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Sharp Electronics
PC410L0NIP High Speed Response, High CMR OPIC Photocoupler

■ Features
1. High resistance to noise due to high common rejection voltage (CMR:MIN. 10kV/µs)
2. High speed response (tpLH, tpHL:MAX.75ns)
3. Isolation voltage between input and output
   (Viso (rms):3.75kV)
4. Mini-flat package

■ Applications
1. Programmable controllers
2. Inverters

Sharp Electronics
PC410L0NIP0F High Speed 10Mb/s, High CMR Mini-flat Package ∗OPIC Photocoupler

■ Description
PC410L0NIP0F Series contains a LED optically coupled to an OPIC chip.
It is packaged in a 5 pin mini-flat.
Input-output isolation voltage(rms) is 3.75 kV.
High speed response(TYP. 10 Mb/s) and CMR is MIN. 10 kV/µs.

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