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47C201P [CMOS 4-bit Microcontroller ]

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The 47C101/201 are high speed and high performance 4-bit single chip microcomputers, integrating ROM, RAM, input/output ports and timer/counters on a chip. The 47C101/201 are the standard type devices in the TLCS-47E series.

• 4-bit single chip microcomputer
• Instruction execution time: 1.3µs (at 6MHz)
• Low voltage operation: 2.2V (at 2MHz RC)
• 89 basic instructions
   - Instruction set is the same as TLCS-47 series
• ROM table look-up instructions
• Subroutine nesting: 15 levels max.
• 5 interrupt sources (External: 2, Internal: 3)
   - All sources have independent latches each, and multiple
      interrupt control is available
• I/O port (11 pins)
• 12-bit Timer/Counters (TC2)
   - Timer, event counter, and pulse width measurement
• 12-bit programmable Timer (TC1)
• Interval Timer
• High current outputs
   - LED direct drive capability: typ. 20mA x 4 bits (Port R4)
• Hold function
   - Battery/Capacitor back-up
• Real Time Emulator: BM4721A + BM1160 (for DIP)

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