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ML2215-XXXMB [Speech Synthesizer plus Music LSI with On-Chip 3 Mbit Mask ROM ]

other parts : ML2215  ML2215-XXXMA 

Oki Electric Industry

The ML2215 is an ADPCM-based Speech Synthesizer LSI with on-chip 3 Mbit Mask ROM for storing multiple speech data. In addition, the LSI has a built-in Music Generator circuit that can generate music by automatically acquiring user-defined musical notes data from the ROM. The ML2215 contains a 12-bit D/A Converter and Low Pass Filter, and enables a user to readily built a message and music playback sub-system by simply adding an external speaker and driving amplifier.

• On-Chip 3 Mbit Mask ROM
• Serial Interface: User-selectable Mask options for 2-pin or 3-pin interfacing
• 3 Speech Synthesis Algorithms for user selection 4-bit ADPCM/8-bit OKI Non-Linear PCM/8-bit PCM/Music
• Sampling Frequency (At 4.096 MHz External Clock 4.0 kHz, 5.3 kHz, 6.4 kHz, 8.0 kHz, 10.7 kHz, 12.8 kHz, 16.0 kHz
• Built-in Music Generator function User-definable 31 musical scales, 60 musical notes, and 30 tempos
• User-defined Phrases up to 247 phrases, including music.
• Built-in 12-bit D/A Converter
• Built-in Low Pass Filter
• Driver for piezo-speaker (MD pin)
• External Clock: Frequency can be selected as Mask option 4.096 MHz, 8.192 MHz, 16.384 MHz
• Power Supply Voltage: 2.4 to 5.5 V
• Package: 20-pin plastic SSOP (SSOP20-P-44-0.65-K) (Product name: ML2215-xxxMB)
24-pin plastic SOP (SOP24-P-430-1.27-K) (Product name: ML2215-xxxMA)



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