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Part Name Description View
TSC80C31XXX-44AA CMOS single-chip 8 bit microcontroller, 4Kx8 mask ROM, 128 bytes of RAM, 32 I/O lines, 16 bit timers, 44 MHz

Other parts:TSC80C31XXX-44AB, TSC80C31XXX-44AC, TSC80C31XXX-44AE, TSC80C31XXX-44AF...
TSC80C31 CMOS 0 to 44 MHz Single-Chip 8 Bit Microcontroller

Other parts:TSC80C31-12, TSC80C31-12AAB, TSC80C31-12AAB/883, TSC80C31-12AABP883...
U2008B Low cost current feedback phase control circuit View
BFR90A Silicon NPN Planar RF Transistor View
TDA1083 One chip AM/FM radio with audio power amplifier View
U208 Open loop phase control circuit

Other parts:U208B
CNY21 Optocoupler with phototransistor output

Other parts:CNY21N
UAA145 Phase Control Circuit for Industrial Applications View
TFMS5300 Photo Modules for PCM Remote Control Systems

Other parts:TFMS5330, TFMS5360, TFMS5370, TFMS5380...
U2352B PWM Power Control for DC Loads View
BPW14N Silicon NPN Phototransistor

Other parts:BPW14NB, BPW14NC
TEA1007 Simple phase control circuit View
TEA2029CV Timing processor (line, frame, SMPS) for TV sets View
TEA8172 TV vertical deflection output amplifier View
TDA4452 Video IF Amplifier for Multistandard TV Receiver and VTR Appliances View
TDA4472 Video-IF and Quasi Parallel Sound Processing

Other parts:TDA4472-M, TDA4472-MSD, TDA4472-MFLG3
TEA1024 Zero Voltage Switch with Fixed Ramp

Other parts:TEA1124
U217B Zero Voltage Switch with Adjustable Ramp

Other parts:U217B-B, U217B-BFP, U217B-BFPG3
SUB60N06-14 N-Channel Enhancement-Mode Transistor

Other parts:SUP60N06-14
CNY74-2 Multichannel Optocoupler with Phototransistor Output

Other parts:CNY74-4
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