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NB3N5573DTG [3.3V, Crystal - To- HCSL Clock Generator ]

other parts : NB3N5573  NB3N5573DTR2G 

ON Semiconductor

The NB3N5573 is a high precision, low phase noise clock generator that supports PCI Express and Ethernet requirements. The device takes a 25 MHz fundamental mode parallel resonant crystal and
generates differential HCSL output at 25 MHz, 100 MHz, 125 MHz or 200 MHz clock frequencies.
This device is housed in 5.0 mm x 4.4 mm narrow body TSSOP 16 pin package.

•Uses 25 MHz Fundamental Mode Parallel Resonant Crystal
•External Loop Filter is Not Required
•HCSL Differential Output
•Phase Noise:
  Offset Noise Power
  100 Hz -103  dBc/Hz
  1 kHz -1 18 dBc/Hz
  10 kHz -122  dBc/Hz
  100 kHz -130  dBc/Hz
  1 MHz -132  dBc/Hz
  10 MHz -149  dBc/Hz
•Typical Period Jitter RMS of 1.5 ps
•Operating Range 3.3 V ±10%
•Industrial Temperature Range -40°C to +85°C
•These are Pb-Free Devices

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