor
Description : automotive Engine Control IC View

The 33810 is an eight channel output driver IC intended for automotive engine control applICations. The IC consists of four integrated low-side drivers and four low-side gate pre-drivers. The low-side drivers are suitable for driving fuel injectors, solenoids, lamps, and relays. The four gate pre-drivers can function either as ignition IGBT gate pre-drivers or as general purpose MOSFET gate pre-drivers. This devICe is powered by SMARTMOS technology.

• Designed to operate over the range of 4.5 V ≤ VPWR ≤ 36 V
• Quad ignition IGBT or MOSFET gate pre-driver with parallel/SPI and/or PWM control
• Quad injector driver with parallel/SPI control
• Interfaces directly to MCU using 3.3 V/5.0 V SPI protocol
• Injector driver current limit - 4.5 A max.
• Independent fault protection and diagnostICs
• VPWR standby current 10 μA max.

• Motorcycle engine control unit (ECU) and small engine control
• PSI5 airbag system
• Central gateway/in-vehICle networking
• Braking and stability control
• Gasoline engine management
• Hybrid electrIC vehICle (HEV) inverter controller

Part Name(s) : QX73-C-S QX73-C-S10DC12V0.36 QX73AS7DC3V0.36 QX73AS7DC5V0.36 QX73AS7DC6V0.36 QX73AS7DC9V0.36 QX73AS7DC12V0.36 QX73AS7DC24V0.36 QX73AS7DC48V0.36 QX73AS10DC3V0.36 ETC
Description : QX73-C-S Rlay / Standard PCB terminals View

* MICrominiature relay , 12A switching capability

* Low coil power consumption;

* Standard PCB terminals.

Part Name(s) : LB11600JV SANYO
SANYO -> Panasonic
Description : MonolithIC Digital IC Brushless Motor Predriver IC for automotive ApplICations View


The LB11600JV is a direct PWM drive predriver IC appropriate for 3-phase power brushless motors in automotive applICations. This IC can implement either high side PWM drive or low side PWM drive motor driver circuits depending on the configuration of the output circuits, whICh use discrete transistors such as MOSFETs or bipolar transistors. In addition to a full complement of protection functions, including overcurrent, thermal, motor constraint, and undervoltage protection, the LB11600JV also provides an integrated speed control function. Thus the LB11600JV can implement high reliability/high functionality drive circuits.


• Three-phase bipolar drive (UH, VH, and WH Pins, PWM control)

• Forward/reverse switching circuit

• Overcurrent protection circuit

• Undervoltage protection circuit

• Motor constraint protection circuit

• Thermal protection circuit

• Speed control circuit


Part Name(s) : KPS28010Z Cosmo
COSMO Electronics
Description : 4 Pin SSOP Low Input Current Photocoupler View


1.Halogen Free.

2.Pb free and RoHS compliant.

3.High isolation voltage(BV=3750Vrms).

4.Small and thin package(4Pin SOP,Pin pitch 1.27mm).

5. Low input current type (IF=0.1mA).

6.Current transfer ratio

(CTR : 100~600% at IF=0.1mA Vce=5V)

7.High collector to emitter voltage(VCEO=80V).

8.High-speed switching tr=4μs(typ.),tf=3μs(typ.).

9.Agency Approvals

• UL UL1577 / CUL C22.2 No.1 & NTC No.5

File No. E169586

• VDE EN 60747

File No.40010469

• FIMKO EN 60065 , EN 60950

File No.NCS/FI24585 A1

• CQC GB4943 / GB8898-2011

File No.CQC10001049555 / CQC08001023986


1. Programmable logIC controllers.

2. Measuring instruments.

3. Power supply.

4. Hybrid IC.

Part Name(s) : BD8105FV BD8105FV-E2 ROHM
ROHM Semiconductor
Description : Power Management IC Series for automotive Body Control(LED Driver) View

Power Management IC Series for automotive Body Control(LED Driver)


The BD8105FV is a serial parallel control LED driver with 35V input voltage rating.

Responding to the 3-line serial data, it turns the 12ch open drain output on/off.

Due to its compact size, it is optimal for small spaces.


 1)  Open Drain Output

 2)  3-line Serial Control + Enable Signal

 3)  Internal Temperature Protection Circuit (TSD)

 4)  Cascade Connection Compatible

 5) SSOP-B20W

 6)  Internal 12ch Power Transistor


These ICs can be used with car and consumer electronIC.

Part Name(s) : LM53602-Q1 LM536023QPWPRQ1 LM536023QPWPTQ1 LM536025QPWPRQ1 LM536025QPWPTQ1 LM53602AQPWPRQ1 LM53602AQPWPTQ1 LM53603-Q1 LM536033QPWPRQ1 LM536033QPWPTQ1 Texas-Instruments
Texas Instruments
Description : 3.5 V to 36 V Wide-VIN Synchronous 2.1 MHz StepDown Converters for automotive ApplICations View

The LM53603-Q1, LM53602-Q1 buck regulators are specifICally designed for automotive applICations, providing an output voltage of 5 V or 3.3 V (with ADJ option) at 3 A or 2 A, from an input voltage of up to 36 V. Advanced high-speed circuitry allows the devICe to regulate from an input of up to 20 V, while providing an output of 5 V at a switching frequency of 2.1 MHz. The innovative architecture allows the devICe to regulate a 3.3 V output from an input voltage of only 3.5 V. All aspects of this product are optimized for the automotive customer. An input voltage range up to 36 V, with transient tolerance up to 42 V, eases input surge protection design. An open drain reset output, with filtering and delay, provides a true indICation of system status. This feature negates the requirement for an additional supervisory component, saving cost and board space. Seamless transition between PWM and PFM modes, along with a no-load operating current of only 24 µA, ensures high effICiency and superior transient response at all loads.

• The LM53603-Q1, LM53602-Q1 are available as
   AEC-Q1-Qualified automotive Grade Products
   With Following Results:
   – DevICe Temperature Grade 1: -40°C to +125°C
      Ambient Operating Range
   – DevICe HBM ESD ClassifICation Level 1C
   – DevICe CDM ESD ClassifICation Level C4B
• 3 A or 2 A maximum load current
• Input Voltage Range from 3.5 V to 36 V:
   Transients to 42 V
• Output Voltage Options: 5 V, 3.3 V, ADJ
• 2.1 MHz Fixed Switching Frequency
• ±2% Output Voltage Tolerance
• –40°C to 150°C Junction Temperature Range
• 1.7 µA Shutdown Current (typICal)
• 24 µA Input Supply Current at No Load (typICal)
• No external Feed-back Divider Required for 5 V or
   3.3 V output
• Reset Output With Filter and Delay
• AutomatIC Light Load Mode for Improved
• User-Selectable Forced PWM mode (FPWM)
• Built-in Loop Compensation, Soft-start, Current
   Limit, Thermal Shutdown, UVLO, and External
   Frequency Synchronization
• Thermally Enhanced 16-lead Package:
   5 mm x 4.4 mm x 1 mm

• Navigation/GPS
• Instrument Cluster
• ADAS, Infotainment, HUD

Part Name(s) : KPS28010 KPS28010W Cosmo
COSMO Electronics
Description : 4 Pin SSOP Low Input Current Photocoupler View


1. Halogen Free.

2. Pb free and RoHS compliant.

3. High isolation voltage(BV=3750Vrms).

4. Small and thin package(4Pin SOP,Pin pitch 1.27mm).

5. Low input current type (IF=0.5mA).

6. Current transfer ratio

  (CTR : 100~600% at IF=0.5mA Vce=5V)

7. High collector to emitter voltage(VCEO=80V).

8. High-speed switching tr=4μs(typ.),tf=3μs(typ.).

Part Name(s) : NCV8614B NCV8614BMNR2G NCV8614B NCV8614BMNR2G ON-Semiconductor
ON Semiconductor
Description : automotive System Power Supply, Ultra-Low Iq, IC Power Saving Triple-Output View

Ultra-Low Iq automotive System Power Supply IC Power Saving Triple-Output Linear Regulator

The NCV8614B is a multiple output linear regulator IC’s with an AutomatIC Switchover (ASO) input voltage selector. The ASO circuit selects between three different input voltage sources to reduce power dissipation and to maintain the output voltage level across varying battery line voltages associated with an automotive environment.

• Operating Range 7.0 V to 18.0 V (45 V Load Dump Tolerant)
• Output Voltage Tolerance, All Rails, 2%
• < 50 A Quiescent Current
• Independent Input for LDO3 Linear Regulator
• High Voltage Ignition Buffer
• AutomatIC Switchover Input Voltage Selector
• Independent Input Voltage Monitor with a High Input Voltage and Low Input Voltage (Brown−out) IndICators
• Thermal Warning IndICator with Thermal Shutdown
• Single Reset with Externally Adjustable Delay for the 3.3 V Rail
• Push−Pull Outputs for LogIC Level Control Signals
• All CeramIC Solution for Reduced Leakage Current at the Output
• NCV Prefix for automotive and Other ApplICations Requiring Site and Control Changes
• This is a Pb−Free DevICe

automotive Radio
• Instrument Cluster

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