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AD8021AR-REEL [Low Noise, High Speed Amplifier for 16-Bit Systems ]

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Analog Devices

The AD8021 is an exceptionally high performance, high speed voltage feedback amplifier that can be used in 16-bit resolution systems. It is designed to have both low voltage and low current
noise (2.1 nV/√Hz typical and 2.1 pA/√Hz typical) while operating at the lowest quiescent supply current (7 mA @ ±5 V) among today’s high speed, low noise op amps. The AD8021 operates
over a wide range of supply voltages from ±2.25 V to ±12 V, as well as from single 5 V supplies, making it ideal for high speed, low power instruments. An output disable pin allows further
reduction of the quiescent supply current to 1.3 mA. 

Low noise
  2.1 nV/√Hz input voltage noise
  2.1 pA/√Hz input current noise
Custom compensation
  Constant bandwidth from G = −1 to G = −10
High speed
  200 MHz (G = −1)
  190 MHz (G = −10)
Low power
  34 mW or 6.7 mA typical for 5 V supply
Output disable feature, 1.3 mA
Low distortion
  −93 dBc second harmonic, fC= 1 MHz
  −108 dBc third harmonic, fC= 1 MHz
DC precision
  1 mV maximum input offset voltage
  0.5 μV/°C input offset voltage drift
Wide supply range, 5 V to 24 V
Low price
Small packaging
  Available in SOIC-8 and MSOP-8

ADC preamps and drivers
Instrumentation preamps
  Active filters
Portable instrumentation
Line receivers
Precision instruments
  Ultrasound signal processing
  High gain circuits

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