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KIC3211SN12A [Analog CMOS Integrated Circuits ]

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LOW Noise150mA CMOS High Performance LDO Regulator

The KIC3211Series Low Dropout Linear Regulator is ideally suited for portable applications. It offers 1% initial accuracy, extremely-low dropout voltage(220mV at 150mA, 3.0V Output Type) and low ground current (typically 75uA). Designed specifically for handheld and battery-powered devices, the KIC3211series provides a TTL-logic-compatible ON/OFF control pin. When disabled, power consumption drops nearly to zero.
The KIC3211Series also works with low-ESR ceramic capacitors, reducing the amount of board space necessary for power applications, critical in handheld wireless devices.
The Line transient response and load transient response of the KIC3211Series are very excellent, thus ICs are very suitable for the power supply for hand-held communication equipment.

· Input voltage range------------1.7V to 6.0V
· High output accuracy------------1.0% accuracy
· Low dropout------------ 220mV@150mA 3.0V, Output type
· Stability with ceramic output capacitors
· High Ripple Rejection------------Typ. 70dB(f=1kHz3.0V Output type)
                                           Typ. 60dB(f=10kHz3.0V Output type)
· Low ground Current------------ Typ.75μA
· Quiescent Current------------ Typ. 0.1μA
· Excellent Line regulation------------ Typ. 0.02%/V
· Built-in Fold Back Protection Circuit------------Typ. 50mA@Short mode
· Stability with ceramic output capacitors------------Cin=Cout=1.0㎌
· TTL-Logic-compatible ON/OFF control input

· Cellular phones,Smart Phones, PDA
· Battery-powered equipment
· Laptop, notebook and palmtop computers
· Consumer/personal electronics




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