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HLMP-6620-C2110 [Subminiature LED Lamps ]

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Avago Technologies

Flat Top Package
The HLMP-Pxxx Series flat top lamps use an untinted, non diffused, truncated lens to provide a wide radiation pattern that is necessary for use in backlighting applications. The flat top lamps are also ideal for use as emitters in light pipe applications.

 Subminiature flat top package
  – ideal for backlighting and light piping applications
 Subminiature dome package
  – diffused dome for wide viewing angle
  – nondiffused dome for high brightness
 TTL and LSTTL compatible 5 volt resistor lamps
 Available in six colors
 Ideal for space limited applications
 Axial leads
 Available with lead configurations for surface mount and through hole PC board mounting


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