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Número de piezaWS-RX-02 ETC
componentes DescripciónASK Transmitter (WSTX01) and Receiver (WSRX02)
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WSTX01 and WSRX02 are low cost ASK transmitter modules which are based on RFIC which minimizes the board size and improve the stability against interferences. The transmitter modules work in very wide voltage range so they are very suiable for battery-driven applications. It can be used together with WSTX01 and WSRX02 to construct simple and short range wireless control system.

Specifications for transmitter(WSTX01):
1. Frequency Range: 434 MHz
2. Modulate Mode: ASK
3. Date Rate: 8kbps
4. Supply Voltage: 3-12V
Specifications for receiver(WSRX02):
1. Frequency Range: 434/315 MHz
2. Modulate Mode: ASK
3. Date Rate: 8kbps
4. Supply Voltage: 3-5.5V
5. High Sensitivity: -113dBm for 315MHz / -110dBm for 434MHz.
Package Content: 
1. ASK transmitter module(WSTX01).
2. ASK receiver module(WSRX02).



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