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Part Name Description View
IXGH25N100AU1 Low VCE(sat) High speed IGBT with Diode

Other parts:IXGH25N100U1
IXGH25N100AU1 datasheet pdf download
IXGH25N100 Low VCE(sat) High speed IGBT

Other parts:IXGH25N100A, IXGM25N100, IXGM25N100A
IXGH25N100 datasheet pdf download
IXFC80N10 HiPerFET™ MOSFET ISOPLUS220™ IXFC80N10 datasheet pdf download
IXFH75N10Q HiPerFET™ Power MOSFETs Q-Class

Other parts:IXFT75N10Q
IXFH75N10Q datasheet pdf download

Other parts:IXFM75N10, IXFH67N10, IXFM67N10
IXFH75N10 datasheet pdf download
IXSH45N120 1200V fast recovery epitaxial diode (FRED)

Other parts:IXSH45N120B, IXST45N120B
IXSH45N120 datasheet pdf download
VUC25 Three Phase Rectifier Bridge with Fast Diodes and "Softstart" Thyristor

Other parts:VUC25-12GO2, VUC25-14GO2, VUC25-16GO2
VUC25 datasheet pdf download
DSEP30-12CR HiPerDynFRED™ with soft recovery (Electrically Isolated Back Surface) DSEP30-12CR datasheet pdf download

Other parts:IXER60N120, IXEN60N120, IXEN60N120D1
IXEN40N120D1 datasheet pdf download
DSI2X55-12A Rectifier Diode

Other parts:DSI2X55-16A, DSI2X55
DSI2X55-12A datasheet pdf download
VVZ110 Three Phase Half Controlled Rectifier Bridge, B6HK

Other parts:VVZ110-12IO7V, VVZ110-14IO7V, VVZ175, VVZ175-12IO7...
VVZ110 datasheet pdf download
VHF28 Half Controlled Single Phase Rectifier Bridge with Freewheeling Diode

Other parts:VHF28-08IO5, VHF28-12IO5, VHF28-14IO5, VHF28-16IO5...
VHF28 datasheet pdf download
DS75 1600V rectifier diode, avalanche diode

Other parts:DS75-08B, DS75-12B, DSA75, DSA75-12B...
DS75 datasheet pdf download
DS17-08A Rectifier Diode Avalanche Diode

Other parts:DS17-12A, DSA17-12A, DSA17-16A, DSA17-18A...
DS17-08A datasheet pdf download

Other parts:IXFH50N20, IXFH58N20, IXFM42N20, IXFM50N20...
IXFH42N20 datasheet pdf download
IXLF19N220A High Voltage IGBT in High Voltage ISOPLUS i4-PAC™

Other parts:IXLF19N250A
IXLF19N220A datasheet pdf download
IXLF19N250A High Voltage IGBT in High Voltage ISOPLUS i4-PAC™ IXLF19N250A datasheet pdf download
130N30 HiPerFET™ Power MOSFETs Single Die MOSFET

Other parts:IXFN130N30
130N30 datasheet pdf download
IXDD408CI 8 Amp Low-Side Ultrafast MOSFET Driver

Other parts:IXDD408PI, IXDD408SI, IXDD408YI
IXDD408CI datasheet pdf download
IXFJ32N50Q 500V HiPerFET power MOSFET Q-class

Other parts:IXFK30N50Q, IXFK32N50Q, IXFK48N50Q, IXFX30N50Q...
IXFJ32N50Q datasheet pdf download


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