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PA3029 Pressure sensors

[ifm electronic]

Electronic pressure sensor PA30
Plug and socket Process connection G¼ I
Analogue output Measuring range -1...0 bar

  Type of pressure: relative pressure
  Liquids and gases DC
  4...20 mA analogue

PA3029 Solid State High Power Amplifier

High data rate. Line of sight. K-Band.
Millimeter wave power.
Demand for more data bandwidth is pushing operating frequencies up and modulation toward more complex constellations. The MtronPTI PA3029 Solid State Power Amp provides 10 Watts across the K Band from 18.0 to 26.5 GHz off a 9 volt power supply.
MtronPTI’s line of Solid State Power Amplifiers is backed by a multi-national design and manufacturing team with more than 150 years combined PA design experience. MtronPTI’s

Pioneer Electronics
PA3029B PA3029B / ZIP Output IC Module(s), BiPolar

PA3029B = HA13151


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