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CXP861P16 [CMOS 8-bit Single-chip Microcomputer ] Sony
Sony Semiconductor

The CXP861P16 is a highly integrated CMOS 8-bit single-chip microcomputer which is mainly composed of an 8-bit CPU, PROM, RAM and I/O ports. This microcomputer features many other high-performance circuits in a single-chip CMOS design, including an A/D converter, clock synchronized serial interface, UART, stepping motor controller, PWM generator, 16-bit timer/counter, and watchdog timer.

• Instruction set which supports a wide array of data types 213 types
    — 16-bit arithmetic instruction/multiplication and division instructions/boolean bit operation
• Minimum instruction cycle During operation 400ns/instruction 10MHz
• Incorporated PROM capacity 16K bytes
• Incorporated RAM capacity 576 bytes
• Peripheral functions
    — A/D converter 8-bit, 8-channel, successive comparison type (conversion time: 32µs at 10MHz)
    — Serial interface Universal Asynchronous Receiver Transmitter (baud-rate generator incorporated) 8-bit clock synchronized type
    — Stepping motor controller 2-channel stepping motor excitation output
    — PWM output 2-channel 12-bit output
    — Timer 2-channel 16-bit capture timer/counter 2-channel 16-bit timer/counter (step rate generation function incorporated) 19-bit time-base timer
    — Watchdog timer
• Interrupts 17 factors, 15 vectors, multiple interrupt processing
• Standby mode SLEEP/STOP
• Package 80-pin plastic QFP



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