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Integrated Device Technology

The IDT72V3640/72V3650/72V3660/72V3670/72V3680/72V3690/72V36100/72V36110 are exceptionally deep, high speed, CMOS First-In First-Out (FIFO) memories with clocked read and write controls and a flexible Bus-Matching x36/x18/x9 data flow. These FIFOs offer several key user benefits:
• Flexible x36/x18/x9 Bus-Matching on both read and write ports
• The period required by the retransmit operation is fixed and short.
• The first word data latency period, from the time the first word is
   written to an empty FIFO to the time it can be read, is fixed and short.
• High density offerings up to 4 Mbit

• Choose among the following memory organizations:Commercial
   IDT72V3640 - 1,024 x 36
   IDT72V3650 - 2,048 x 36
   IDT72V3660 - 4,096 x 36
   IDT72V3670 - 8,192 x 36
   IDT72V3680 - 16,384 x 36
   IDT72V3690 - 32,768 x 36
   IDT72V36100 - 65,536 x 36
   IDT72V36110 - 131,072 x 36
• 133 MHz operation (7.5 ns read/write cycle time)
• User selectable input and output port bus-sizing
   - x36 in to x36 out
   - x36 in to x18 out
   - x36 in to x9 out
   - x18 in to x36 out
   - x9 in to x36 out
• Big-Endian/Little-Endian user selectable byte representation
• 5V input tolerant
• Fixed, low first word latency
• Zero latency retransmit
• Auto power down minimizes standby power consumption
• Master Reset clears entire FIFO
• Partial Reset clears data, but retains programmable settings
• Empty, Full and Half-Full flags signal FIFO status
• Programmable Almost-Empty and Almost-Full flags, each flag can
   default to one of eight preselected offsets
• Selectable synchronous/asynchronous timing modes for Almost
   Empty and Almost-Full flags
• Program programmable flags by either serial or parallel means
• Select IDT Standard timing (using EF and FF flags) or First Word
   Fall Through timing (using OR and IR flags)
• Output enable puts data outputs into high impedance state
• Easily expandable in depth and width
• Independent Read and Write Clocks (permit reading and writing
• Available in the 128-pin Thin Quad Flat Pack (TQFP)
• High-performance submicron CMOS technology
• Industrial temperature range (–40°C to +85°C) is available

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