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MC74LCX125DTEL [Low-Voltage CMOS Quad Buffer ]

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ON Semiconductor

Low-Voltage CMOS Quad Buffer
With 5 V–Tolerant Inputs and Outputs (3–State, Non–Inverting)
The MC74LCX125 is a high performance, non–inverting quad buffer operating from a 2.3 to 3.6 V supply. High impedance TTL compatible inputs significantly reduce current loading to input drivers while TTL compatible outputs offer improved switching noise performance. A VI specification of 5.5 V allows MC74LCX125 inputs to be safely driven from 5 V devices. The MC74LCX125 is suitable for memory address driving and all TTL level bus oriented transceiver applications.
• Designed for 2.3 to 3.6 V VCC Operation
• 5 V Tolerant – Interface Capability With 5 V TTL Logic
• Supports Live Insertion and Withdrawal
• IOFF Specification Guarantees High Impedance When VCC = 0 V
• LVTTL Compatible
• LVCMOS Compatible
• 24 mA Balanced Output Sink and Source Capability
• Near Zero Static Supply Current in All Three Logic States (10 µA)
    Substantially Reduces System Power Requirements
• Latchup Performance Exceeds 500 mA
• ESD Performance: Human Body Model >2000 V;
    Machine Model >200 V



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