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C-13-1250-T3-SSCC-G5 [1.25 Gbps Single Mode Transceiver ]

other parts : B-13-1250-T-SSC2DGR  C-13-1250-T-SSC-G5  C-13-1250-T-SSC-GR  C-13-1250-T-SSC2-G5  C-13-1250-T-SSC2-GR  C-13-1250-T-SSC  C-13-1250-T-SSC2  C-13-1250-T-SSC2A  C-13-1250-T-SSC2A-G5  C-13-1250-T-SSC2A-GR  C-13-1250-T-SSC2AG5  C-13-1250-T-SSC2AGR  C-13-1250-T-SSC2B  C-13-1250-T-SSC2B-G5  C-13-1250-T-SSC2B-GR  C-13-1250-T-SSC2BG5  C-13-1250-T-SSC2BGR  C-13-1250-T-SSC2C  C-13-1250-T-SSC2C-G5  C-13-1250-T-SSC2C-GR  C-13-1250-T-SSC2CG5  C-13-1250-T-SSC2CGR  C-13-1250-T-SSC2D  C-13-1250-T-SSC2D-G5  C-13-1250-T-SSC2D-GR  C-13-1250-T-SSC2DG5  C-13-1250-T-SSC2DGR  C-13-1250-T-SSC2E  C-13-1250-T-SSC2E-G5  C-13-1250-T-SSC2E-GR  C-13-1250-T-SSC2EG5  C-13-1250-T-SSC2EGR  C-13-1250-T-SSC2G5  C-13-1250-T-SSC2GR  C-13-1250-T-SSCA  C-13-1250-T-SSCA-G5  C-13-1250-T-SSCA-GR  C-13-1250-T-SSCAG5  C-13-1250-T-SSCAGR  C-13-1250-T-SSCB  C-13-1250-T-SSCB-G5  C-13-1250-T-SSCB-GR  C-13-1250-T-SSCBG5  C-13-1250-T-SSCBGR  C-13-1250-T-SSCC  C-13-1250-T-SSCC-G5  C-13-1250-T-SSCC-GR  C-13-1250-T-SSCCG5  C-13-1250-T-SSCCGR  C-13-1250-T-SSCD 

Source Photonics, Inc.

• SC Duplex Single Mode Transceiver
• Industry Standard 1x9 Footprint
• Gigabit Ethernet Compliant
• Single +3.3/5V Power Supply
• PECL Differential Inputs and Outputs
• PECL/LVPECL Signal Detection Output [C-13-1250-T(3)-SSC(2)]
• TTL/LVTTL Signal Detection Output [C-13-1250C-T(3)-SSC(2)]
• Wave Solderable and Aqueous Washable
• Uncooled laser diode with MQW structure
• Complies with Telcordia (Bellcore) GR-468-CORE
• Gigabit Ethernet Application
• RoHS compliance available

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