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National ->Texas Instruments
LM311MDA Voltage Comparator

General Description
The LM111, LM211 and LM311 are voltage comparators that have input currents nearly a thousand times lower than devices like the LM106 or LM710. They are also designed to operate over a wider range of supply voltages: from standard ±15V op amp supplies down to the single 5V supply used for IC logic. Their output is compatible with RTL, DTL and TTL as well as MOS circuits. Further, they can drive lamps or relays, switching voltages up to 50V at currents as high as 50

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Key Word
System  Voltage  Analog  Audio  Axial  Battery  Bipolar  Bridge  Camera  Chip  Clock  Color  Connector  Control  Controller  Converter  Counter  Crystal  Decoder  Digital 

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