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DG419LDQ-T1-E3 [Precision Monolithic Low-Voltage CMOS Analog Switches ]

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Vishay Semiconductors

The DG417L, DG418L, DG419L are low voltage pin-for-pin compatible companion devices to the industry standard DG417, DG418, DG419 with improved performance.
Using BiCMOS wafer fabrication technology allows the DG417L, DG418L, DG419L to operate on single and dual supplies. Single supply voltage ranges from 3 V to 12 V while dual supply operation is recommended with ± 3 V to ± 6 V. Combining high speed (tON: 28 ns), flat RON over the analog signal range (6 ), minimal insertion lose (up to 100 MHz), and excellent crosstalk and off-isolation performance (- 70 dB at 1 MHz), the DG417L, DG418L, DG419L are ideally suited for audio and video signal switching.
The DG417L and DG418L respond to opposite control logic as shown in the truth table. The DG419L has an SPDT configuration.

• 2.7 V- thru 12 V single supply or ± 3- thru ± 6 dual supply
• On-resistance - RON: 14 
• Fast switching - tON: 28 ns
                      - tOFF: 13 ns
• TTL, CMOS compatible
• Low leakage: < 100 pA
• Compliant to RoHS Directive 2002/95/EC

• Precision automatic test equipment
• Precision data acquisition
• Communication systems
• Battery powered systems
• Computer peripherals
• Audio and video signal routing

• Widest dynamic range
• Low signal errors and distortion
• Break-before-make switching action
• Simple interfacing


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