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FX-500-LAF-HNJ-H2-J1 [Low Jitter Frequency Translator ]

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Vectron International

The FX-500 is a complete crystal-based frequency translator used in communications applications where low jitter is paramount.
Performance advantages include superior jitter per formance, high output frequencies and small pack age size. Advanced custom ASIC technology results in a highly robust, reliable and predictable device.
The device is packaged in a 6 pin J-Lead ceramic package with a hermetic seam welded lid.

• Complete Frequency Translator to 77.760 MHz
• 3.3 Volt or 5.0 Volt Supply
• Capable of locking to an 8 kHz pulse/ BITS clock
• Tri-State Output allows board test
• Lock Detect
• J-Lead Ceramic Package
• Advanced Custom ASIC Technology
• Absolute Pull Range Performance to ±100 ppm
• CMOS Output
• Commercial or Industrial Temperature Range
• EIA Compatible Tape and Reel Packaging

• Frequency Translation, Clock Smoothing
• Datacom - DSLAM, DSLAR, Access Nodes
• Cable Modem Head End
• Base Station - GSM, CDMA


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