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FX-427-DFC-E2T8A [Low Jitter Frequency Translator ]

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Vectron International

The FX-427 is a precision quartz-based frequency translator used to translate 1 to 4 selected input clocks as low as 8 kHz to an integer multiple as high as 850 MHz. The FX-427’s superior jitter performance is achieved through the filtering action of the on-board voltage-controlled SAW oscillator (VCSO) and integrated loop filter. Two low-jitter outputs are provided. Monitoring and control functionality are also standard features.

•  Quartz-based PLL for Ultra-Low Jitter
•  Frequency Translation up to 850 MHz
•  Accepts 4 externally-muxed clock inputs
•  LVCMOS/LVDS/LVPECL Inputs Compatible
•  Differential LVPECL Outputs
•  Lock Detect
•  Output Disable
•  20.3 x 13.7 x 5.1 mm surface mount package
•  Compliant to EC RoHS Directive

•  Wireless Infrastructure
•  802.16 BTS
•  10 Gigabit FC
•  10GbE LAN / WAN
•  OADM and IP Routers
•  Test Equipment

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