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LM1253AN [Monolithic Triple 180 MHz I2C CRT Pre-amp With Integrated Analog On Screen Display (OSD) Generator ]

other parts : LM1253A 

National ->Texas Instruments

General Description
The LM1253A pre-amp is an integrated high voltage triple CRT pre-amp and Analog On Screen Display (OSD) generator. The IC is I2C controlled, and allows control of all the parameters necessary to setup and adjust the brightness and contrast in the CRT display. In addition, it provides a programmable period vertical blanking pulse which is used to blank the G1.

■ 190 two-color ROM based Character Fonts
■ 64 four-color ROM based Character Fonts
■ Supports a programmable page size with up to 512
   characters and line definition codes
■ Support for 2 Display Windows (size of each window is
■ Programmable start position for each Display Window
■ Programmable Resolutions: from 512 to 960 pixels per
   line in 64 pixel increments
■ Programmable Character Height, with automatic height
   control with mode change
■ Programmable Row Spacing between each display
   character row
■ Maximum Pixel clock of 92.2 MHz
■ I2C compatible interface to controlling micro-controller
■ Button boxes
■ 180 MHz preamplifier with full video signal parametric
■ VideoPlex™ interface to the LM2453 driver
■ OSD mixing with 64 out of 512 color mask
   programmable selection

Intended Applications
■ 1280 x 1024 Displays up to 75 Hz requiring OSD

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