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27LV256 [256K (32K x 8) Low-Voltage CMOS EPROM ]

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Microchip Technology

The Microchip Technology Inc. 27LV256 is a low voltage (3.0 volt) CMOS EPROM designed for battery powered applications. The device is organized as a 32K x 8 (32K-Byte) non-volatile memory product. The 27LV256 consumes only 8 mA maximum of active current during a 3.0 volt read operation therefore improving battery performance. This device is designed for very low voltage applications where conventional 5.0 volt only EPROMS can not be used. Accessing individual bytes from an address transition or from power-up (chip enable pin going low) is accomplished in less than 200 ns at 3.0V. This device allows systems designers the ability to use low voltage non-volatile memory with today’s low voltage microprocessors and peripherals in battery powered applications.

• Wide voltage range 3.0V to 5.5V
• High speed performance
   - 200 ns access time available at 3.0V
• CMOS Technology for low power consumption
   - 8 mA Active current at 3.0V
   - 20 mA Active current at 5.5V
   - 100 µA Standby current
• Factory programming available
• Auto-insertion-compatible plastic packages
• Auto ID aids automated programming
• Separate chip enable and output enable controls
• High speed “Express” programming algorithm
• Organized 32K x 8: JEDEC standard pinouts
   - 28-pin Dual-in-line package
   - 32-pin PLCC package
   - 28-pin SOIC package
   - 28-pin VSOP package
   - Tape and reel
• Data Retention > 200 years
• Available for the following temperature ranges:
   - Commercial: 0˚C to +70˚C
   - Industrial: -40˚C to +85˚C

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