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ML13175-5P [UHF FM/AM Transmitter ]

other parts : ML13175  ML13176  MC13175D  MC13176D  ML13176-5P 

LANSDALE Semiconductor Inc.

Legacy Device: Motorola MC13175, MC13176

The ML13175 and ML13176 are one chip FM/AM transmitter subsystems designed for AM/FM communication systems. they include a Colpitts crystal reference oscillator, UHF oscillator, ÷ 8 (ML13175) or ÷ 32 (ML13176) prescaler and phase detector forming a versatile PLL system. Targeted applications are in the 260 to 470MHz band and 902 to 982 MHz band covered by FCC Title 47; Part 15. Other applications include local oscillator sources in UHF and 900 MHz receivers, UHF and 900 MHz video transmitters, RF Local Area Networks (LAN), and high frequency clock drivers. ML13175/76 offer the fol lowing features;

• UHF Current Controlled Oscillator
• Uses Easily Available 3rd Overtone or Fundamental Crystals for Reference
• Fewer External Parts Required
• Low Operating Supply Voltage (1.8 to 5.0 Vdc)
• Low Supply Drain Currents
• Power Output Adjustable (Up to + 10 dBm )
• Differential Output for Loop Antenna or Balun Transformer Networks
• Power Down Feature
• ASK Modulated by Switching Output On and Off
• (ML13175) fo = 8 x fref, (ML13176) fo = 32 x fref
• Operating Temperature Range - TA = -40° to +85°C


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