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DS_USB-COM422-PLUS1 [Future Technology Devices International Ltd USB-COM422-PLUS1 ]

other parts : USB-COM422-PLUS1 


[FTDI Chip]

Functional Description
The USB-COM-Plus modules are a family of communication devices. This model, USB-COM422-Plus1, provides a simple method of adapting legacy serial devices with RS422 interfaces to modern USB ports.
This is accomplished by incorporating the industry standard FTDI FT232R USB-Serial bridge chip.
The integrated electronics of the USB-COM422-PLUS1 utilise the FTDI FT232R and includes RS422 level shifters plus TXD/RXD LEDs to provide a visual indication of data traffic through the module.

The module uses a standard USB-B device connector for connection to an upstream host or hub port.
RS422-level signals, including modem handshake signals, are available on an industry-standard DE-9P connector. The maximum RS422-level data rate is 3Mbps.
The USB-COM422-Plus1 module requires USB device drivers, available free from, which are used to make the USB-COM422-Plus1 appear as a Virtual COM Port (VCP). This allows existing serial communications software, such as HyperTerminal, to exchange data through the USB-COM422-Plus1 to a legacy RS422 peripheral device.

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